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Part 5: Wax War Z - Graveyard Part 1

Wax War Z - Graveyard Part 1

Our next stop is the zombie infested graveyard.. looks quiet, doesn't it? Where are all the zombies?

Oh, wait, there they are. Feel my fists of fury, undead fiend! Pretty soon, we've knocked his block clean off.

Victory is ours.. wait, what the fuck? I can live with zombies running, but going around without heads? That's some major rule-breaking going on there.

Punching has no further effect, and we meet our grisly demands at the hands of a walking corpse. I guess we need a weapon of some kind, what with the game having robbed us of the cool sharp objects we got in the London level.

Nasty. Very nasty. But fortunately, this isn't our demise. Because after a quick reload, we find the gardener lying against the cemetary railings, with a sickle stuck in his guts. I'll have that if you don't mind. And even better, he doesn't attack us the moment we try to take it - he's dead dead.

Who's laughing, er groaning now, eh? Our weapon makes quick work of the corpses. Apparently the secret to killing a walking corpse is to cut off both its arms and its head. No mention of the legs, so I guess we might end up with a cemetary full of sightless jogging corpses.

Time for a bit of senseless vandalism, as we find a loose railing and yank it off the fence. It's not a weapon, sadly, so we can't keep the zombies at arm's length.

But we can hack off their arms. Even without his arms, this guy still stood there waving his stumps. Two games of Bomberman Live and he still standing their, flailing his stumps around.

After surviving all the zombies, we nearly crack our head open on this tomb. A tomb which belongs to... our family? Hang a mo. Let's look inside. We jemmy it open with the railing and prepare to enter.