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We Know The Devil

by Flac

Part 23: Second Playthrough - 9 PM (♃ + ♆)

[SFX: Crickets, wind, stray noises]

[MUSIC: Hair Tie]

Jupiter and Neptune are up for truth or dare this time around. But mostly Jupiter. Venus had a turn at the shame game so it's only fair.

♃: Truth.

♃: I...
♃: You didn't hold back at all.
♆: There's no mercy in truth or dare, Jupiter.
♃: Ha, ha well, I don't really—
♆: I absolutely will know if you're lying.
♆: Don't dare.
♃: Okay.
♆: I will know.

Jupiter snaps her hair tie against her wrist.

♃: Well—
♃: Then you already kno—

♃: Oh.
♃: That's fine.
♆: It'd be so boring anyway.
♆: It's not like I can actually imagine you fawning over some dude.
♃: Ahaha. What's that supposed to mean?
♆: You just aren't the sort of person who'd chase after someone.
♆: Like you wouldn't let them think they were worth that kind of effort if they didn't deserve it or let them think they were better than you if they weren't.
♆: And who is, anyway? No one's that cool.

♃: Though, probably no one is ever going to want to date me.
♆: Do you want anyone to date you?
♃: that your truth or dare question?
♆: Damn it. You're too sharp.
♃: Neptune, you're the sort of person who'd wish for infinite wishes first thing just in case it worked, right?
♆: HEY. Whose turn is it, huh?
♃: Aw.
♃: ...but I wouldn't have had an interesting answer either.
♃: I would have just said I'd only want to date someone if someone wanted to date me.
♆:'re doing it again.
♃: What?
♆: You're—*cough*

♆: Venus, you should pay attention, this is how you get out of playing stupid games.
♀: Ah! Okay.
♃: So whose turn is it?
♆: OH NO YOU DON'T. I told you that wasn't the question! You just went and answered it on your own.
♃: Haha, fiiiine. You got me.
♆: No excuses.
♀: Um...I guess that's fair.
♆: Of course it's fair. If there's no answer it doesn't count.
♆: Okay, then, here it is. Ready?
♃: Totally.
♆: Truth—who does Venus have a crush on?

It's impossible for bad things to not happen to Venus, no matter what path you take. It's written in the stars.

♃: Hmmm. Wait, what if I get it wrong.
♆: Then you're in trouble.
♀: Still??? Not fair????
♃: Guess I need to get it right then!
♃: Hmmm.
♃: Oh it's totally...
♃: You.
♆: Not. Absolutely not. Illegal.
♃: Aw, why not? It's cute. He has good taste?
♆: Boo. No. Awful. Absolutely rejected.
♃: Ahaha.