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Original Thread: Lucifer??? I Hardly Knew Her!!! (WE KNOW THE DEVIL)




We Know The Devil is a horror visual novel released on September 12, 2015 on Date Nighto, a site for hosting dating sims that are played in-browser on a desktop or mobile device. It was later released on Steam on February 15, 2016. You can play it for yourself at before this LP spoils the whole dang thing for you, but yknow if you're still here that's cool. It's $6.66 which is a great price both economically and spiritually if you ask me (the Steam version's an option too but that one's $8). You can also get the soundtrack for $4 at

WKTD stars this trio of troubled treens, named GROUP WEST:

shy shy Venus ♀, tomboy Jupiter ♃, and meangirl Neptune ♆.

They have one last week to soldier through at a shitty Christian summer camp in the Midwest. For one night though, they must stay together at an abandoned cabin in the woods to be on watch for the devil, who could be anywhere and everywhere. It has strong LGBT themes and touches on teenage alienation, repression, and how some friends grow closer than others. Won't say much more than that for the story.

The game keeps a strong and unique aesthetic that easily separates it from other visual novels or dating sim-like games. It features black and white illustrated character designs in Mia Schwartz's rough style, character-driven writing from Aevee Bee that's both ambiguous and affecting, photographic backgrounds of rural forest locations shot on disposable camera for those Blair Witch vibes (taken by both Schwartz and Bee), and an 80's synth-heavy harsh noise soundtrack by Alec Lambert. The end result lays that spooky ambiance on thick like you'd imagine it'd be going for, but anchored with a significant love for kids like those of Group West, and has moments that ought to get you nostalgic in some way for camping or hanging with your teen friends or something similar.


- AEVEE BEE (@mammonmachine) is the editor-in-chief of ZEAL, a webzine w/ essays and comics on games. and comics.

- MIA SCHWARTZ (@mightyatom NSFW sometimes) does art and comics, including Strawberries, published by Rigged Books in 2013. She also did the album artwork and is partly responsible for. um. this

- ALEC LAMBERT (@aleclambert) is a electronic noise musician from Queens. The link to the WKTD soundtrack is from his bandcamp, where his other music can be found.


I don't care for dating sims or VN's but this is one of my favorite games of last year. So that you can see for yourself why I love We Know The Devil, I'll be showing the game off in screenshot LP format and keeping it soft on commentary, as WKTD has a heavy mood throughout that makes it pointless to chime in constantly and there's not much to explain for the gameplay of a visual novel. The only narration I'll be doing is describing sound effects and background noise in brackets, though Tindeck and Soundcloud links will be provided for most of the SFX in addition to all the music, which you should listen to always because the soundtrack's great. Commentary I DO make, whether little quips on what's happening or explaining how some things in the LP will play out, will be in italics.

At several points in the story, the player has to choose which two of the three characters will interact further, and these choices affect what kind of ending you get. I'll be showing off what happens with all of these choices and every ending, and I'll let the thread decide which choice is best for at least the first playthrough.

Spoiler policy is DO NOT SPOIL ANYTHING!!! Using spoiler tags here and there is OK but I do not want to see an entire discussion of black boxes.

Table of Contents


6 PM
6 PM (cont.)
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