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Part 4: Crate Expectations - London Part 3

Crate Expectations - London Part 3

So now we know Molly is in danger, but we've got no leads. So we wander over to the dockside pub, where we ask where we can find sailors, sorry, Molly.

The barman finally admits, after we show him the letter, that he's the one who's been setting up prossies with Jack The Ripper. And even better, he hands us a crowbar, all the better to stove his stupid head in with! Or not, since the game prevents you from using any kind of weapon on anyone other than Jack The Ripper. No, this amoral tosser wants us to get his impounded tea back, before he'll say where Molly has arranged to meet Jack.

Heading outside, we run into these ruffians. They look like they mean business. And guess what happens if you try and get past them? No, you don't get killed...

.. this happens. They knock you out and rob you of every single fucking item you've accrued. Leaving you with no choice other than to restart or reload your game. Fortunately, we have a way round this, which is to blow the police whistle we found and then run like the clappers. The police show up and shoo the thugs away, leaving us free to proceed.

We head over to the tea warehouse and use the key we found earlier to proceed. Yes, you read that right. Despite having a bloody big crowbar, we have to open the padlock with a key. Once inside, we *then* use the crowbar to open the chest and get the tea. We take it back to the dodgy barman - who we still can't kill for sending women to their deaths - and he tells us about the meeting place.

The meeting place just happens to be the warehouse next to the tea warehouse. Wherein we find Molly, looking rather nervous. Nothing to worry about, love. You have first pop at him, and as he's playing with your guts, we'll smash his head in Gordon Freeman style.

Funnily enough, Molly actually is fairly eager to fight Jack, or so she pretends. We manage to persuade her to let us take care of things.

Only when we get out onto the dock, she slams the door, leaving us to fight jack. With the crowbar? Er, no. Apparently the swordstick is deemed a better weapon. A few sluggish swings later - the combat in this game isn't all that great - and Jack's dying form flops backwards into the water. Mission accomplished. Next up, the zombie graveyard.