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Part 40: Hey, Remember Faria? Yeah, Me Neither (Part 2)

Miu: Aah!

End of the road, folks.

Red Army Captain: Hmph!

Red Army Captain: You have had your fun.

Red Army Captain: Surrender quietly… and I will spare your pathetic lives.

Red Army Captain: Unless, of course, you would prefer to meet the same end as Lorias?

Miu: No! But…

Miu: But he was just protecting me…

Red Army Captain: My patience is at an end.

Red Army Captain: Aim for the girl.

Scardigne: Grr.

Scardigne and Miu prepare for the end. …Oh who are we kidding, we all know dumbass is about to swoop in any second now. The question is just how many people is he going to get killed accidentally this time?

Red Army Captain: Fire—

The wind kicks up suddenly…

Red Army Captain: UAGH!!! What now?!

It’s Big Damn …Sort-of-Protagonist time.

This is the face of a man who has just shat his elvish pantaloons.

Rocco: Every man there go back inside, or we will blow a new crater in this little moon.

Or just fly away without doing anything.

Tada! Team Idiot is on the case!

Look at that face. Death has come to Faria.

Scardigne: Ah?!

Red Army Captain: Who would DARE to interfere?!

All my worst nightmares at once…

Leonard: We’re the good guys!

(I wrote without picking up my monitor and throwing it at another living being as hard I could.)

CUTSCENE MUSIC: Tense Battle (Disc 1, Track 30)

Red Army Captain: Kill them! Kill them all!

BOSS BATTLE: Red Army Soliders & Gigases (with commentary by nine-gear crow and Blind Sally)

And here we get out first sort-of boss battle. Though because this is a plot battle there’s little risk of actually dying in it. What this is, however, is a soft-preview of online quests in the second game, which open up your online party size to six people and allow you to use your own Incorruptus after you get one for your Avatar.

Because these guys are all humanoid, again there’s no weaknesses to exploit. That said, having five level 35 characters instead of just three does make this fight go very quickly.

CUTSCENE: Old Tricks

Red Army Captain: You… medelsome!

He whips out a familiar-looking card from his back pocket.


Red Army Captain: Very well!

Leonard: Ah, that old trick!

Red Army Captain: Adveni!

Leonard: O Wizel…

Leonard: White warrior…

Leonard: Wielder of the ancient sword…

Leonard: Grant me your power…

Leonard: Verto!

CUTSCENE MUSIC: The White Knight (Disc 1, Track 13)

It’s nice to know the game has become so blasé to gigases in general that not only is LEONARD of all people openly mocking the concept of gigas transformation, it’s also using them as a tutorial battle for Knight combat for people coming into the game here without having played the first game.

If you’ve been paying attention to my gameplay tips throughout this LP you should already know how to deal with these two a-holes. They’re gigases: stab the fuck out of them until they die.

More specifically, line them up so you hit both of them at once to get this fight over even quicker.

These two gigases are programed so that they have the same defense and HP stats as normal gigases of their level, but a very terrible attack stat. I’m talking like they’re doing 6 or 7 damage per hit, and I’m playing with a fresh, unmodded new game file for this part of the LP.

You almost literally cannot lose this fight.

CUTSCENE: Into the Woods

The gigases go down.

I suppose I’m feeling something in the vicinity of happiness right now… I don’t know. I think this game damaged the part of my brain that governs positive emotions. It also gave me Herpes.

Miu is impressed. Miu has not met Leonard yet. She’ll get over that very quickly.

With the actual danger over, the Shaghna returns to the cliffside.


Miu: Incredible. So you traveled all the way from Balandor to seek an audience with Father Yggdra?

Leonard: Yeah. That’s the idea.

We’re on a mission from some crazy bitch who thinks she’s God.

Eldore: But we didn’t expect to cross any battlefields to find him.

Eldore: When did civil war break out in Faria?

Scardigne: Soon after Archduke Dalam’s passing, Ban Nanazel rose against his fellow boyars to seize absolute power.

Scardigne: You woman with me is the Archduke’s granddauther, Lady Miu, whom I am honour-bound to keep safe.

Eldore: Those were Gigantes. Yshrenia must be involved in this somehow.

Miu: Yes.

Leonard: But do we know what they want?

Miu: There is the Knight. The one Father Yggdra keeps locked away.


Yulie: A Knight?!
Eldore: The fifth. So they’re looking for it…

Leonard: We’d better land and continue to Faria on foot. The aerial approach isn’t exactly subtle.
Marcell: A most excellent idea, Master Leonard!

Miu: Please, take me with you.

Scardigne: My lady Miu! Is that wise?

Miu: Yes. I belong with my countrymen.

And the number of character with more admirable charaterizions than Leonard grows by plus two.

Leonard: Alright, sure.

While Leonard remains the same aww shucks rube he was since the start of the game.

Eldore: Rocco, return to Balandor and tell Queen Cisna what has happened.
Rocco: Aye-aye, sir!
Eldore: And try not to crash into anything while you’re at it…

CUTSCENE MUSIC:New Allies” (Unreleased Track)