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Part 7: Don't Leave Me Baby - Zombie Graveyard Pt 3

Don't Leave Me Baby - Zombie Graveyard Pt 3

I hate you, dead uncle Boris. We have to wander all the way back through the graveyard, to the coffin. This time around we dodge as many of the zombies as we can, mainly because our healthy is pretty damn low. Is it too much to hope that someone else has met their tragic end in the graveyard, allowing us to use their heart in a healing spell? Apparently so.

We get back to the coffins and Uncle Boris does his thing, resulting in a distinctly underwhelming glow from the corpses. Is that it? Well, they aren't talking any more so I guess it is.

Back in the chapel, it's time to confront the evil brother - by ascending a ridiculously long staircase. Seriously, there seem to be more steps there than the church should have in it. It's like something from 'House Of Leaves'

Believe me, if you were sharing a crystal ball with creepy Uncle Boris, you'd be miserable too.

Dragon punch, er, poke! Our work here is nearly done... it just remains to watch our evil past-brother...

.. turn into a baby? What the hell? How is this any kind of solution? Now you've just got an evil baby. But apparently that's good enough for Boris and so we're out of here. Next stop - Creepy Fungus Mine.