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Part 8: Does this look infected? Fungus Mine - Part 1

Does this look infected? Fungus Mine - Part 1

Hey, this isn't so bad. We're not standing over the corpse of a Victorian hooker, and it's a lot less creepy than that graveyard. In fact, it's just a dry old mine. Piece of cake.. hey, what's that wheezing noise behind us?

Oh christ! There's some half-dead guy behind us, sitting in a broken down lift. He was probably well onto the road to recovery till we materialized in front of him. He's half coherent, asking us to get a doctor before passing out. The lift's going nowhere. What can we do? Well, we'll steal his lighter for a start. In this game you've nothing to lose by stealing everything you can get your hands on.

Well, there goes any hope of this being just a mining accident. This horrible green mutant creature lunges at us. Not having a weapon, it's time for a little punching and kicking action. Take that, horticutural horror!

Okay, so that didn't work. Hang on a mo.. wasn't there a chemical sprayer back there? And if this thing's a plant then..

That's more like it! A quick squirt and the plant monster starts to dissolve. Revealing, horribly enough, that it used to be a man. Take that. Nothing can stand in our hero's badass weed-killing way.

Until, that is, we wander right into a bunch of dangling vines. The resultant dismemberment isn't pleasant to look at.

We also manage to walk into a seed pod, which results in an equally gruesome demise.

But eventually we manage to make our way through, after reloading the game a few times. The trick is to use the sprayer on anything that looks like it could be even vaguely nasty. Giant dangling vines? Spray em. Odd looking pod? Spray it? Small cocker spaniel? Spray it. We also find another weapon - sadly, it's a bit crap, and our attempts to use the shovel to slap down mutants proves, well...

.. unsuccessful. Which is a shame as we don't want to run out of chemical spray.

But wait, we're not the only person alive down here. There's a few people locked up in this cage. We don't have any means to open it, maybe we can come back later. You hear that? We're not alone! Could there be light at the end of the tunnel?

No, it's just an oncoming minecart.