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Part 13: Brutal Death Match

Now that we're done in Mithysmere, we get to run all the way back to Laila Belle. There's a lot of back and forth between Laila Belle and Mithysmere, and it's pretty annoying because you tend to run into at least two battles each trip.

Music: Ready, With Clever Words

Red-Eyed Receptionist: Is that so? Well done.
Red-Eyed Receptionist: ...
That's all?!
Red-Eyed Receptionist: Yes. You accomplished the task given to you. So, well done. What else were you expecting?
You said that you'd make me a Golem Hunter if I passed the test!
Red-Eyed Receptionist: I did indeed. And?
So make me a Golem Hunter already! Golem Hunters all get licenses, don't they? So hurry up and give me one!
Red-Eyed Receptionist: Heh... I do not recall saying there would only be *one* task.
Red-Eyed Receptionist: The apprentice test consists of 13 tasks. Once you have passed, you must present 66 accomplishments in order to become a proper Golem Hunter. Surely you didn't think we would allow you to become a Hunter so easily? We cannot grant the privlege of riding the Filgaia Express to just anyone, you know.
What?! I have to do 13 tasks to finish the test?! ... Well, give me the next one, then! We don't have time to wait around!
Red-Eyed Receptionist: Pipe down! At the moment, we have no reports of trouble that would qualify as a task. Consider yourself out of luck! But, it is best not to complain about a peaceful life, after all. Perhaps you'll have better luck next time.
Arrrgh...! How am I supposed to become a Golem Hunter, then?!
Red-Eyed Receptionist: Well, if you're that intent, perhaps you can accomplish something on your own. If your accomplishments are accepted, they will count toward the completion of your test.
Accomplishments? Like what?

Music: The Truth Behind the Desired Reality

Red-Eyed Receptionist: ...Duo!
That's me - the one and only Duogrammaton. Journalist, TV Host, and multi-talented content creator!

He looks like a why is he dressed like a woman...?
W-well...some people are just into that, you know?
Anyway, what did you mean about work?

You can get closer to finishing your test, I can get my own work done... Everybody's happy! Doesn't that sound wonderful?
Ooh, yeah! I like that!
As it happens, I've been working on a documentary on the street children of Mithysmere. I happened to notice you lot while I was filming, and I must say, I was quite impressed. So...I was hoping I could get you to appear on a program I run. What do you think? I can assure you, it's a stand-up deal.

You're quite pretty yourself - you could become a star in no time!
M-me? A star?!
Great, Rebecca!'s so sudden... I-I'm not ready yet...
Now, now, no need to rush. Just come on over to the TV studio whenever you're ready. I'll be waiting!

Exit stage left

Me, a star...!
Wow... You're gonna be famous and everything, huh?
W-well, it's not for sure yet. Besides, I get nervous so easily, I'm sure I'll mess up on stage...
Don't worry! I know you can do it! I guarantee it!
R-really? Well, if you're that sure, maybe I'll give it a shot...
I'm worried about the fact that Duo was a Veruni, though. He might be up to somethin'.

You racist.

Don't worry! It's a great chance for Rebecca, and besides, if anything happens, I'll protect her!
R-really, Dean?! In that case, I'll do it! Don't worry, I won't let you down!
All right! Let's head for the TV studio, then!

So this is the TV studio, huh? I can't wait!
Ooh, now I'm getting all nervous again... N-no, I've got to focus! Dean's rooting for me and all.
What's wrong, Avril?
It really is an impressive building... But you were talking before about the dark side of societies... I was wondering if we might be trapped inside once we entered.
Heh... Well, I suppose you could say TV studios are filled with their own kinds of monsters. After all, TV is seen around the world. Screw up on screen and you'll be the laughingstock of all Filgaia.
Hey! Don't put that kind of pressure on me! Now look what you've done! My legs are trembling like crazy!
Oops... Sorry.
Don't worry, Rebecca! We're with you! C'mon, let's get this party started!

I didn't post a screenshot, but if you try to get into the TV studio before this point, the doors won't open.

Music: Your Unknown World

Huh, I expected the inside of this building to look more like the inside of a building.

This is the TV studio...?
It almost feels like we're outside...
Do you think monsters might attack us after all?
There's definitely somehin' fishy about this. I get the impression we mighta been duped by that Duo character.
But...but what about all that talk about me becoming a star?
Probably a buncha lies, I'm afraid. Otherwise-

I doubt we'd be gettin' a welcome like this!
Grrr...! How dare he take advantage of someone's feelings like that! C'mon, let's smash that thing!

Music: Terrible-Monster Attacking Crew!

Elebart originally appeared as a boss in Wild Arms 2. That's not important though, what's important is the Hustler's Dress he's holding. This is one of Carol's alternate costumes, and you can only get it by stealing it here.

Thankfully, it's really easy to grab. I got it on my first try.

Huh? What's he up to?
Watch it! Lightnin's gonna strike in a couple of turns! Hold back and heal up, or we're gonna get fried!

Every now and then, Elebart will use Storm Watch. On his next turn, he'll strike a HEX with a powerful lightning attack.

The only way to really defend against this is to make sure your HP is high, and guard. At first I was thinking he could only strike adjacent HEXes, but after I ran across the field with Dean, grabbed Avril, and jumped to a HEX that was not adjacent, he attacked her anyway and proved me wrong.

He's not really much of a threat though, as long as you hammer him with Crush and Blast from the wind ley point, he'll go down quickly.

More enemies need to violently explode when we kill them. It's a lot cooler than fading away into a purple mist.

...but it doesn't look like we got much choice as to where to go.

A trap...? We really were duped, weren't we?
Trap or not, we don't ahve a choice! Let's go! I'll make them regret even thinking about making fools out of us!

Balazs was a major boss in Wild Arms 3, in here he's just a random encounter though.

While I'm on the subject of random encounters, I should note that there are three enemies in this dungeon, and if you don't encounter all of them before you leave, you can't complete the Monster Book.

After defeating Elebart, we just have to go up these stairs and through the door...

Music: The Fallen Idol (ver. Variety Show)
(Note that this music loops constantly the entire time you're here. It doesn't even stop during battle.)

Hostess: The three doors in front of you lead to three different games. Clear all three of them, and you'll be able to proceed to the final round! But be careful! If you make a mistake, you'll have to endure a tough penalty round! Good luck!

It doesn't really matter what order they're done in, so I'll be going from the left to the right.

Hostess: Welcome to Odd One Out! The rules are simple. One of the four doors is different from the others - find it and enter it! And remember, if you pick the wrong one - it'll be penalty round time! There's a time limit too, so don't just sit around! Ready? Odd One Out, round one - GO!

The correct door has a smaller pot next to it than all the others. If you go through the wrong door or run out of time, you have to fight a battle. After the battle you resume from the round you were on.

Hostess: You found the right door! Good job! But that was just a practice round. Here comes the real thing! Let's go! Odd One Out, round two - GO!

The correct door is yellow, all the others are pink.

Hostess: There's still more to come! Odd One Out, round three - GO!

The correct door has a green picture, all the others have a brown one.

Hostess: Good work - this is the final round! Odd One Out, round four - GO!

The correct door has a pot with 5 gella next to it, the others are all empty.

And now for the middle door!

Hostess: Welcome to the Minute Maze! The rules are simple. Find your way to the exit and enter the door within the allotted time! But if you don't make it in time, there'll be a penalty round waiting!

You're given 1 minute to traverse a small maze. It's not really difficult, they give you enough time to hit every dead end on your way to the exit.

Hostess: You made it! Good job! But that was just a practice round. Here comes the real thing! Can you make it to the exit in time?

Round two adds treasure chests to the mix!

But when you get close, they disappear. None of the chests are real, they only serve to waste time. There is, however, a pot with a LVL Apple in it.

Let's go right on through the final door!

Hostess: Welcome to the Logic Labyrinth! The rules are simple. Follow the hints written on the signboards and find the one true door! But if you choose the wrong door, it'll be off to a penalty round for you!

This one doesn't work very well in screenshot format, because you can't see the entire grid at once. Basically, there are 16 doors laid out on a 4x4 grid, with a few signs scattered about. The signs provide hints such as:

*The true door is not in any of the squares surrounding this one.
*The true door is two squares away from this one.
*The true door is in one of the squares surrounding this one.

This puzzle basically consists of reading a hint, then spinning the camera around and looking at your current sign's position in relation to the other signs, in order to figure out the position of the door.

I considered drawing a diagram of the room, detailing all the sign placements, but it seemed really unnecessary. This isn't a strategy guide, after all.

Hostess: You found the right door! Good job! But that was just a practice round. Here comes the real thing! Can you find the one true door?

We only have to do it one more time before we're done.

Hostess: Let's open the left-hand door... It's time for the final round!

The side door leads us to another arena.

Hey, Greg... Do you feel like we're being watched?

Shut up, you're breaking the fourth wall!

Yeah. Watchin' and laughin' at the hoops we're bein' made to jump through.

Duo! You tricked us! You said we were gonna be on a TV show!
Oh, but you are! The cameras are rolling right at this moment! You're the stars of the hit variety show, "Brutal Death Match!" And we're just getting to the climax. Don't lose - I'm cheering for you!

Now we're made to fight two Igoronaks. These guys are pathetically easy and only lasted a couple of minutes.

One thing to note is their ability Howl. At first glance, Howl doesn't do anything. It actually hits with a high amount of DP, and pushes the target's turn back. In this screenshot, Dean is attacking before Greg. After Howl hit, Dean's turn was set to directly after Greg instead.

These guys explode, too.

Duo walks onto the stage and faces the camera.

I hope you've enjoyed this evening's edition of "Brutal Death Match!" But don't go away just yet! As it happens, our victorious team of humans has prepared a special performance, just for you! What might they have in store for us? You'll find out when we return from the commercial break! So don't touch that dial, folks - we'll be back soon with more "Brutal Death Match!"

Music: The Truth Behind the Desired Reality

What...what IS all this?
I suppose I can't blame you for being disoriented. You're in the FBC recording studio. We've been recording a show - and I must say, you've given me some excellent footage. You have my most heartfelt thanks.
Recording a show?! You lying cheat! How dare you trick us like that!
Oh, but I haven't lied. I only wanted to make the show as real as possible, so I refrained from telling you what was going on.
We were fighting for our lives in there! What right did you have to do that to us?!
Oh, every right. After all, it's all for the purpose of reporting the truth. It's far better to portray a real battle than a mere staged even, wouldn't you agree?
And just how were you plannin' to take responsibility if we'd died?
Take responsibility for what? It was your choice to come here. And it was your choice to fight the monsters, was it not? I certainly wouldn't have forced you into battle if you were unwilling. But I was counting on your strength, you know. I took this approach because I knew you could make it this far. You know, even though I'm the host, I have to admit - I'm not very fond of shows like this...
What's that supposed to mean?! You don't know anything about us!
Woman's Voice: Allow me to apologize.

You make it sound as though I have no sense of reason!
Well, when it comes to reporting, you don' you? Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Persephone. You could call me a...supporter of this program, I suppose.
A supporter? Heh. Takes some nerve to support a show like this!
Oh, but these battles between humans and monsters are quite popular among the Veruni. The humans normally lose, so I imagine this episode will get especially high ratings. Though there are many who watch it just to see humans get killed.
What?! How can you play with people's lives like that?!
Quite easily, to tell the truth.
You people are nuts. And what would you think if the situation were reversed?
As it happens, it was a human that came up with the idea for this program. If a human doesn't care about other humans dying, why would a Veruni?
Liar! No human would ever come up with a crazy idea like that!
Oh, but they do. There are some pretty horrible humans out there, you know. Heh.

Someone throws a picture of Nightburn and it sticks into the wall.

Wha...? That's-!

Music: Nightburn Acklund (: Appearance)

I've been watching the taping. You really were amazing - you had me on the edge of my seat, let me tell you. But it sounds like you were misled about the show, and for that, I apologize. I hope you'll forgive me.
I, uh...I mean, YOU don't have to apologize to us...
Still, you've given us quite an impressive video. A video which, I hope, will lend strength and encouragement to our flagging human society. There aren't many applicants to the Golem Hunters' Guild these days, you know.

I bet you'd have more Golem Hunters if you didn't have such strict requirements. Just sayin'.

I've also started up a new mining project which could likewise use some help. With any luck, this episode'll bring in some fresh volunteers for our work.
You see? Nightburn here is the one who came up with the idea for this show.
Nightburn...? It was your make humans fight monsters to the death...?
He really is a horrible one, isn't he?
Please forgive me. It's all in order to give humanity a brighter tomorrow.
But...if that's what you're trying to do, there...there must be, well... other ways...
Oh? Then perhaps you could tell me what you had in mind? I'd be most interested in hearing your suggestions.
Well, I, um... I mean, I don't really know, but...
Anyway, enough of that. Duo, who was it you said that does the acrobatic shooting?
The girl with the red hair.

What do you mean, why? You seemed excited enough about it earlier.
But I thought that was all just to get us to come here...
...Hmmm? I didn't notice on the monitor, but aren't you-
...Are you speaking to me?
What are YOU doing here?
Pardon me...?
What's wrong, Persephone? Is something up?
Well, well...
What is it? Something about that girl?
...No, I thought she was someone else, that's all. Anyway, you, with the red hair.
Could you show me your little act? Think of it as a rehearsal. We've got an empty can here for you. Is there anything else you need?
N-no, that's all. Here goes nothing...

The camera focuses on Duo and Persephone while Rebecca performs her act.

Well, I suppose it's not bad, but it's not exactly what I was hoping for.
Huh...?! But...
I'm pretty sure I've seen that somewhere before... Was it that circus that used to perform here?
...Now that you mention it, they did have an act like that. But look at how young she is - isn't that worth something?
It's still just a copy of an old circus act. People who know the original won't be impressed.

But the circus is gone now, isn't it? I bet there's plenty of people who'd still want to see it if they could!
I agree. Rebecca's acrobatic shooting is impressive...even touching.
...No, it's okay, both of you. I'm sorry, but I think I'll pass.
Rebecca?! Are you sure?
Well...what can I do? I mean, it's just a copy of the circus routine, after all... *sob*
Don't worry, Rebecca. I love your acrobatic shooting.

This does present a problem, though. Without her act, we'll need something to fill the hole in the program.
Well then, perhaps I can be of service?
How so?
You there! How'd you like to fight me in a duel?
You proved yourselve quite capable earlier. You and I ought to be able to show the viewers an entertaining battle. How about it?
Well, I, um...
I'll go easy on you, of course, but you can give it your all. Though I guess I shouldn't suggest faking things in front of Duo, heh.
Besides, you seemed rather disenchanted with me earlier for setting up these battles between humans and monsters.
Come! Take your anger out on me!
... All right...I will!

Music: Nightburn Acklund (: Battle)

0 EXP and 0 gella, looks suspect. Either way, we start right next to a fire ley point and he's on a water ley point, so let's see if we can't do some damage with Crush!

Nope. If you look at the previous screenshot, you'll notice his DEF, RES, ATK and MAG are really bloated for a level 36 enemy. I guess this is to keep you from overlevelling by 10 levels or so and actually managing to beat him. (Though you can beat him on a New Game Plus for reasons I went over when we fought the Professor.)

"I'll go easy on you" he said, before riddling Dean's body with hundreds of bullets.

Don't let it get you down. Just a little excitement for the viewers at home.

Music: The Pangs of Defeat

Yes, you fight very well indeed. I expect you'll make a find Golem Hunter in a few years.
...Well, that was terrible.
But at least it fills out the program. In any case, there's the matter of your compensation. You deserve a reward for defeating the monsters as well. What would you like?

I can't think of anything, off the top of my head...
I don't like waiting around. If you can't decide now, come back another time, all right? I'll be here, so let me know when you've made up your mind.
In any case, thanks for your help today. We look forward to seeing you again!

But...but he said he was doing it for the good of humanity...
*Sob* I...I couldn't do it...
Dean... Rebecca... Please cheer up.
That Nightburn... I knew there was somethin' fishy about him.
...So...what should we do about that compensation?
Take what you can get. If you're gonna ride the train again, how about train tickets?
Yeah, that's a good idea. Though we still need information about Johnny Appleseed before we can decide where to go...
Energetic Boy: There you are!!

Note that there's another boy as well, I just missed him with the screenshot.

...?! You-you're from Mithysmere, aren't you? What are you doing coming all the way out here?
Calm Boy: We were looking for you, to make a request.
Energetic Boy: Yeah!!! We want you to do that shooting thing of yours again!!
The acrobatic shooting, you mean...? Well...I don't know... It's not that great, or anything...
Calm Boy: Do you remember Pastel? She's fallen ill.
Oh, no! Pastel's sick?!
Energetic Boy: Yeah!! So we want you to show her that shooting thing again!! She really, really loved it...!! Please, hurry up and go see her!! We're beggin' you!!

Easy on the exclamation marks, boy.

O-okay, we'll head straight there. Dean!
Yeah, let's hurry to Mithysmere!

The Art of Wild Arms

We battled some enemies this time, and this picture's title is Battle, so... (Yeah, I couldn't really find anything remotely related to the update.)