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Part 6: The Way To A Woman's Heart - Zombie Graveyard Pt 2

The Way To A Woman's Heart - Zombie Graveyard Pt 2

Well, we didn't really expect to find anything else in a tomb. Hey, these coffins are labelled. First, second, third and.. last? Pfft.. I bet the cool stuff is in the 'last' coffin.

Oh, fuck you. This is a blatant breach of the Sale of Goods act. This coffin should have been labelled 'Certain Death'. Oh, now I get the whole thing about the 'last brother', but still, there should have been a clearer warning. Reload time.

Okay, this is more like it. Corpse, corpse, talking corpse.. hang on. What the hell? Turns out one of the corpses it the reanimated body of the first cursed brother, being kept alive by the evil necromancer brother. He tells us we've got to find a way to block the evil brother's powers and then kick his head.

The ghost of Sir Clive Sinclair.. sorry, our uncle, advises that he can cast a spell to strip the evil brother of his powers, but he'll need something absorbant. He also says that can he restore our health, which is handy since we're down to about ten health points. But he'll need a fresh human heart. No, that kind of thing isn't common in a cemetary. I think he could probably cast the spell anyway, he just wants to do something creepy and disturbing with it, like stick it down his pants. Human heart indeed... wierdo.

Well, this is convenient. A zombie has apparently killed this woman in such a way that her heart is just there for us to take. One healing spell coming right up. Which is bloody handy, since we have to kill about eight identical looking zombies in order to get to our destination. We also find a wooden stake along the way. The problem is that the whole graveyard is a maze, and since we can't walk between the stones for some reason, we have to follow it all the way round till we get to the church.

Aha. Take that, you sod! No gruesome death for us, since we're prepared, and the moment this vampire appears, we hit the 'use' button with the stake highlighted. Die, you crap bloodsucker. Behind the now-really-dead-vampire is an altar, containing some bread. Apparently, this is what dead Uncle Boris needs to cast the spell. I guess it's good for soaking up egg, so I can kind of see where he's coming from.

One thing, though. He wants us to go back to the coffins to cast the spell. Like hell. I'm not going back out there - you can piss right off. Instead, we head up to the church tower and prepare to kick some necromancer arse. After all, how hard could it be?

Bugger. I guess next time we'll be reloading and actually going back to the coffins. Stupid beardy spell-hurling necromancer git.