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Part 3: It was Chas and Dave what done it! - London Part 2

It was Chas and Dave what done it! - London Part 2

After restarting the sodding game, we search her bag and pilfer a diary and also steal a few quid from her purse. Alas, there's not that much gore - no spilt intestines or things like that. But we do take the time to teabag her neckhole before the police come along and we have to scarper. Anyway, fast forward to shortly after leaving the tailor's shop.

A glance through the victim's diary reveals that the victim believe that only herself and Molly Parkin were left on the Ripper's hitlist. At least it does when we use the pencil we picked up a minute ago is used to highlight the impression from the missing page.

Anyway, time for some serious detective work. After all, with our cunning disguise made up of the clothes we nicked from the tailor, no-one will rumble us! In fact, let's go and taunt a policeman right now.

Behold! I am the master of disguse! I am the Invisible Man incarnate! I am everwhere, yet nowhere. I am the night! I am Batm...

Oh. Turns out that our disguise doesn't fool the policemen after all. So what is it good for?

Mingling with the locals, that's what. It figures that if his Molly is a prostitute, then she may have a pimp. And wouldn't you know it, the barman advises us that there's a tweed-clad pimp hanging out in this very bar. His address book might prove useful. Problem is, he's not going to just give it to us. The barman also advises us that there's a dodgy pickpocket at the bar, with a fondness for pocket watches. Sounds like a clue.

So we need a pocket watch. And this being Waxworks, there's a horribly round-the-houses way of getting it. Firstly, using the key from the locksmith, we break into the local chemist, stealing everything. And I mean everything. Our hero now has enough bath salts to fill a swimming pool. And a bunch of other crap. Including some sleeping tablets, which we mix up with the meat. Why?

Because this friendly fellow is going to eat them, apparently. He's stopping us getting into the Pawnbrokers, and by putting him to sleep with the sleeping tablets we can nip inside and eat some stuff. This is blatantly a load of bollocks, because as any pet owner knows, getting an animal to eat a tablet of any kind is near impossible. If this were real, the dog would eat the meat and then somehow spit out all the tablets like some sort of canine peashooter.

Once inside, we half-inch even more stuff, including a Mr Punch puppet, several vases, a whistle, a sword-cane and two pocket watches, one silver, one gold. Our hero's inventory now contains about fifty random items. Hurrah for Pockets of Infinite Holding (TM).

Heading back to the pub, our dodgy friend turns his nose up at the silver pocket watch but agrees to steal the address book in return for us giving him the gold pocket watch. And steal it he does, giving us not only the address of Molly Parkin but also the key to her front door as well.

The bad news is, she's not at home. Which means she may be in trouble. A letter on her mantlepiece reveals that the last victim was going to confront Jack, knowing his real identity. Looks like Molly may have decided to do the same.

VFXNinja posted:

Finally, a weapon! Although, I assume you get to use it in one fight and then it's gone forever, right? 'Cause, if not, I demand you slice and dice all of the pigs patrolling the streets.

It's only good in the final fight. And it's not the first weapon, either - you also get a knife and a boathook early on in the level, and neither can be used to attack anything at all.