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Part 30: The Darkness Tear

Mmm. And your thoughts?
...I'd only been concerned about humans, but it looks like the Veruni are trying their hardest to stay alive, too. The people in there probably never even thought they were going to end up as mummies...
It looks like Avril and I chose well. I'm glad to see you've recognized our situation. You're the only ones on Filgaia right now who truly understand both sides and can make a fair decision. That gives me great hope, but at the same time I wish I didn't have to place such a heavy burden on you... But you managed to melt the Ice Queen's heart, after all. I'm sure you'll find a way forward for both races.
...Yeah. Besides, the harder it is, the more it's worth doing. And I won't give up until I've done it - no matter what!

The Mayflower starts to shake violently.

What was that?!
Navigator: It looks like...the Darkness Tear!
Operator: Another one, incoming!

Cutscene: The Darkness Tear
Music: Bitter Tears of Purification

Back in the Cradle, the stasis pods start lighting up.

A hand reaches for the glass, then loses strength and slides off.

Another Veruni's body starts to convulse violently.

A Veruni screams as fire pours from their eyes and mouth, and then...

...Their entire body bursts into flame!

Energy gathers at this castle, and a beam is fired.

The beam just barely misses the Mayflower.

Music: deep-seated grudge

I...I don't believe this...
Bwah hah hah hah hah! Not bad! liege! How could you-! What are you thinking?! How could you take the lives of our own kind like that?!
Calm yourself, Fereydoon. You swore allegiance to me, did you not? I am well aware of your dedication to your duties as a soldier. I had thought I had your complete understanding?
What is all this about?!

Took you long enough! How many times did we call you in?
We can argue over that later! Was that not the Darkness Tear that was used just now?!
Indeed. Twice, as a matter of fact.
What are you thinking?! You can't just take the lives of everyone in the Cradles!
Oh? And why not? You know as well as any that there is no guarantee they would have survived. They were merely hesitating on their journey toward death. So I helped them along. I can assure you they felt not an instant's pain.
Even so! Not even the moderates deserve to have their lives treated so casually!
Hmm? I only did what I believed to be best. Do the rest of you also agree with Fereydoon, then?
...Yes, I do.
You know how I feel!
I don't care either way, though I wish you'd've let me do the killing! Bwah hah hah hah!
...I despise them - those despicable humans who dared to take the Ice Queen from me, who attempt to climb the wall between the races! This is a warningn to them, and to all. You would do well to heed it. The wall between Veruni and humans is a sacred thing that cannot be destroyed. Anyone who dares challenge it deserves a thousand deaths!
... Lady Diana...!
There is another reason behind my use of the Darkness Tear, as well. It is a signal - the first step toward my next goal. Prepare to receive your new orders, my Sentinels!

Music: I'll Never Lose Because I Don't Want to Lose

What was that, Captain?!
The Darkness Tear - an energy weapon that uses the life force of the people in the Cradles for power! So those two shots have just killed everybody sleeping there!

How... How could he... How could he treat people of his own race like that?
I don't know either! I'd thought they were at least trying to save their own lives!

The Darkness Tear orginally appeared in Wild Arms 1, used by the Metal Demons as a weapon, by the way.

Navigator: Captain! It looks like Volsung's starting a global transmission!
What?! Put it on screen!

My comrades, you have undoubtedly noticed the signal flare which I have set off. The next stage of our plan has begun. We will no longer have to live in fear of Filgaia's interference! The energy released by the Darkness Tear has brought the TF System to nearly full power. Humans of Filgaia, you will serve us well in becoming part of the new Filgaia we will construct. I hope you make good use of the short time you have remaining. Farewell!

Huh? I thought you said Avril was the only one who could bring the TF System to full power...
To be precise, my role is to activate the power generator for the TF System. But if an alternate source can be found for the massive amount of energy needed to power the system...
With all the life energy from the Cradles, it's not out of the question. You! Cut the energy flow from the Cradles to the TF System! Now!
Operator: I can't! The system's got a security lock on it that'll take time to break through!
Dammit! Volsung had this all planned from the start, didn't he?!
Then there's only one thing to do - we'll go and stop the TF System if we have to smash it to bits!
Heh. I figured you'd come up with somethin' like that. Though you're right, it's probably the fastest way.
I was afraid of that... I didn't want to put you in that kind of danger, but we don't have much choice anymore. The TF System's of top importance to them... I'm sure they'll be guarding it with all their strength. Will you still do it?

Music: A Boy meets a Girl and ARMS

Of course! After all, if we just stand around we're gonna die, right? So we've gotta give it a shot!
Yeah! I never thought things would get this big, but we can hardly back down now!
Yeah, nothin' to do but charge forward!
I never thought I'd be working to try and save so many people's lives... But it feels kind of good, you know?
Ahhhh... All this is making me dizzy... But if there's anything I can do to help, I'll go with you!
I feel that it's my duty to go... If I have the power to activate the TF System, then it's my place to stop it as well. Let's go, Dean - to the TF System.
Yeah. Let's stop it!
I'm counting on you, Dean! The TF System is divided among several locations on Filgaia. You can get to it through the towers that were built for the TF System experiment 12,000 years ago. Each delivers energy to the TF System through elemental circuits of fire, water, earth, and wind. The circuits are installed at the top of each tower. If you pull them out, the towers should stop functioning, cutting off the energy supply to the TF System. Go find all the TF System towers and stop them.
...I'm sorry about dragging you all into this. It's something I ought to be taking care of myself. But I can't go to Filgaia any longer...
The VR factor?
Yeah... It's my fault for handling the settlement of Filgaia badly. I screwed up, let a class system form...and the result is this.
Crewman: No, Captain! It's not your fault! It's a question of the morals of all of us who use technology. There's no reason for you to take the blame!
No, it's at least partly my fault. I was in charge, after all. And I've got to make up for that - to keep my pride, if nothing else.
...I understand your feelings far too well, Captain. I have my own sins to atone for, after all...
...Yeah, I guess you do. And now Volsung's trying to take the wrong path. We've got to stop him - no matter what!
Yes - we must!
Take this. It'll let you go where you want in an instant. You'll need it to get yourselves prepared!
Obtained Teleport Orb!
Now to get you back to Filgaia. One of Asgard's former engineers is living in...where was it? Oh yeah, Capo Bronco. I'll send you there.
Huh?! One of Asgard's engineers is in Capo Bronco?
Yeah. Guy by the bame of Tony.
Dean & Rebecca: Old man Tony?!
Tony was one of Asgard's engineers?! Amazing!
I know he always talked about being a golem engineer...but he worked on Asgard? Wow... Sure is a small word, isn't it?
Don't you think that's a little TOO small?
I'll drop you off with Asgard near Capo Bronco, then. Go get yourselves ready!


Okay! Activate! It's up to you, Dean!

Dean and the others run into frame.

Hey, Tony! nice to see you again!

No, Tony! That's Greg! I'm over here!
Tony: I know, I know! Just joking.
Don't worry about it. They're always like this.
Tony: But seriously, Dean, you definitely seem to have grown up. It looks like you've made some friends, too.
Heh heh, yeah, I guess. But anyway, I heard all about you! You were an engineer for Asgard, huh?
Tony: Hah hah hah! Looks like you found Johnny Appleseed after all, didn't you? Excellent!

Music: A Small Step Towards a Big Dream

Yeah! But my journey's not done yet. There's still stuff I need to do. So I want your help!
Tony: I know. You don't have to tell me.

Tony: He gained a lot of power in a short time, and used it to climb straight to the top of the radicals and expand their influence. Even I've heard about it here in the countryside. And he doesn't care about eliminating anything or anyone that gets in the way of his goals.
Yeah. Otherwise he wouldn't even have thought of using that Darkness Tear.
Tony: Indeed. It looks like you've resolved yourself, Dean.
Of course! We all have!
Tony: I see. Well then, I suppose I could lend you a hand.

Wait a minute! Asgard had two arms until he ejected his left arm when rescuing Avril from the radicals.

Why does he only have one arm on his blueprints???

Tony: Thought I'd power it up a bit.
Really?! Great! You know all about Asgard, don't you?!
Tony: If you come across any command pieces, bring them to me - I'll plug them right in. And remember that golem part you brought back? I used it to make a new power unit for Asgard. Here.
Obtained Power Saber!
Wow... Tony, you're really amazing. Okay, let's get right to customizing-
Tony: Don't rush, Dean. I thought I'd make use of that bolt of yours as well.

Tony: Yes. It's full of your memories, so I thought I'd attach it to Asgard. That should help build a new bond between you two.
A bond between me and Asgard...
Wow, Dean... So you've finally got your own golem, huh?
Tony: But it seems that all is due to fate. When coincidences become necessities, one can feel a great power as well. It seems as though your meeting with Dean was the beginning of everything. Don't you agree?
Yes...perhaps so.
Tony: Dean... As I'm always telling you, don't give up until you're done.
Yeah, I know. I won't let them have their way!
Tony: Well then, let's see what we can do with Asgard.

Music: The Place I'll Return to Someday

In order to change Asgard's equipment, we have to bring parts to Tony and get him to install them.

We can also set up the algorithm Asgard will follow in battle. Each Command Piece has a unique size and shape, and we have to fit them together to maximize on space.

Of course, just because we can fit all of our Command Pieces, that doesn't mean we want to use all of them. The more Commands Asgard has to choose from, the more often he'll just cast Quicken or something on a random HEX instead of attacking because the AI in this game is terrible.

We can also talk with Tony.

Tony: Back when the last Johnny Appleseed was around, when the moderates were controlling the Veruni government, there was a movement then to teach us humans about Veruni technology. Johnny Appleseed himself searched the planet for candidates, and took me and several others to the Mayflower to study that technology. But the wall between the races was just too high. I couldn't understand the Veruni, and I resented them for it. That's why I left the ship. Not only did I fail to break the wall, but I actually helped to create it...

Now, we COULD go deactivate the TF System and save the lives of like, at least 30 humans (Filgaia has a pretty tiny population, now that I think about it...) or we could go help random people with their minor problems!

I used to stare at this poster for hours, and dream of being just like Nightburn one day. To end up in a gunfight with the man who used to be my hero - I never would've guessed that's what fate had in store for me. Hey, didn't that kid in Mithysmere say he wanted a Nightburn poster? ... Yeah...okay! I'll give him this one. Nightburn may no longer be a hero to me... But maybe he can still give that kid some inspiration.
Removed the Nightburn Poster from the wall.

While we're here, the Strong-Willed Shopmistress has another quest for us.

Strong-Willed Shopmistress: Dean, thanks for comin' by! To be honest, I've got a little favor to ask of you. I'm worried that my Drifter husband is off runnin' himself ragged again. I want you to find my husband, wherever he's gone off to, and bring him a bottle of my special energy drink. What do you think? Will you do it?
Strong-Willed Shopmistress: Great, thanks so much! Try to find him before it spoils, okay?
Obtained Energy Drink!
Strong-Willed Shopmistress: Dean, Rebecca, I know you know him, but just in case you forgot... My husband's a tough-lookin' Drifter, with a mustache and a bandage on his nose. I'm countin' on you!

We can use the Teleport Orb to completely trivialize the time limit on this quest. The Teleport Orb is awesome in this game, because it lets you teleport to any location on Filgaia (No Locus Solus, unfortunately.), even dungeons. The Strong-Willed Shopmistress' Husband is in Orsaeos.

Strong-Willed Shopmistress's Husband: ...Hmm? A package for me? What is it?
Handed over the Energy Drink!
Strong-Willed Shopmistress's Husband: Ohh! My wife's homemade energy booster! Thanks a million, man! All right! I can't wait to get hopped up on this sucker! Gwah hah hah hah!

Returning to Capo Bronco, the Strong-Willed Shopmistress gives us a Wing Amulet.

Next we go to Harmonde.

Amateur Rocketeer: If I'd only had a Wing of Podarge and a Gold Nightingale, then my research into ARMs and explosives might have made a leap forward... The more I think about it, the more I regret the whole business...

We already have a Gold Nightingale, but we don't have the Podarge Wing he wants.

While I'm here, I give Anastasia five Tents, netting us a Second Flash, a key item we'll be using soon.

Aww, nice kitty. You sure like people, don't you...? Hah hah, your breath smells like fish! Hold've got a black mouth, black ears, a black tail... That sounds like the cat that boy in Honeysday was looking for...! Here, kitty, you want to go to Honeysday with me?
Black-Nosed (and Tailed) Cat: Meow! Meow! Meow!
Great! okay, wait here, all right? I'll be back once I'm ready to go! I promise I'll take you back to your owner, okay?

How the hell did this cat get from Honeysday (Southeast Filgaia) all the way to Harmonde?! (Northeast Filgaia)

Next stop: Twelbit!

Rising Screenwriter: So here's where you come in! Yes, you! It would really help me clear my head if you could find some tea for me. High-class tea, mind you. With lots of caffeine. For your reward... Well, how about I give you all roles in the script for my latest drama? "A world divided... A world of masters and slaves, of fear, hatred, and despair. An ordinary boy from the countryside set out to bring change to that desolate world. His courage inspired all, paving the way to true independence. This is his story-" ...That sort of thing! Say, you there! That's some pretty good stuff you're carrying! Just what I was hoping for, in fact! Now hand that Second Flash over nice and easy!
She snatched the Second Flash from your hands!
Obtained Canned Peaches!
Rising Screenwriter: It's not right to receive without giving in return, though, so here, take this. It's a can of peaches in syrup. The brain runs on sugar, they say, so I always make sure to have plenty of sweet things around! ...Well, now that I've got some tea in hand, I can write my new stormy love drama, one that'll hold both human and Veruni on the edge of their seats!

While we're here, we talk with Lilka.

Little Sorceress with an Umbrella: *Sigh* How come I keep teleporting to the wrong place...? I wonder if it's this second-hand orb... Maybe it was broken when I bought it? I tried giving it a good solid knock, but it doesn't seem to have helped... At this rate, I'm going to run my sister's divery service right into the ground...

*Offer a helping hand to the distraught girl?
Little Sorceress with an Umbrella: Huh? What?
You wanna trade teleport orbs? This one'll work fine!
Little Sorceress with an Umbrella: But...but I couldn't give you a broken orb like this...
Don't worry! We don't do delivery or anything, so it's not like we'll get in trouble for being late from a teleport miss or something. And besides, part of the fun of being a Drifter is getting lost and seeing new places you haven't been to before!
Little Sorceress with an Umbrella: ...Are you sure you don't mind? It really is broken, you know...
What, do I look like I'd say "just kidding" after all that?
Little Sorceress with an Umbrella: ...Thanks. You're really nice, you know? Here!
Traded Teleport Orb with the distraught girl!

If we use this Teleport Orb in specific places, we'll end up in otherwise inaccesible areas. We won't be doing that until later, though.

Off to Mithysmere!

Child with Grown-Up Eyes: Both the badge itself and the materials required to make it are exceptionally rare, so I've never laid eyes on one in person... If you ever manage to acquire a Chick Badge, I hope you will take the time to let me examine it. You've readied a Chick Badge for me, I see. Thank you so much! Can I borrow it for a moment? Hmm... Ah, yes... The power flow works like that, so then you direct it like so... ... ...Thank you so much. This has built up my knowledge considerably. You can have your Chick Badge back now...along with a modest token of my gratitude.
Obtained Sacred Boy!
Child with Grown-Up Eyes: And have another favor to ask of you. I'd like you to take the Crystal Tear we found in that mountain of trash and deliver it to the Baskar research facility. When the Professor came through town, I turned over a full report on my analysis to him... But he's infamous for...well, misplacing things, to put it I'd prefer not to entrust him with something as valuable as the Crystal Tear. I'd feel much more secure with your party transporting it for me.
Obtained Crystal Tear!
Child with Grown-Up Eyes: I'll tell my companion in Gounon - the one with the sunglasses - to return to the research facility and receive the item into his custody. I'm glad I can count on you for this! Feel free to carry out the delivery any time you have a spare moment.

This Badge is awesome for Greg.

While in Mithysmere, I delivered that poster to the Future Golem Hunter by the well.

Future Golem Hunter: Whoa, what've you got there...? Hey, is that a Nightburn poster?! Lemme see it for a sec! Oh...oh, wow, Nightburn... Man, I can't get enough of him!

Let him keep it.
Just let him look at it.

I know exactly where you're coming from! I know it's a little faded, would you like to have this poster? Nightburn fans like us have to stick together!
Handed over the Nightburn Poster!
Future Golem Hunter: Are...are you sure...?! Wowowowow!! It's really, really, really Nightburn! Thank you so, so, so, so much! Here, I gotta give you something back. How 'bout these? I picked 'em up from the monster lair in the middle of Mithysmere. Pretty nice, huh? I figured they'd be worth a whole lot if I sold them!
Obtained Blank Medium x2!
Obtained Duplicator x2!

Future Golem Hunter: Take good care of those okay?

There's one more person I want to talk to here.

Flower-Growing Girl: Oh! Hey, uh, I need some help, actually... Do you have some free time? To tell the truth, I'd like to raise more flowers than I have...but I don't have anywhere to plant any more seeds. You're Drifter's aren't you? Could you go to some other town and get something I could use to plant flowers in?

No sweat!
We're kinda busy here...

Flower-Growing Girl: Oh, is it really all right? Thank you! I bet if there was a village that farmed vegetables or something, they'd have a bunch to spare.

Kent in Honeysday is the man to talk to for this.

Kent: Yo, Chuck! Hey, and Dean, too! What brings you here today? ...Huh? You're looking for something to plant flowers with? Well, I got plenty of extra planters here, so take all you need!
Obtained Flower Planter x6!

Flower-Growing Girl: ...Ah! Hey, are those...
Handed over the Flower Planters!
Flower-Growing Girl: Wow, you got some planters! Thank you so much! Now I can plant my mom's seeds! Here, you can have this in return... I picked it up in Laila Belle, but there's not much I can do with it here, so go ahead, take it!
Obtained Blank Medium x2!

Rascally Youth: After her brother passed away, she was completely alone in the world...and yet, she keeps devoting herself to her flowers. Pretty silly, I think. I mean, if you could grow canned peaches by spraying some syrup on the ground, then maybe I'd care. But you can't get the canned stuff out of what she's growing, so I just wouldn't have the energy for it.
(This guy sure likes his peaches... Actually, I've got a can here myself, don't I? What should I do with it?)

Give him the can of peaches.
Hold on to the can for now.

Rascally Youth: Whoa, a can of peaches...?! What, you're just gonna give that to me? Just like that? ...Really? You're serious?
You don't have to be that suspicious of me! You're the one who wanted them, right? I just figured if you like 'em that much, then hey, why not?
Handed over the Canned Peaches!
Rascally Youth: Well, I mean... I didn't think there was anyone who'd just give a can of peaches to a random Drifter he met on the street... Oooh...but I can't resist taking it. I better reward you for this, somehow.
Obtained Werewolf Fang!
Rascally Youth: I swiped this from an enemy I defeated in a dank, narrow underground tunnel. I've been using it as kind of a lucky charm... But I heard that there's an even stronger wolf out there, somewhere in the world. I figured I'd defeat it and use one of its fangs as my new charm... So, you know, I don't need this anymore.
Rascally Youth: Thanks again for the peaches! I'll eat 'em after I put 'em in the fridge for a little bit. I tried talking to the girl in the field for a bit, once...but she said it'd take three years for a peach tree to bear fruit. Three years... I just can't decide it that's worth waiting for or not... But either way, thanks for the can. I'm definitely gonna enjoy it.

I'm seriously craving some peaches after all that.

Well, might as well talk with Mariel while I'm here.

Flower-Tending Girl: Umm... Listen, everyone... There's something I want to ask of you... ... Could you take this letter...and give it to the Drifter with the blue hair and the red bandana around his head...?


Flower-Tending Girl: Oh, really?! I... Thank you... Please, I'm counting on you!
Obtained Flowery Letter!

I also delivered Jude's Cat while I was in Honeysday.

Bowtie Boy: Wow! That's it! You got him! Oh, thanks a bunch!
Obtained XERD_003SS!
Bowtie Boy: That's your reward! I used it back when I was out on a journey in search of my mother. I don't need it anymore, though. The type of battle I'm about to fight isn't the kind where you use a weapon. ...I customized it a fair bit, so it might be a little difficult for you to handle, but I'm sure you can manage!

The XERD_003SS was the ARM Jude used in Wild Arms 4. It's an awesome ARM Part for Dean, with a major drawback of a RES stat of -54. I equipped it anyway.

To Mirapulse!

A Podarge Wing... Didn't that guy in Harmonde want one of these? Guess I'll help myself!
Obtained Podarge Wing!

After getting that, we head straight for Harmonde and give it to Clive.

Amateur Rocketeer: The spring hidden inside a Gold Nightingale... And the catalyst within a Podarge Wing... They're both here...and with that, my research is complete! Oh, never in my dreams could I have ever imagined this! Please...! Let me have those two pieces - I'll go anything for them! All right... I must admit, I'm feeling a bit giddy right now, but let's give this a shot! Heh heh heh... It's finally complete! My ultra-high-performance rocket, the "Hob & Nob"! I always knew I was an engineering genius! I got the name from some characters in this children's book my daughter read. It's done up rather cute, if I do say so myself. Still, I am but a lone, humble researcher. I lack the brute strength required to wield my new weapon effectively. Knowing that, I would like to give the Hob & Nob to you, for all of the wonderful support you've provided.
Obtained Hob & Nob!
Amateur Rocketeer: Oh, there's no need to thank me. Besides, I owe you so much for helping me rebuild confidence in myself. Come back to Harmonde soon, all right? If I can get my wife to deal with my terminal pyromania, I'll treat you to a taste of her stew.

Hob & Nob was the name of Marivel Armitage's weapon in Wild Arms 2. In Wild Arms 3, you could collect story books to read to Clive's daughter, in which Marivel appeared as a character. Hob & Nob was never mentioned in that book, though.

In Wild Arms 5, Hob & Nob is an awesome ARM Part for Carol, with a major drawback of a DEF stat of -47. I equipped it anyway.

Guitar-Strumming Youth: Looks like you got the Crystal Tear for me. You just made my day, let me tell you!
Handed over the Crystal Tear!
Guitar-Strumming Youth: If I can analyze this high-energy body, we'll be able to resurrect Baskar tech from the Age of Lost Technology...and that includes the Ark Scepter. We might be able to get our hands on all sorts of ancient legendary items, including the Holy Root and the Kishum Flame! Thanks a bunch. Here's a reward for you. I've tinkered with it plenty, so it may be a tad difficult to use, but I'm sure you'll be able to get something out of it.
Obtained Coyote M18F!
Guitar-Strumming Youth: Surprised that we're carrying weapons? Baskars have a reputation for being super geniuses, but there's a few like me who fight with ARMs, too. Let's just say that in order to protect the independence of my research, I've had to use the power at my disposal once or twice.

The Coyote M18F was Gallows' ARM in Wild Arms 3. It's an awesome ARM Part for Greg, with a major drawback of an ATK stat of 24. I equipped it anyway, because it has a MAG stat of 147!

The Ark Scepter was a plot item in Wild Arms 3, the Holy Root was an item in Wild Arms 3 which cured all status ailments, and the Kishum Flame was a key item in Wild Arms 3, but it was translated as Kizim Fire at the time.

edit: Thanks to Krysmphoenix for reminding me that the Kishum Flame originally appeared in Wild Arms 1 as a key item required to activate the Elw Pyramids.

Golden-Haried Noble: I wonder if, perhaps, we have a Drifter acquaintance in common? He wears a red bandana over blue hair, and travels alone through the wilds. We sat together on the train here. Although he knew I was Veruni, he did not seem uncomfortable, and he cared for me when I was coughing from the VR Factor. It was the first time I had ever met anyone like that, and I would like to get to know him better. Travelers, please help me. Would you deliver this letter to him for me?


Golden-Haried Noble: Oh, thank you so much! I hope that great fortune awaits you all.
Obtained Fragrant Letter!

Up-and-Coming Businesslady: My butler was giving me a hard time about it, so I broke down and wrote a letter of thanks to the Drifter with the red headband who helped me out. W-well...there were a few things that I wanted to tell him besides just thanking him, so you might say it was good timing... He's a Drifter who travels the world. I'm a businesswoman who works in the city. So we don't have too many opportunities to cross paths. Hey. You're a Drifter too, right? Would you mind giving the letter I wrote to him?

Why yes, I would mind.

Up-and-Coming Businesslady: Thanks. This is the letter... I appreviate it, but don't read what I wrote!

Wait, what? (Yeah, even though her sentence makes it seem like "No" is the answer you should pick to accept, "Yes" is the correct answer.)

Up-and-Coming Businesslady: ...Maybe it's rude of me to tell you something like that when you're doing me a favor? I'm sorry, it's just...this has me all flustered. This really isn't like me at all, either...
Obtained Simple Letter!
Up-and-Coming Businesslady: The Drifter I wrote the letter to is quite the elusive character indeed. As soon as I think I've spotted him, he disappears somewhere the moment I turn away! Drifters are difficult people to deal with...
Middle-Aged Butler: Please do what you can to deliver the young mistress' letter to the blue-haired Drifter boy, all right? The mistress is not too experienced at simply showing thanks for selfless acts of kindness. In my experience, this is the first time that the mistress has ever managed to scale that wall. I'm terribly sorry to be asking so much of you.

Okay! We're assholes, so we're only going to give Rudy one of the letters. Whose letter should we deliver, Mariel's (Flower-Tending Girl), Cecilia's (Golden-Haired Noble), or Jane's (Up-and-Coming Businesslady)?

The Art of Wild Arms