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We Know The Devil

by Flac

Part 24: Second Playthrough - 10 PM (♀ + ♃)

[MUSIC: Victim of Circumstance]

There may be two choices left to pick at this hour, but I'm gonna wrestle control from the thread here and choose Venus and Jupiter for this run. We'll get to Jupiter and Neptune on the next one.

♀: Are you sure?
♆: Going out right now sounds like the fucking worst, are you kidding?
♆: I'll mark the outside of the house with my radio.
♆: And no one who's not us will be able to get in.
♃: Okay, if you're sure.
♆: I know you'll miss me, but you'll be fine without me, I promise. The woods are gross. Bye.

[MUSIC: The Sirens]

♃: I'm sure she's fine.
♃: Are you really worried?
♀: A little. Why?
♃: Isn't she mean to you?
♀: A little.
♀: Isn't she mean to you?
♃: A little.
♀: My mom says that anyone who's mean has been hurt.
♀: Which is everyone, so I guess it's kind of a stupid thing to say.

♃: Haha, my mom would never say something like that.
♃: She'd say, "no one will respect you if you don't have any manners" or "choose your words for others carefully even if they don't do the same for you."
♀: That's good advice.
♀: Kind of.
♀: Right?
♃: She doesn't believe thinking things out is something you can teach. To her you get it or you don't.
♃: And until then you should just shut up and do the right thing instead of looking like an idiot.
♃: I'm too slow for her, like my dad.
♃: It must be nice to be smart and get things quickly.
♀: It must be such a good feeling.

♃: You get diodes pretty well?
♀: But Neptune knows what everyone means right away.
♀: I can't tell when anyone is lying so I just.
♀: Believe everything on purpose I guess?
♀: When I was fixing the radio in the dining hall, Group South told me a rusty nail would work just as well as galena, and I went along with it...
♀: Even though it definitely doesn't work as well, and cuts the range down too far. They wanted me to screw up, like, I know that?
♀: But if I pointed it out, they'd just get madder. And say whatever, and not stop until I said they were right, and believed it too, so I just believed them anyway.
♀: I got in so much trouble!
♀: I don't know why it felt so much easier. I could have explained it.
♀: But when I thought about how much trouble I'd get in...
♃: It's way easier.
♃: I do it all the time.
♀: Really?
♃: I don't know how to not.

♀: Maybe Neptune really knows best.