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Part 21: Twelbit and Sidequests

I put the Moon Medium on Carol and the Mountain Medium on Chuck, and then I head into Honeysday.

Music: The Truth Behind the Desired Reality

Indeed. It's a pleasure to be remembered by such a pretty girl.
P...pretty? Do you really think so?
What do you want, Duo?! Did you come here to trick us again?
Oh, come now, there's no need to use such horrible words. That affair at the studio was Nightburn's doing, after all. At least I was still able to get some good material out of it... Though I have to say I wish you'd done a little better with your act.
I'm sorry... I just...
Oh, don't worry about it. You did fine for an amateur. Besides, you've provided me with some most interesting footage!
Huh? What do you mean?
I've been covering you ever since you left Laila Belle. So I got that little discussion of yours here on camera as well.
He is probably referring to your resolution to change the world.
-! You mean the Veruni know about that already?!
The Veruni? Now that it's been broadcast, *everybody* knows about it. And what a response! I couldn't be happier, I tell you. Not only that, the very next day, the mine workers all come back here... The timing was so perfect, I couldn't help but interview the villagers.
Quite divided indeed. But at the moment it looks like there are more against you than for.
But to go and take out the mine... I wonder what Nightburn will think of that.
Nightburn...may not be alive anymore.
What...? What do you mean?
When we freed the workers at Mt. the mine, we encountered Nightburn. We fought him, but then the mine collapsed, and...
You don't mean... Buried alive...?
You're joking...right? Tell me you're joking!
If you don't trust us, how about you go check out the truth yourself with that camera of yours?
I plan to.

You're looking for Johnny Appleseed, aren't you? I'm afraid I'm not in a position to tell you directly... But if you, say, took the train to the town of Twelbit on the western continent, you'd probably come a lot closer to your goal. But the Veruni who live there are particularly elite. Be on your best behavior if you go.
Twelbit, huh... Then we'd better head for the station. Thanks, Duo.


Music: Falling Into the Shadow of Locus Solus

I never thought we would learn of her whereabouts this way... Duo... What is he thinking?!

Please accept my humble apologies, my liefe. I will reprimand him severely for-
Do not conern yourself. I am well aware of the pride he holds in his beliefs. And from his efforts, we now know that Johnny Appleseed has not yet fallen into the hands of the moderates. That result is far more important than the manner in which he produced it.
My liege is too kind...
But I had not imagined she was traveling with ones such as these.

I permit you to make use of the tool you have been provided should it prove necessary to accomplish that objective.
Bwah hah hah hah! I can't guarantee I can take them alive!
You may dispose of them as you see fit - except for Johnny Appleseed. Remember that.
Yeah, yeah, I'll try! Bwah hah hah hah hah!

As Kartikeya leaves, Peresphone enters.

...Allow me to report in. The mine being operated by the human Nightburn has collapsed, and Nightburn himself cannot be found...
Nightburn, indeed. For a human, he truly has worked hard for our cause.
Therefore I would like permission to organize a search and-
-However, that does not erase his crime of attempting to cross the wall between the races and maintain a relationship with one of our kind. He has only met the fate destined for him as punishment for that crime.
But...! With all due respect, that is too cruel for Nightburn! He strove to help our cause with no concern for himself! I realize it may be presumptuous, but please, allow me to organize a search mission! There is still a possibility that he's alive!
...You may do as you see fit. However, I would like to confirm one matter. You were already aware of Johnny Appleseed's whereabouts, were you not?
-?! ...No, I only learned of them moments ago...
Heh heh...I see. I seem to recall that the woman Nightburn loved was your sister, was it not?
Y...yes, it was. She was affected by Filgaia, and passed away five years ago...
That itself may have been punishment for her attempt to cross the wall between the races. Have you considered that possibility?
...Perhaps...perhaps it was...
You see, the gap between the two races is too wide to be crossed. All who attempt to do so shall suffer. Remember that well, Persephone.
B-but then, what about yourself-
Yes! I, born from the violation of that taboo, am the very personification of that suffering! I despise the two streams of blood that course through my body! How much have I suffered, how unfairly have I been treated because of that blood?! My parents desired that I become a bridge between the two races. I tried my hardest to fulfill that desire. And despite that, both races rejected me!
The wall between the races cannot be overcome. All who try shall suffer the same fate - as shall I...

Music: This Downpour is a Blessing from the Heavens

Kent: I really can't thank you enough. If I'd been forced to work there much longer, I'd've been monster food, no question.
If you're going to thank anyone, thank these folks. They gave me the courage to try and help people.
Kent: Yeah? Thanks, all of you, I really appreciate it. But...
...People are angry at us?
Kent: Yeah, some of them, but more are just worried about what's going to happen now. Whether the Veruni are going to come and punish us, things like that. To be blunt, there are a number of people that hate you for what you did...but I think you did the right thing. You've got a lot of work ahead of you, don't you, Chuck? Good luck!
We did do the right thing, didn't we?
What's the matter, Dean? It's not like you to second-guess yourself like that. Even Nightburn said he'd leave things to you, didn't he?
...Yeah, he did. I can't afford to stop now. Nightburn left us with this Class A license so we can travel throughout the world. I'll follow in Nightburn's steps and demolish the wall between the races!

I want to talk to Jude one more time before we leave.

Bowtie Boy: He still isn't used to life at the village very much, so all the unfamiliar people milling around must have surprised him. I looked all over the village, but he's nowhere to be found... He likes to wander around a lot, so he might have gone off to another town. Hey, you guys are Drifters, aren't you? Could you look for my cat for me?


Bowtie Boy: You'll really do it for me?! ...Thanks! My missing cat's got a black mouth, ears and tail, and the rest of him is white. He really loves his fish. When he comes home, I'd sure like to cook up some fresh trout from the lake for him.

And now it's time to go to Meisis and take the train. But before we board, there's an interesting NPC here...

Egotistical Security Guard: The way they put it, the girl spends all her time raising flowers in her garden... But apparently she hasn't aged a single day in years and years. They asked some of the townsfolk what was up, but nobody knew when she came to the village, or why she doesn't seem to grow old at all. I mean, seriously, doesn't anyone care about her? What if she's a monster disguised as a girl of something?

Nah, she's not a monster, she's just an Elw.

I really don't understand how we can board the train with Nightburn's license, but we can. Alcedonia will take us to Twelbit, but I think we should do some sidequests first. First stop: Cavam Valley!

Young Drifter with a Quiet Smile: Apparently, there's still remains there from the golems fighting each other, taking and retaking each other's fortresses. What do you think about that? Waging war by moving little pegs around, with no bloodshed on either end...? Me, I think golems have feelings, too.

It's always nice to talk to Rudy. And now we're off to Capo Bronco.

Turns out I missed the Sol Niger in the Abandoned Path. It's in the very last room, I'm guessing a cutscene happened in here and automatically moved us outside.

Music: The Place I'll Return to Someday

Forgetful Old Man: My legs are bad, and I can't search myself. Please, Dean, will you go find the chicks for me? They like hiding in barrels and jars and oil drums and such... Please, leave no stone unturned! I know you can find them!

Found a baby chick in the bottom of an empty jar!

But that was an oil drum...

Whoa! Is this one of the chicks that escaped from the old man's farm? How'd it end up in a place like this?!

Forgetful Old Man: Oh, my chicks! I was so worried about you! Thank you, Dean. Now all the chicks are back where they belong. I have to give you some sort of reward! Hmmm...what should it be... Oh! I know!
Obtained Hen Badge!
Forgetful Old Man: This is my most precious possession. I want you to have it! Ho ho ho. Take good care of it, okay?

Anyone with the Hen Badge equipped gets double EXP from battles.

Long-Legged Drifter: But when I was a boy, and I got lost in the wilds and collapsed, it was Nightburn that found me and took me in. He was with some pretty Veruni girl, so I wondered if maybe he was just showin' off for her, but... I'd twisted my leg and couldn't move for days, but he took care of me the whole darn time! I don't doubt your story, but...I wonder if maybe the Veruni aren't telling the whole truth about this?

It's Jack!!!

A bike with a name...? Where have I heard that before...?

The Music Box was snatched away!
Bicycle Nut: This is it! The music box that holds the memories of me and my beloved sister... But how did you...?! Consider your answer carefully - your life may depend on it!
Whoa, hold on! Your sister gave this to us so we could find you!
Bicycle Nut: ...How can that be?
It's true! Your sister is alive and well! She's living in Gounon now!
Bicycle Nut: Oh! How to express the joy you have brought me? I want to leap onto my bicycle and pedal away into the sunset! I always believed it, but to receive proof... My heart is atwitter! Yes...yes indeed... Thank you, and please accept my apologies for mistrusting you. I must write to my sister, and tell her that I'm coming for her! I'd better install some pegs, too...

If we talk to him again...

Bicycle Nut: Javelin...I redub thee...HALBERD! Together...we shall... Soon...must not...worry her... If only I had the strength!
*The angry-looking young man is staring at his rusty bicycle and muttering to himself. It would probably be best to leave him alone.

That was Kresnik.

And now the main reason we came here, a sidequest that must be done at this point in the game.

Strong-Willed Shopmistress: My Drifter husband hasn't come back to visit recently, and, well, I'm worried he's off starvin' in some distant land. I want you to find my husband, wherever he's gone off to, and bring him some food for me. What do you think? Will you do it?


Strong-Willed Shopmistress: Great, thanks so much! Try to find him before it spoils, okay?
Obtained Fried Chicken!
Strong-Willed Shopmistress: Dean, Rebecca, I know you know him, but just in case you forgot... My husband's a tough-lookin' Drifter, with a mustache and a bandage on his nose. I'm countin' on you!

And now we have to haul ass to Twelbit, if we take too long, the chicken will spoil. Once we arrive in Alcedonia, there's an NPC worth talking to.

Rascally Youth: But they didn't have any of the canned fruits I was hoping for. Instead, all they had were these "unlucky" twin monster eggs. Man, I just wish I could eat that golden fruit one more time. All drowned in sweet syrup and everything. So that's why I'm in Twelbit. What with all the rich folks living in this town, someone has to have them in stock somewhere. First thing to do, though, is go to work and rack up enough money. When I find my can of peaches, I'd better be able to afford it.

For some reason Jet really loves peaches in this game.

Twelbit is directly to the west of Alcedonia, so it doesn't take long to get there.

Music: The City Where We'll Meet Someday

Yeah, we're finally getting close! Great, isn't it, Avril?
Y-yes, I suppose...

Strong-Willed Shopmistress's Husband: ...Hmm? A package for me? What is it?
Handed over the Fried Chicken!
Strong-Willed Shopmistress's Husband: Ohh! My wife's homemade fried chicken! Thanks a million, man! Woo-hoo! This'll be the first home-cooked meal I've had from my wife in forever! Gwah hah hah hah hah!

Talking to him again gets us some more dialogue.

Strong-Willed Shopmistress's Husband: Yo, Dean! Thanks for delivering my wife's package for me! If you happen to stop back in the village, I got a message for her: "I love you baby!" Gwah hah hah hah hah!

There's more sidequesting to be done before I start doing main quest stuff here, but there are a few things I want to show off while I'm here. First off, I buy new armor for Rebecca and Carol, which means they won't be in their alternate costumes anymore.

Little Sorceress with an Umbrella: Hee hee... I'm not good at selling myself. Basically, I've gone into business on my own, using my Teleport Orb to deliver stuff to faraway towns. To tell the truth, I'm not all that good at this kind of magic yet, but I'm trying my best! You can't achieve anything unless you give it a shot, after all.

That would be Lilka from Wild Arms 2. In Wild Arms 2, Lilka had a lot of trouble with Teleport Gems and always ended up in the wrong place. She does the same thing in Wild Arms 5, appearing in certain towns at random.

Gentle Baker: If this is your first time, though, perhaps my cornbread would be best. It's a favorite, of Lady Diana's. She praised the accents of corn in between the sweet flavor and gentle, fluffy texture.

And that's Ashley, also from Wild Arms 2.

Rising Screenwriter: What's more, I'm good-looking, and my style gets perfect marks. "Was she born with it, or was it...?" Hah, just kidding. But lately, I've been feeling a touch of writer's block... I wonder what I have to do to shake this off?

That's Emma from Wild Arms 1. A weird thing about her appearance in Wild Arms 5 is her line "I've never known much about working with machines.". This is weird because she was great with machines in Wild Arms 1. She even invented the EMMA Motor!

You can climb on the street lamps and I have no idea why.

After this, I meant to go to Gounon, but I accidentally wound up in Northeast Filgaia. While I was there, I noticed an interesting NPC in the station.

Slum Girl: Wow! You have a Class A license! That's only the second time I ever saw someone with one of those! The other Class A license holder I met gave me a whole lot of money. He told me, "No point in carrying this, I'm never gonna use it..." He mussed up my hair with that big hand of his. I remember he was smoking this big cigar, too!

Maybe Nightburn wasn't such a bad guy, after all.

When I come back here, I can't help but remember... I grew up here, dammit! I should be able to remember all the good times I had! But those days are gone now. Just vague bits of memory left.

Over in Gounon, Greg still refuses to enter the city, and leaves our party while we're inside.

Paladienne: I recieved a letter from my brother. He says he's in a town called Capo Bronco. Truly, you have my deepest gratitude.
Obtained Blank Medium x2!
Obtained Gold Nightingale!

Paladienne: As a reward, take these Blank Mediums and Gold Nightingale. If you were to sell the nightingale at a store, I imagine they would give you a small fortune for it. But there are lots of fanatics who love old toys like these. So if you hold on to it, something good might happen.

We can sell the Gold Nightingale for 10,000 gella, but if we do that we're locked out of an ARM Part for Carol, so I'll be keeping it around.

Paladienne: My brother sent me a letter asking me to wait for him, but... He's the type that tends to overcomplicate things, and I'm sure he's thinking, "If I don't do such and such, I won't be worthy of meeting my sister." Maybe I should just head out in the direction of Capo Bronco?

Cecilia is also here now

Golden-Haired Noble: A perfectly cloudless blue sky... I'd never seen it before, but what a beautiful sight it is. The smell of the earth and the gentle touch of the wind on my cheeks... Is the reason they invoke such nostalgia because, until my great-grandfather's era, we had been traveling continuously through the stars? Or perhaps because I am a distant descendant of a priestess who could commune with the heart of Filgaia?

Gallows is still here, and he has a few words to say about Nightburn.

Guitar-Strumming Youth: So the great Nightburn has fallen... Such a shame, I was impressed by his style, his ability to connect with the masses. Hmmm? Do I know Nightburn? Well, um, once I was asked to appear at Laila Belle's TV station and sing a song. There, I met a slick fellow named Duo who introduced me to him. I can see from your eyes that you don't believe me, but it's true! All of it!

While in the Gounon area, I collect some costumes from the world map that I missed before. The Heavy Guard for Dean, the Light Vest for Greg, and the Wing Robe for Avril.

Alright, we got Dean's silly midriff shirt! These armors are really obsolete, but I'll wear them for a bit just for the sake of variety.

Anyway, back to Capo Bronco!

Stong-Willed Shopmistress: Hang on a second. I got somethin' I'd like to give you. Granted, it ain't much, but please accept this!
Obtained Duplicator!
Stong-Willed Shopmistress: No matter how old he gets, that husband of mine always needs me lookin' after him! Hah hah hah hah!

After I'm done in Capo Bronco, I stop by Mirapulse and something very unexpected happens.

Agitated Hunter: He's real, I'm telling you! And he's dangerous! Just thinking of those bloodshot eyes gives me the creeps...

Huh? How can we know if we'll believe you before you tell us what you want us to believe?
Agitated Hunter: East from here, in Harmonde, I saw this guy who scared me out of my wits... His left arm was all made up almost like it was part of a golem... He was going on and on about killing people to try out a new ability or something-
What?! You sure about that?!
Agitated Hunter: Of course I am! In fact, I can't stay around here any longer... What if he comes here next?! I'm outta here!
Dean, I'm headin' to Harmonde. It sounds like I've finally got the target of my revenge in sight.
Wait, Greg. I'll go too! We want to be there to witness your revenge. You've done a lot for us, after all. It's only right that we see how your journey ends. Okay?
...Fine, but only on one condition: Don't interfere. This is between me and him!
You got it!

I thought for sure you had to complete Twelbit before this would happen, but I guess not.

Anyway, we came to Mirapulse to see more cameos!

Paladienne: Rather than visit my prother, I'd prefer to wait for him to come visit me. Besides, it feels good to talk with these two. This may sound strange, but it doesn't feel like we've just met...
Good-Looking Guy from the Neck Up: My companion's affliction has no relation to Zopt Syndrome. I've traveled the world in a desperate search for a cure, but... Her condition has taken a turn for the worse, so I was hoping to stay for a while and let her recuperate here. The laborers at the mines have come from all over Filgaia. Well-traveled Drifters often stop by this pub as well. That girl there knows lots of obscure magics. They've already helped to ease my companion's pain somewhat.
Swordswoman with a Ribbon: Aren't you the one who saved the Golem Hunter from the gallows on the night of the full moon? The Paladienne told me what you did. It's so satisfying to watch someone grow up... *Cough*...*cough*...

You guys already know Yulie, (she travels fast, doesn't she?) the other two are Arnaud G. Vasquez and Raqul Applegate. These three, along with Jude in Honeysday, are the four playable characters of Wild Arms 4.

I'm done with sidequests for now, so I return to Twelbit and head into the center of the city, initiating some dialogue.

Huh? Where?

Aah...! Quick everybody, hide!
Huh? Why are you hiding, Chuck?
... Looks like she isn't doing all that bad.
Why aren't you going and saying hi to her?
Oh...yeah. I guess it might be kind of hard to talk to her after getting saved by her like that. A guy's got to keep his pride, after all, huh?
Who cares about that? As long as we're here, we should at least say hi! Hey, Lucille!
H-hey, Dean, don't-!
*Sigh* Really, Dean, think about how Chuck feels... Oh, well... No point in hiding anymore, I guess.

I, uh, I'm fine, thanks... I'm working here at the Rygs family mansion as a maid for the head of the family, Lady Diana. Lady Diana is very kind, and I'm having a fine time.
Yeah? That's, uh, that's great!
I was worried up until I came here, but now I have no complains at all. Lady Diana gives me days off, and even says I can go back to Honeysday sometimes...
Yeah? It's a relief to hear that. ...Not that I have any right to say so. Not after being unable to save you...
No, that's not your fault. Besides, I've ended up at a decent place, And- No, never mind. But what about all of you? I was watching TV with Lady Diana, and we were startled when we saw a report on what you're trying to do. Are you serious about overcoming the wall between Veruni and humans?
Of course I am! And not just that, either. Like Nightburn told me, I'm going to break down the wall itself, so everybody can cross. I'm going to make humanity independent!
Independent...? That's just like what Lady Diana said...
Lady Diana? That Veruni you're serving?
Yes. When we heard about you on TV, she said that perhaps it's time for humans to become independent from the Veruni. there are Veruni who think that way, too.
And then she said - "I wonder what Johnny Appleseed will think of that..."
Johnny Appleseed?! Does this Diana lady know him?!
Y-yes, it sounded like it...
Then we want to talk to her! Lucille, could you show us in?
I...I can't do that! I'm just a maid, after all... And besides, humans aren't allowed past this gate, anyway. Lady Diana is important even among the Veruni, after all...
Isn't there anything you can do...?!
No, Dean, don't push her. We can't afford to cause her any more trouble.
Chuck...! We've come all this way in search of Johnny Appleseed! We can't afford to ignore a chance like this!
Dean, I know how you feel... But please...for my sake...

Shut up, Rebecca.

Dean...there's no need to rush after Johnny Appleseed. Let's abide by Chuck's request.
Well...okay, Avril, if you say so.
...If you really want to meet Lady Diana, I suppose there's one way you might be able to.
Really? What?!

If you use that excuse, then maybe...
But we're humans. Will they let us in?
I'm afraid I can't do anything about that. But as long as you act very polite...
...We could fool them into thinking we're Veruni?

Okay, really? Are humans visually distinct from Veruni or not? Make up your mind, game!

It would be better if you had a gift of some sort, though. They'd be less likely to suspect you, then. Lady Diana has always liked this flower known as Le Ciel Bleu. It grows in the southern desert. But their season is mostly over by now, so I don't know if you'll find any still in bloom...
Le Ciel Bleu, right? I'll find one!
It may be tough, but good luck. I'm usually out on errands at this time of day, so if you do find one, let me know and I'll see if I can let you in. Anyway, I have to go, so...
I'm sorry to keep causing trouble for you...
Not at all. If anything, you ought to try being a little more brash yourself. You've got a fine example there. Bye.

Lucille leaves, and several seconds of silence pass.

Took you long enough...

Okay, guys. I'm going to leave our next target up to you. Do we:
Head for Harmonde and fulfill Greg's revenge or Meet with Lady Diana for information on Johnny Appleseed?

The Art of Wild Arms

Lots and lots of cameos.