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We Know The Devil

by Flac

Part 20: First Playthrough - 5 AM

[SFX: The morning birds are chirping.]

♆: Maybe a little.
♆: Or maybe a lot.
♀: At least a little.

[SFX: The birds continue as the music plays]

[MUSIC: Growing Poppies]

Jupiter just looks so peaceful. It was the first thing that came to mind. We both thought it would be us. So it still feels strange to be looking at her like this. Not in a bad way.

We're not upset at her. We just want to know why. Because it was so clear for us.

♆: Back when we were walking to the campfire...
♆: I thought it would be me. I was so sure.
♆: I guess I'm wrong sometimes.
♀: For me it was.
♀: I think...when we were putting up the lights?
♀: I already saw it in the corner of my eye.
♀: and then Group South came, I felt so, well, you know...
♆: Yeah. I know.

The smell of incense is awful enough in here, but outside the tent, the groups are tying rags to their faces to endure the smell while they try to smoke the whole forest out.

We have the privilege of being on watch.

♀: ...
♀: ...normally you're like "don't patronize me."
♆: No, you are right. It should have been one of us.
♆: Either one of us.

Jupiter moves in her sleep. Venus moves a candle out of her way.

♆: You're very attentive.
♀: Thanks.
♀: I keep thinking...
♆: Don't worry about it.
♆: What are we going to do, fight over which of us hates ourself more? What's the point.
♆: Neither of us can beat her.

[Music stops]

Or, it turned out, we already were.

[MUSIC: Summer Scouts]

And there's our first ending, plus credits because I'm now in good legal standing to post them. Next time we'll rewind back to when the choices first started and do things differently to get another ending. Maybe it won't go as bad as it did here. Poor Jupiter.

P.S. I didn't want to say it during an intense moment but now I will: the music at 4 AM, Incense (Smoke and Honey), samples the Angry German Kid.