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Part 83: Some Last-Minute Clean Up Work

OVERWORLD MUSIC:The Continent of Nadias” (Disc 1, Track 15)

For this pen-penultimate chapter of the Avatar Story we’re returning to Faria one final time. Or rather we’re returning to the Lost Forest one last time because Level-5 didn’t want to animate anything taking place inside the Farian capital anymore.

Still, at least we get to see Miu one more time before we finally stake this game in its heart.

EPISODE EIGHT – Between Life and Death

After rescuing Framboise from the world beyond and defeating Azel in the process, things appear to have settled down once again on Nadias for the time being. But a few days after Orren and Framboise returned to Balandor, a Farian envoy arrived at the castle and informed Queen Cisna that a Magi assault on the Archduchy appeared to be in the works.

The entire Magi remnant appears to have gathered in the Lost Forest, and to make matters worse, another massive rift appears to have opened inside the forest. Cisna mobilized the Balandor army to march to Faria’s aid and a final battle to annihilate the threat of Yshrenia once and for all began.

Are we going to be fighting this battle at all? Is this going be Orren vs. a thousand Magi troops? Are we going to one-man/Knight-army this bitch up? Are we going to see some more awesome cutscenes of great battles between clashing armies like there were in the first two actual games?


Seriously? Did you even hold out a glimmer of hope? Or have my various rhetorical tropes finally gotten so stale that you were already shouting “NO! ” at your screen by the first “question”?

No, children, we instead get to happen upon the aftermath of the titanic battle. Because Level-5 is all about that bass , ‘bout that , ‘bout that , no treble .

Joining Orren for this chapter are a pair of figments of his traumatized imagination resembling Yulie and Kara. Because Yulie’s always desperate to get away from Leonard’s stupid shitass now that he’s constantly being left behind in Rapacci’s basement, and Kara explicitly says at one point in the Live Talk when you’re wandering around Faria that she’s adopted the Archduchy as her new homeland after Father Yggdra revived her and she spent a year posing as Scardigne. So it only seems natural that she’d rush to the defense of her adoptive homeland.

I can only imagine that Caesar’s off somewhere else doing badass Iron Man stuff, because he just seems to do that kind of crap as a hobby.

Eldore, meanwhile, is sleeping in a gutter somewhere.

AREA MUSIC:The Lost Forest” (Game 2 OST, Track 3)

So first of all, we need to go talk to Framboise, who’s standing there on the same cliffside we rescued Miu and Kara from the Red Army on at the start of the second game.

Orren: What cauldron of madness and stupidity are you chucking me into today?
Framboise: …At least we’re back in the real world this time. Things are getting back to normal… well, “normal” for us, anyway.
Orren: Heh. Yeah…
Framboise: …Wait. Do you hear that? It sounds like… footsteps?
Orren: Gigas monster, come on down! …And get a facefull of my hammer.
Framboise: AH!!

Yep, it just wouldn’t be White Knight Chronicles if we didn’t have one final scrum with a generic mook Gigas.

Because the game’s got a stranglehold on this tired trope and it’s not letting go of it—doubly so now that rigor mortis has set in.

Remember when Gigases were a shit-your-pants thing in this game? Oh how far we’ve come…

Orren: I can’t believe that moron Leonard actually had to use a Knight to beat your gigas.
Kara: I’m just thankful he didn’t accidentally kill me with it.

Framboise: Ooo! A gall bladder! These things go for mint on the black market.
Orren: Are you done harvesting organs from this thing?
Framboise: Just a second, let me see if I can score a kidney before it vanishes into thin—

Framboise: DAMMIT!

Framboise: Now why would a Gigas be here?
Orren: …Did you not read the chapter introduction screen?
Framboise: What the hell are you talking about?

Framboise: And… all this is…

Framboise: Well now, you know what this calls for right?
Orren: Go home and let the properly trained professionals handle this?
Framboise: A thorough investigation! Let’s go!

Orren: …I hate you.

And now it’s time to head into the actual forest for the most bullshit, terribly designed quest of the Avatar Story. Though we’ll get to just how much this quest sucks in a short while.

So like I said, we just sort of blunder into the aftermath of a battle between the Yshrenian remnant and the Alliance. Magi, Farian, and Balandor corpses are strewn across the forest almost everywhere you go. Man, this battle would have been pretty cool to have seen, but then Level-5 has a stadium naming rights lease to pay off, so you can’t expect them to pour even ¥1 more into this game.

Well, at least Miu was able to give as good as she got in this battle. Our little goat girl’s all grown up.

Farian Soldier: You’re finally here. Excellent! Archduchess Miu will be happy to hear you’ve arrived.
Orren: Hey, for Miu? Anything.
Farian Soldier: All of Faria’s on high alert at the moment. We’ve been weathering raids from both Magi soliders and strange monsters from beyond the rifts for days now. Miu is at our forward encampment just ahead. She’s volunteered to oversee operations in the forest personally for the moment.
Orren: Cisna’s taught her well.

Miu: STOP LOSING, YOU ASSHO—I can’t do it, Ban Lorias, I can’t shout like Cisna does.

Farian Soldier: Please, hurry along. She’s waiting for you.

The entrance to the Farian capital is blocked off for the moment. The guard standing before the gate is wounded, but remains vigilant.

Farian Soldier: Ugh… I’m sorry, but all routes into the capital are blocked at the moment. We’re not bringing the barricades down for anyone until the crisis has subsided. Not even you. Thank you for you cooperation.

Orren: Not an argument I feel like making today.

So around the bend a little bit, we come across Miu’s forward operating base.

Miu: My friends! Thank you so much for coming! As you’ve no doubt heard, Faria has been under assault by the Yshrenian remnant for some time now. We’ve fought them back as best we could, but they seem intent on making this their last stand.
Orren: I’ve got an Incorruptus I haven’t used in… oh, about two days, give or take, if you want to put the exclamation point on the whole thing.
Miu: But… The Yshrenian army isn’t our only problem, it seems. A number of civilians fled from the capital into the forest when the fighting began. Our soldiers have been searching for them, but we don’t have manpower to spare anymore if Yshrenia launches another attack. But we can’t just abandon them. Rescuing them must be our top priority. Would you please help us search for them?
Orren: Is this gonna involve me running all over this forest for a solid hour and a half?
Miu: …I’ll pay you to do it?
Orren: Cisna would have just threatened me.
Miu: Oooh. I just feel so powerless holed up here like this. I wish there was more I could do to help my countrymen. Any help you can offer is appreciated.
Orren: Your Worship, you had me at “please.”
Miu: Oh, thank you so much my friends. Once again, the people of Faria are in your debt.

Farian General: We believe the civilians who fled into the forest are clustered in the eastern and western quadrants. Be advised though, a large demon has been spotted in the area. We have it contained beyond the barricades at the moment, but we can’t hold it for long. If we don’t rescue the civilians before it breaches the barrier it will be a disaster! There’s certain to be wounded among the refugees as well. Please, help as many of them as you can.

Balandor Knight: We’re here to support the Farian army. We’re here with Sir Cyrus. These attacks have been happening all across the world for too long now. We’re going to end them right here. Everyone is at risk now. Balandor can’t sit on the sidelines and let this go unchecked. Captain Elvee and Queen Cisna are overseeing a simultaneous operation in Balandor. Best of luck to you now.

Army Nurse: If you’re going out to search for the missing refugees, please take these with you. They should help if you come across any wounded out there.

“You received a first aid kit.”

Farian Soldier: We’ve set up a refugee camp for the citizens who escaped the capital when the fighting started. It’s just up this cliff here. You can access the camp anytime via the rope behind me.


This dude just says the same stuff we already heard from Miu and the soldiers.

Let’s get going then.

This guy says the more of the same. I guess Level-5 thinks they’re players are as dumb as Leonard is, so they plopped down a bunch of NPCs in your path whose sole purpose is to remind you about what the hell you’re here for.

There’s the usual spate of enemies in the Lost Forest, and by that I mean fucking EVERYTHING. The only giant enemies that appear in this level are four dragons and a Black Knave Mk. II, though once you take them out they’re gone for good. The smaller enemies however will respawn after a certain amount of time.

First up here in the Spring quadrant of the forest is a Fire Dragon.

Once the area’s clear we can talk to our first refugee. There are ten in total, spread out across the Lost Forest, and because Level-5 ran out of money again, it couldn’t afford to pay for objective markers for them, so you need to scour the area for a bunch of NPCs who for the most part are either cowering in bushes, wearing colours that blend into the environment, or tucked away around blind corners.

Of all the things we could be doing for this, the third-to-last iteration of this game’s story, and we’re once again running around rescuing people.

This is what 80% of this mission is comprised of: running around clearing out enemies, and then chatting it up with NPCs who say NOTHING relevant to the overall plot of this Avatar Non-Story.

Farian Civilian: H-hey! A-are you here to help me? Oh, thank the gods. I thought I was done for.

And then the screen fades out and he disappears, teleporting to the refugee camp that one soldier mentioned earlier.

This update is going to be filled with a lot of Lost Forest beauty shots, because this place is the one spot in the game outside of the Van Haven Waste at night that’s interesting to look at.

Farian Civilian: H- H-help me…

The parenthesised text then said “He appears to be wounded and unable to move.”

You’re then given a prompt about where to use the first aid kit on him. And of course, you’d be A) an asshole and B) unable to complete the chapter if you said no, so we patch him up with the kit.

Farian Civilian: Thank you very much. That really helped me out. We all just ran until we were worn out. There’s still more of us out there.

I said way back at the start of the second game that I’d show off all of the major landmarks in the Lost Forest, and here, finally, is where we’re gonna do it.

First up is the old growth nursery in the Spring quadrant. This massive moss-covered stump is located in a pond just before the refugee camp. Astute readers may remember this place as part of Ban Lorias’s staging area during the fight to retake the Farian capital from Ban Nanazel.

You can run across the natural bridge here and actually go inside the tree.

Inside is this neat little Disney-esque alcove which you really can’t explore beyond the ground floor of, because it’s Level-5 and and all.

Still, there’s butterflies fluttering about and it looks pretty and in a better game made by a more competent studio this probably would have been something cool, but here it’s just… there.

So on to the refugee camp then.

Orren: Are you going to tell me anything than what I already know?
Balandor Soldier: Nope.
Orren: Fuck you.

So scattered around the camp are the people you’ve already rescued and some additional NPCs. Some of them you can chat with, most of them you can’t. Also, Framboise is here, no doubt conducting sadistic experiments on the survivors for science purposes.

Army Nurse: I think we can save all of the wounded if you can rescue them quickly enough.

Balandor Soldier: We managed to suppress the first wave of enemies. But there’ll be more coming soon, I can tell. Sir Cyrus went on ahead to conduct a counterstrike on the enemy positions in the north forest. I don’t know what’s going on here, but I’m surprised to see someone from the Royal Science Academy here in the warzone. This must be bad.
Orren: You’re on nose there.
Balandor Soldier: Does she have some secret plan or weapon that’ll defuse the situation?
Orren: If “defuse” suddenly became code for “make worse” while I was gone, then probably yeah.
Framboise: You know I can hear you, right?
Orren: Doesn’t make it any less true!

Framboise: It’s quite sad that you’re still worked up over that whole “giant bomb in your town” thing.
Orren: Oh no. That’s LONG since been replaced by that whole “seeing you naked, ripping multiple wholes in reality, and getting kidnapped by extradimensional monsters” thing.
Framboise: Gods, it’s like you’re an old man the way you just keep complaining and complaaaaaing. Still…
Framboise: I almost can’t believe how bad things have gotten lately. …I—I blame myself for all this. This never would have happened if I hadn’t been so careless with that experiment.
Orren: I’m…
Framboise: What? Are you gonna yell at me? Say “yeah, fucking right you are,”? Or some other smartass comment? Huh? Well, just—just go ahead and—
Orren: I understand. You’re taking responsibility and you’re trying to fix it. That’s more than I ever could have hoped for out of Leonard. He never got that whole “my fault” thing… at least not for very long. Look, I’m sorry I was hard on you like that. We’re gonna fix this, I swear.
Framboise: …And then back to science?
Orren: Yeah. Then back to science.

See? Even Framboise gets more character development than Leonard does!

We also happen upon an argument between one of Faria’s minority human citizens and a Farian soldier.

Farian Civilian: Now wait just a minute! We can’t just run away and hide! This is our home as much as it is yours. If you’re going to stand up and fight for it, then we will too!
Farian Soldier: I understand that it’s difficult to just stand here and wait, but you have to listen to me. We can’t just allow civilians to run off while there’s still enemies lurking about, even if you want to help fight. We’re here trying to protect you. As soon as the all clear sounds, you’ll be permitted to leave, but not a moment before. Understand?

Farian Civilian: Th— they just came out of this black hole… M-monsters! Ev— everyone else… they’re all dead now.

Again, thank you, Level-5. The sifting through aftermath of this madness is SOOOOOO much more enthralling that actually maybe being a part of it ourselves.

Whatever, here’s some more Lost Forest beauty shots.

Farian Soldier: Saving as many people as we can is our top priority. You have to continue your search.
Orren: Filed under: “shit I already know comma doing your job for you”.

Good news! We found another refugee.

Farian Civilian: Uuuh.

“She appears to be too wounded to speak”.

So we give her medicine from the first aid kit.

Farian Civilian: You helped me. Thank you! Thank you so much! I’ll be okay now, honest. Please, go help the others now, there’s still more of us out there.

And then she’s gone.

So then we encounter the Ice Dragon near the waterfall in the Autumn quarter.

Here’s the landmark for the Autumn quadrant, the massive waterfall with the grape vines growing all over it.

There’s also this massive beehive-like thing up on top of it for some reason. It kind of reminds me about that giant wicker… thing all the monsters in Spike Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are built, before they all go insane and self-destructive.

Man, that movie was fucked up.

Toad: Wot? Whyssit got all quiet all of the sudden? You got rid of ‘em monsters eh? Cheers mate!

And we’re on the move again.

This is where this chapter gets REALLLY bullshit-y. You’re locked down to a specific portion of the map because every route to the northern section where the Winter quadrant is is blocked by a conveniently placed dead body.

I’m talking every fucking exit.

There’s a lot of pointless running around trying to figure out where to go and how to get there. Even in Japanese, this was a really shittily designed quest.

Balandor Knight: Here’s a regurgitated summary of the same useless information from before.

Well, I think we finally made it. We have officially arrived at the “I’ve made a huge mistake” part of this translation attempt.

I have no regrets about LPing White Knight Chronicles. This game is stupid, infuriating, and embarrassing to the Nth degree, but making fun of it as much as I have has been an absolute hoot.

I’m regretting tacking this non-story DLC garbage and if it weren’t for the sense of obligation I have towards doing it, I probably wouldn’t have even bothered.

So far, everything has been boring as shit, inconsequential, and underdeveloped. It’s physically tiring translating this shit just because it’s so uninteresting. At least when Leonard was fucking up and getting people and things accidentally killed or destroyed I would gladly stay up till 4 in the morning scripting things out when I had work the next morning because I FUCKING LOVED IT.

This shit?

Can we get through this way?

No? Fuck.

Eh, let’s kill a Wind Dragon.

And here’s the landmark for the Summer quadrant, the Palm Goddess tree. It’s a palm tree that vaguely looks like a woman, with wooden boobs and everything. This one was briefly glimpsed in the epilogue of the second game where Miu was praying before it.

Farian Civilian: I am in your debt young man. Can you show me the way back to the refugee camp?

Farian Civilian: The demons were so strong. It was terrifying!

Farian Civilian: I’m going to run back to the camp as fast as I can now.

Bye! Also, not only are the Magi’s corpses blocking our way around places, now they’re goddamn machinery is too.

You can go back to the camp and check in on the refugees we’ve rescued. The purple haired Farian we saved turns out to be this boy’s mother, and he tearfully thanks us for saving her and reuniting him with her.


And then near the end of searching for these idiot refugees we finally begin encountering live Magi soldiers. Well holy fucking shit.

There’s also a Black Knave stomping around here, but I mentioned that earlier didn’t I?

And here’s that Earth Dragon too.

So there’s all four dragons.

Farian Civilian: Y-you guys… I’ve been out here looking for my sister after we fled the city. …But I haven’t found her yet. I’m going to head back to the refugee camp, hopefully she’s made it there on her own by now. Thank you so much for coming to find me.
Orren: I’m not really sure what I even did here…

Another one of the refugees is in this waterfall cave back here.

And I just had to get this screenshot because it reminded me of the Disneyland Jungle Cruse “backside of water” joke. If you’ve never heard that joke, then you’ve never been to Disneyland, and if you’ve never been to Disneyland, your parents never loved you.

Farian Civilian: I came to Faria to sell my wares, but I got caught up in the attack. I guess my luck finally ran out.
Orren: Here, take these drugs.
Yulie: Pretty sure that’s not how you do first aid.
Orren: Excuse me. Which one of us was given the official kit by the pretty nurse lady?
Kara: Why am I still a part of this madness?
Farian Civilian: Oh thank you so much. You’re a real life saver! I’m going to head to the refugee camp. Hopefully they can hold out a little longer if I bring them the supplies I brought with me.

And then he’s gone.

So after we’ve rescued a certain number of refugees, the actual objective of this mission appears on the map screen. This is our boss fight. But we’ve got a few more hoops to jump through to get there.

Another objective marker appears on Miu’s base camp.

But we’ve got a couple more refugees to save…

Farian Civilian: Are you here to help me? I got in a bit of trouble, as you can tell. I probably wouldn’t have made it if you hadn’t shown up. Thank you so much.

This next guy is a bitch to find because he’s, now check this out, hidden around a blind corner, on a raised outcropping that you can’t access from ground level, that you need to run around a five minute long detour to get to, and then drop down from the upper level onto a narrow ledge just to talk to him.

Fuck you, Level-5.

Farian Civilian: Well, I seem to have found myself in a most ugly predicament, haven’t I? I was escaping from that horrid demon army when I slipped and fell of this cliff here. Would you mind just helping me up?

And then we heal him and we’re back on our way.

And thus the last guy we need to do something for is this bugger. He’s our side-quest for this level.

Farian Soldier: You there! A moment of your time! I was one of the people helping to look for all the refugees… But I messed up… But I can’t give up though, I just can’t…
Orren: I can see this shoe dropping from orbit.
Farian Soldier: I was attacked by a dragon in the forest… and… and I lost the engagement ring I was going to ask my love to marry me with… I can’t go back to her without it… I can’t dare look upon her face again if I can’t… I can’t…
Orren: Yeah, because it’s not like you can’t just ask her to marry you anyway. Eh, whatever, I’ll indulge your suicidal materialism.

So basically this sub-quest literally boils down to “walk about 20 feet over that way and then kill a dragon.”

Wow. You know, after wandering aimlessly around this forest for literally an hour and twenty minutes because Level-5 just gave the fuck up on helping you through this, I applaud this sudden burst of laziness on their part.

Oh hey, look Kara! It’s your old friend the Ancient Dragon. Or rather the bounty pallet swap of it, Argyros.

It’s a good thing that whole “dragons aggressively hunt those who kill their kin” thing Eldore shat out way back at the start of the first game was never* followed up on because this is going to be the fifth dragon we’ve murdered in the past 90 minutes.

* One encounter with the Dragon Matriarch notwithstanding.

Well, whatever. It’s time to go all Dovahkiin.

Speaking of Skyrim, be sure to check out Putty’s 100% LORE FRIENDLY LP of Skyrim mods. I go to space with Putty and Blind Sally.

And what so you know, Kara scores the deathblow on this dragon too. With a Shoryuken Uppercut no less too!

After the boss fight, there’s a glowing thing on the ground.

Orren: Any of this seem familiar to you, Kara?
Kara: Shut up.

You found an engagement ring.

Farian Soldier: Th-that’s! You found it! You really found it! …I’m sorry to be such a pain, I really am. I should be focusing on helping the people trapped here in the forest still, not on my own selfish wants.
Orren: Well, hindsight IS 20/20.
Farian Soldier: I’ll head back to the refugee camp now. They need me there. I’ll give this ring to my girlfriend… But it will give me no joy, knowing what it cost me.

And that’s it, that’s finally fucking it! We’re done with the pointless rescue bullshit part of the quest, now we’re off to the boss!

When the screen fades to black we’re teleported back to Miu’s basecamp, as we need to talk to her to proceed with the mission.

Miu: Did you all hear that sound just now? It sounded like a horn. It must be Sir Cyrus in the north east. He’s signalling for reinforcements. My friends, it appears you’ve arrived just in time. Framboise has already gone on ahead, and she asked to send you along when you got back here. Please head for north east quadrant and help them out, as quickly as you can. The quickest way to them would be to cut through the capital and go through the rear entrance to the city, the one we used when we took the Numenshrine back from Ban Nanazel.
Orren: A rare win in our case.
Miu: Please speak with the solider guarding the entrance. Give him this letter and inform him that you have my expressed permission to enter the city. He will let you through. Best of luck to you, my dear friends.

So Miu gives us her holy writ and we’re back underway. This is also, by the way, the last time Miu shows up in the narrative.

Godspeed Miu.

Farian Soldier: What do you have here? Hmm… This is Archduchess Miu’s handwriting alright. Very well. You may pass through the city, but we’re sealing the barricade behind you once you’re through, understand?

And then we’re warped up to the northern section of the map.

The path to Cyrus, Framboise and the boss battle is now pretty much cleared ahead of us.

After some more running and fighting generic monsters, we come across Framboise who’s just standing out there in the middle of the snow like a durrf.

Framboise: Oh, there you are. How are you holding up? You can feel it too, can’t you? The air feels just like it did back at Thalmus Rock. I don’t like this one bit. Cyrus is in danger, we have to help him! Are you all set?
Orren: Better now than never, I guess.

We enter our pre-boss cutscene in the midst of a battle. Magi and Allied corpses dot to frozen wastes and the icicle tree, the main landmark of the Winter quadrant of the Lost Forest, is engulfed in a massive portal.

And Cyrus clashes with an ogre.

CUTSCENE MUSIC:The Trap” (Unreleased Track)

Well, now I’m glad I went back and recorded all the unreleased music from the game because there’s a couple of tracks not on the soundtrack that get some play in the closing chapters of the Avatar Story. You might remember this one as the ambush theme that plays when Ban Nanazel transforms into a Duke Gigas at the end of the Chapter III of game 2.

Framboise: Cyrus!

Orren: Help is on the way… And by that I mean me, not her!

It’s so weird seeing the Avatar in anything even remotely resembling an action role in this game. I got so used to just seeing them as a board-stiff manikin that disappears entirely when the action begins to unfurl that stuff like this always takes me by surprise.

Here’s another moment of screenshot providence. Orren looks simultaneously bored and annoyed that he has to rescue Cyrus’s stupid ass yet again. This is probably the only moment in-game where LP Orren slips out in the animation.

But of course, this is Cyrus we’re talking about, and even though he’s not voiced by NOLAN NORTH anymore, he still has some of Nolan’s residual awesome in him, so he tools this one ogre like the badass motherfucker he is in this game.

Cyrus: Your mom! …Or something, I dunno. [SPITS]
Orren: Leave the insults to me, stubbly.

Cyrus: Orren! Framboise! Are you two alright?!

Orren: Well I was here with Kara and Yulie, but they both seem to have vanished for some reason…
Yulie: We’re on strike!
Kara: Equal pay for NPCS!
Orren: …Fuck my life.

Their moment to regroup is short-lived, however…

As even more ogres surround them from all angles.

Orren: Well fuck.

Cyrus: GH!

Cyrus: Not the best odds I’ve ever faced, but we could do a lot worse.

Orren: Wow, I thought would you have learned not to tempt fate like that by now.

Framboise: Cyrus! Do you hear that?!


Yep. Cyrus’s attempt to be all Nathan Drake-like summoned another Duke Gigas from the game’s “FUCK YOU!” engine. This thing’s running overtime for this mission.

Hey there big guy. Guess what YOU’RE getting for Christmas?


Cyrus: Well, I was wrong then. It just got worse.

Cyrus: Come on!

So Kara and Yulie rematerialize now that we’ve got ourselves a boss to fight. And we’ve also got Cyrus in our party too one final time. This is, in essence, the final escort mission of the duology, in terms of the storyline at least.

Same rules apply, if Cyrus dies it’s game over, but we don’t need to worry about that.

So here’s a bunch of uncommented on screenshots showing some stuff we’ve already seen, just not at the same time: the Arc Knight and a Duke Gigas.

Yulie: Gods I wish I still had one of those.
Kara: Same here.
Yulie & Kara:

Once again, Orren almost redeems what Leonard makes look absolutely pathetic.

Cyrus: Now that’s how it’s done.

Framboise: Cyrus, just what the heck’s going on anyway?

CUTSCENE MUSIC:Scar” (Disc 2, Track 13)

Cyrus: After you two disappeared into that rift in Frass Chasm, there was a sudden, simultaneous uprising of Yshrenian remnant soldiers all across the continent. It was like they just came out of hiding all of the sudden.

Framboise: But, with their strength, there was no way they could…

Cyrus: Indeed. Our advantage after the war was too overwhelming…

Cyrus: At first, anyway.

Cyrus: But then those monsters began to emerge from the portals, and the tide turned in their favour.

Framboise: That’s…

Framboise: B-but Cyrus!

He sighs, knowingly.

Cyrus: There’s still hope for us though.

Cyrus: And I know just where to find it.

Cyrus: Follow me.

Things were grim. …Just take my word for that one. I know we don’t have the budget to show that anymore. But still. We had to hold on to whatever hope we could. I trusted Cyrus, as loopy as it sounds to say something like that, given his history, but oh man did he ever deliver.

We’d have to venture far north to find it, though. Farther than I ever thought we’d go. To finish the Dogma War once and for all, we needed to do it on its home turf…