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Original Thread: Just Call me Johnny Appleseed! Let's Play Wild Arms 5 [SSLP]



Wild Arms: The Vth Vanguard is the fifth main entry in the Wild Arms series, and the sixth game overall. Though it's the fifth game in the series, its story is independent, so you don't need knowledge of the previous games to understand what's happening. I'll explain any references to past games.

12,000 years ago, technology was at a level far beyond what it is in the present day. For unknown reasons, the people of 12,000 years ago abandoned their technology, resulting in a much more primitive lifestyle.

That is, until 100 years ago, when the Veruni came to Filgaia. Though similar in appearance to humans, the Veruni are much more advanced, both physically and technologically. As a result of this superiority, the Veruni soon established dominance over mankind.

The HEX System

The battle system of Wild Arms 5 is rather unique, so I feel I should explain it here. The battlefield is divided into seven hexagons which the characters move between. Attacks, skills and items target these hexagons, rather than individual characters, so if you can manage to corral a group of enemies into one hex, you can take them out all at once. Likewise, you can gather your party into one hex and heal them with one item to conserve supplies.

There are also three elementally charged hexagons known as Ley Points. Standing on a Ley Point increases your resistance to that element, but also lowers your resistance to the opposing element. So if you're on the Fire Ley Point, you'll take less damage from fire attacks, but more from water attacks. Your spells will also deal more damage when standing on a Ley Point of the same element.

What will this LP be covering?
Everything. I'll be doing every side quest, fighting every optional boss, and collecting all the alternate costumes. Note: I say everything, but I'm not going to do tedious things that don't provide rewards, such as filling out the Monster Book 100%. (Though I will fill it out to 50%, since there's a reward for it.)

I'll also be posting the entire soundtrack as the LP goes on, because the Wild Arms games have always had excellent soundtracks. I'll post links to songs at appropriate times so you can listen along, and I'll also put them all in the OP.

Wild Arms 5 was released on the 10th anniversarry of the series, so it's filled with references to previous games. I'll be sure to point these out when I come across them as well.

(Biographies taken from the art book.)

Dean Stark
Grew up in the village of Capo Bronco, dreaming of becoming a Golem Hunter. His love for golems continues unabated...Even when they try to kill him.

Rebecca Streisand
Dean's childhood friend, an energetic, strong-willed girl. She loves Dean, but can't quite seem to get the message across. She excels at acrobatic shooting, and hopes to one day join the circus.

Avril Vent Fleur
A mysterious young lady who fell from the sky, cradled in a golem's arm. Saved by Dean and Rebecca, with whom she quickly becomes friends. She suffers from amnesia, remembering only her name and the words "Johnny Appleseed".

Greg Russelberg
An infamous Golem Crusher, with a price on his head and Golem Hunters on his tail. He lives only for revenge on the one who destroyed his own life - a man with a golem's arm.

Carol Anderson
A somewhat clumsy young girl, constantly searching for her mentor, the "Professor". Exceptionally bright for her age.

Chuck Preston
A young Golem Hunter (in training). Affects a cocky attitude to go with his good looks, but it doesn't last long under pressure. Not the brightest person in the world, but his ARM sure looks cool.

Table of Contents

The Vth Vanguard
We Need a New Hero
On the Day the Shovel was Named Invincible
The Place I'll Return to Someday
Even a Dog Wouldn't Eat This
A Vast Plain, Under That Sky
When the Heart Ignites (ver. shovel)
A Small Step Towards a Big Dream
Only Because It's Important, Does It Easily Break
The Ice Queen ~I Loved Your Smile~
A Pursuing Crisis
Terrible-Monster Attacking Crew!
I Can't Turn Away Now
A Boy meets a Girl and ARMS
The Path I Must Follow
Justice to Believe (ver. Beginning)
The Dry Wind Blows Over You
The Me of Yesterday Has Been Surpassed
When the Heart Ignites
An Encounter in the Sunset
From Anxiety to Impatience
A Dark World Looming Behind
The Sweat of the Chase
Defense Action Squad Heroes!
Sprinkling Rain on the Funeral Day
The Professor (Appearance) (Note that this is not the song's actual name. The song's name includes what I would consider a minor spoiler, so I chose to change it.)
The Professor (Battle) (See above note)
rebel assault
The Stars Shine Constant Like the Unwavering Flame
Nothing is Better than the Usual Time
Pilgrim's Progress
Falling Into the Shadow of Locus Solus
The Road to Tomorrow Follows Behind You
"Goodbye" and "Hello"
Seeking the Blue Sky
Understanding the Vastness of the World and Still...
Even If I Can See the Reflection of Peace In Your Eyes
A Rusted Scar
The Place Once Called a Temple
The Ice Queen ~Playing the Harp of Eternity~
Emergency Sign
Ready, With Clever Words
The Fallen Idol (ver. CM Song)
Twilight of the Rulers
Showing a Smile
I'll Never Lose Because I Don't Want to Lose
One Day You'll Forget the Hopes and Dreams
The Crimson Flower Blooms in the Cold
Only Within My Heart
The Truth Behind the Desired Reality
Ex. File
How Long Will This Puzzle Box Continue
Did I Get a Message?
Your Unknown World
The Fallen Idol (ver. Variety Show)
Nightburn Acklund (: Appearance)
Nightburn Acklund (: Battle)
The Pangs of Defeat
The Hermits Will Even Hide Their Hearts
A Shallow Dream
Crossing Over the Sorrowful Land
This Downpour is a Blessing from the Heavens
Seeking the Blue Sky (ver. YAKISOBA)
The Ice Queen ~Too Painful~
Five Minutes With the Goblins?
You're So Close Yet So Far Away
Fereydoon RYGS_5013 (: Appearance)
Fereydoon RYGS_5013 (: Battle)
The Mountain of No Return
Nightburn Acklund (ver. Farewell)
One Day I'll Have to Let You Go
The Street Corner at Sunset
Kartikeya ASGX_7135 (: Appearance)
Kartikeya ASGX_7135 (: Battle)
A Distant Elegy
The City Where We'll Meet Someday
I Still Have Something to Tell You
Persephone IPCC_3927 (: Appearance)
Persephone IPCC_3927 (: Battle)
Golem Crash!
Dangerous Eyes
Exciting Trigger
Castle of the Heavenly Gods
At the Frozen Depths of the Heart (Celestial Peak Version)
At the Frozen Depths of the Heart (Ice Queen Version)
At the Frozen Depths of the Heart (Soundtrack Version)
Dark Clouds Loom Over Yonder
The Burning Spirit of the Iron Fist
Bitter Tears of Purification
A Muzzle Dancing in Hatred
If We Act Like Scholars
The Resurrected Left Arm That Brings Death
With Faith and the Way of Justice
Words of Memories Riding on the Wind
The King That Surpasses 100 Demons
The Outpost is Our Trump Card
deep-seated grudge
Volsung XERD_3113
A Castle Entangled in Thorns
A Spring Breeze Gone Mad Like a Tiger
Shining Eternity
The Wings of Fallen Gods
Justice to Believe (ver. Ground Zero)
March winds
April showers
May flowers
The Ice Queen ~The Beating of a Heart Burning in Gold~
We'll Bloom in an Everlasting Tomorrow
Crystal Letter ~Ending Theme~
Battle: Knight Blazer

The Art of Wild Arms
Wild Arms 5 was released with a 75 page artbook containing art and character profiles for the entire series. I'll be posting this art at the end of appropriate updates, and collecting it all here as well. I also have huge versions of every page, so if you want them for whatever reason, just ask.

Table of Contents
Greg, Rebecca, Dean
Dean with ARMs
Rebecca, Dean, Avril
Forces of Evil
Avril, Rebecca, Dean
Avril & Rebecca
Avril & Asgard
Arnaud, Jude, Yulie, Raquel
Fighting for Filgaia
Jet, Virginia, Clive, Gallows
Jet & Virginia
Earned Rest
Ashley, Lilka, Brad
Lilka, Ashley, Brad
Map of Filgaia (Wild Arms 2)
The Sword
Cecilia, Rudy, Jack
Cecilia, Jack, Rudy
Saving the World
Dean's Profile
Rebecca's Profile
Avril's Profile
Chuck's Profile
Greg's Profile
Carol's Profile
Jude's Profile
Yulie's Profile
Arnaud's Profile
Raquel's Profile
Kresnik's Profile
Virginia's Profile
Jet's Profile
Gallows' Profile
Clive's Profile
Ashley's Profile
Brad's Profile
Tim's Profile
Kanon's Profile
Lilka's Profile
Marivel's Profile
Anastasia's Profile
Rudy's Profile
Jack's Profile
Cecilia's Profile
Mariel's Profile
Jane's Profile
McDullen's Profile
Emma's Profile
Zed's Profile
Extra Page
Map of Filgaia (Wild Arms 5)

In Japan, they released the Wild Arms: The Vth Vanguard Development Material Collection, which contains a bunch of artwork, character profiles, and interviews. Here are the large pieces of artwork which aren't found in the English art book.

Forces of Good
Chuck & Carol
Dean vs Volsung
Japanese Cover
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