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Part 15: Memorial Sanctuary (Second Half)

Maybe someone needs to start an LP of Wild Arms 4 so this game looks better by comparison.

Music: The Place Once Called a Temple

Everyone watch out that you don't fall in!

We can see the exit across the pit, but that block is too far away to jump to.

There's a nearby ladder which takes us up into a circular room with a large pit in the center.

Make note of the lights shining through the walls. What you want to do is light the torches that are located between these lights, and leave the others unlit.

This causes a path to appear below. There's a chest with two Duplicators on the other side, along with the door to the next room.

And how that might be why Pastel got sick? Are you sure about that? I've never even heard it mentioned before.
I've heard rumors about it, but only rumors. My guess is that the Veruni leaders are keepin' it a secret. I doubt there are even many Veruni who know about it.
Yes, that's it exactly. The Professor knows, of course, but he's not permitted to tell anyone else. Though he did tell me... He said I ought to know, too.
I wonder why they don't tell people about it? I mean, it's something that affects everyone on Filgaia, right?
If I were to guess, I would say that it's in order to avoid a revolt and protect their own position of power. They're digging up golems - the pinnacles of lost technology - and using them freely, after all.
Yeah, causing even more damage to Filgaia, right? As if things weren't bad enough already. Thanks to that, even Pastel's in trouble!
But golems are also extremely powerful, and the ruling class sees them as a symbol of their own power. Their claim to be studying lost technology and using the golems as resources is probably nothing more than a ruse... A ruse to allow them to fortify their own positions. But then, those acts weaken the very planet they're trying to live on...
And so they can't - no, they won't say anything, because they know the moment they do, they'll be dragged right down like the idiots they are.
That's just stupid... But how bad are things, anyway?
Not good, judging from the Professor. I heard him once, talking to himself...

Dean & Rebecca: What?!
A few years? That's all?!
But the Professor's working really hard to find some way to avoid that.
Now that you mention it, I recall what he said to us back when we were looking for the Mirror of De Soto... "I'd expect you to thank me for my vital research for the sake of the planet, not suddenly cast your aspersions upon me!"
So that's what he meant by "for the sake of the planet"...
That wasn't all he said... "If I lose the opportunity presented by this full moon, my research will be delayed. That cannot be allowed to happen! I cannot afford to waste even a single second!"
Wow, Avril. That sounded exactly like him. You remembered his every word, didn't you?
It seems so. Perhaps with my memories gone, I'm not able to remember better?
Avril, that's totally missing the point. But everything finally fits together now. I'd never even guessed Figaia was in such trouble...

In the next room, we're immediately met with a sealed door. Off to the side, we have a platforming puzzle.

There are white blocks floating over a pit, shooting these with the Fire Bullet makes them move, and then we have to jump across them to reach the other side of the room.

Over here there's a switch that opens the sealed door, and another block that will take us back to the other side without forcing us to jump across the other blocks again.

The next room is a spiral staircase that's full of pits.

Lighting nearby torches creates bridges for us.

Sometimes we have to do some platforming as well.

It's not long before we're met with a door that appears to be made of the same material as the moving blocks from before. Shooting it with the Fire Bullet causes it to open.

On the other side is a circular room with five white crystals, an inactive elevator, and a riddle.

*Our mother world, Filgaia. Her blue oceans, her white sunlight...all are unique in the cosmos, jewels beyond price. The Veruni, criminals with blood on their hands, return home, split into three factions: The radicals, the moderates, and the Baskars. Only by facing the situation, without turning aside, can one hope to move forward.

"The Veruni, with blood on their hands, are split into three factions." This means we need to use the Fire Bullet to turn three of the crystals red, keeping other crystals between them.

"Her blue oceans, her white sunlight..." This means we need to leave one of the remaining crystals white, and turn the other blue.

Set the crystals up like this, and the elevator activates.

In the room above, we finally reach the Sol Niger. We purify it without any trouble and proceed to the next room.

Boss: Plague Bettle
Music: Terrible-Monster Attacking Crew!

If you're not careful, the Plague Beetle can give you some serious trouble.

This is because of his high counter rate, he'll just keep countering your attacks for about 800 damage each time.

He can also do some serious damage with Crush.

And sometimes, he'll use Virus Breeding. This is your cue to get away, because on his next turn, he'll use Epidemic. Epidemic hits all adjacent ally HEXes and causes the Disease status.

Music: Sprinkling Rain on the Funeral Day


All right, let's try it!

The next time around, I unlock Symphonic Rain, a physical attack which attacks all adjacent HEXes. You can see it in action in the video for this battle.

After smashing him with Blast from the wind ley point and being cautious of his counter attacks, I manage to take him down.

Music: The Place Once Called a Temple

Hey, Carol... You said the Baskars are Veruni, right?
Yes. Why do you ask?
Are they all stuck-up, like the other Veruni?
There's something I've been wondering ever since that time in Mirapulse... How come the Veruni always act so superior and stuff?
Probably because they're nobles, don't you think? If they really are above us, it makes sense for them to act that way. I mean, sure, sometimes it annoys me too, but...
Yeah, but who made them nobles in the first place? If you're gonna have nobles, why not make humans the nobles?!
Well, I don't know...
You know that the Veruni came here from space, yes?
Yeah. And they settled on Filgaia a hundred years ago, right?
Right. It was their advanced technology that led to them being treated as nobles. Humans discarded their own technology 12,000 years ago, while the Veruni, drifting through space, maintained most of theirs. According to the Professor, that difference in technology brought about the ruler-and-subject relationship that exists today.
Hmm, so that's why. But still, it's a terrible shame that this results in situations like what we saw in Mithysmere...
What's wrong, Dean? You've got an unsatisfied look on your face.
Of course I do! What's so special about technology?! Why does that make them so great?!
Power. Better technology means stronger weapons. That's all there is to it. Golems, ARMs...they're all the result of technology. I don't like it either, but that's the way things are.
Well, yeah, but...
I understand how you feel, Dean, but complaining about it won't get you anywhere. Right now we need to find that medicine to cure Pastel. Right?
...Yeah. That's our top priority for now. Veruni or not, we have to get a cure from the Baskars!
And we're almost to the center - the Baskars should be there as well.

Now we have a sort of maze to navigate. There are three exits, but only one of them will take us to the next room.

The fire from this torch is blowing toward the east door, so that door is the correct one.

In the next room, we have to light the torch. Once we light it, the flame directs us to the south door.

The next one doesn't point at a door, it points at a wall instead. I guess we should check out that wall, then.

Huh? Is this a dead e- Whoa!

Music: The Stars Shine Constant Like the Unwavering Flame

What's this?
Be careful, Dean. You really shouldn't play around with things like this. They've caused enough trouble for us already...
Don't worry! Nothing ventured, nothing...uh...however it goes! Let's see here...
Projector: The Age of Golems... A time when civilization had spread to the far corners of Filgaia, sustained by highly advanced technology.
Whoa! Wh-what's that?!
Who's talking...?
I wonder if it's some kind of historical record? Perhaps even something from the Age of Lost Technology...
Yes, that's right! I just remembered - the Professor made us of it the last time we came. As Avril says, it's a device that appears to have been built during the Age of Lost Technology, 12,000 years ago. Lots of historical documents are stored inside, and the Baskars requently make us of it, too. So don't worry - it's not dangerous.
The history of Filgaia, huh? Sounds interesting. Let's take a look!

Cutscene: The Age of Lost Technology

Projector: Science and engineering progressed in leaps and bounds, and massive creatures called golems were created to provide a tireless manual labor force. However, the rapid advance of technology came at an unforseen price. Civilization took its toll on the planet's resources.

Projector: Drained of its limited natural resources, the world slowly transformed into the wasteland we live upon today. The citizens of Filgaia, having realized the plight of their world, began to discuss plans to restore and revitalize the environment. However, those debates failed to reach a compromise. Meanwhile, declining environmental conditions only served to exacerbate an already perilous situation. The disputes divided Filgaia's people between two oppo...oups...

Carol: It looks like some parts of the data have been corrupted. The device is 12,000 years old, after all. There's no way it could still be in perfect condition.

Projector: While the disturbance quickly faded without causing any casualties, the radicals determined that Filgaia's crippled biosphere could not support further use of the TF System, and the mechanism itself was disabled. Robbed of any hope of reviving the planet, the radicals took to their colony ships in search of another homeworld, while the moderates remained behind to share Filgaia's destiny.
Greg: Looks like somethin's missin' there. Never explained that stuff about "radicals" and "moderates" and such.
Avril: Radicals...? Moderates...? Have I heard those before...? -! I feel as if I can almost remember something...
Rebecca: Don't push yourself, Avril. Look here, there's more. Let's see what else this thing can tell us.
Projector: The moderates built facilities to absorb living energy from Filgaia's inhabitants, returning it to the planet.

Projector: Three such installations were created, one of which is this location.
Rebecca: There are two other places like this...? I wonder where they are?

Dean: I guess that's all she wrote, huh?
Rebecca: Maybe it'll work if you kick it or something. You know, like when a door gets stuck? You give it a shove and it pops right open!
Carol: N-no! Don't do that! It's very fragile! You'll break it!

Carol: No... The entire history of humanity...
Projector: In addition to these facilities, individual devices known as "mediums" also serve to strengthen the connection between Filgaia and its people.
Dean: Hey, I got it working! ...Uh, sort of.
Projector: To date, six original mediums have been confirmed to exist. However, no record remains of their creation, not who their creator might be. The details of their design remains a mystery.
Carol: Hmm, so nobody knows who created the mediums? That's very interesting. I never knew that until now.
Avril: Medium... Why does that sound so familiar...?

We've been using them the whole game, Avril.

Projector: But perhaps it was fate that they should meet again here, rejoined upon the land of their ancestors. Humans, forsaking technology to live with Filgaia, and Veruni, returning after thousands of years in space - reunited by their inescapable destiny...

Music: I Still Have Something to Tell You

That last part was added by one of the Baskars.
But what does it mean? That thing about the "land of their ancestors", and then talking about humans and Veruni...
So humans and Veruni were originally the same race? And if this recording is correct, then the Veruni are the descendants of the people who departed Filgaia...
What, you didn't know? Yes, humans and Veruni were once the same race.
Humans and Veruni, the same...? That's crazy!
I-I'm sorry...
No, I'm sorry, Carol. It's not you I'm angry with... But things are just getting more and more confusing as we go... Avril, did this help you remember anything?
No... But I feel as though the fog in my mind is slowly starting to clear. If only I could grab hold of something...
Don't push yourself. I bet it'll come back when you least expect it.
Yes, perhaps it will.
So, to summarize... 12,000 years ago, there was a highly advanced technological society here on Filgaia - a time we call the Age of Lost Technology. But the use of that technology led to the decay of Filgaia itself. So the people of Filgaia split into two groups: one which departed into space, and another which stayed here on Filgaia.
And the ones that headed into space have some back as the Veruni...
And yet, they go around acting all cocky and stuff, when in reality, they used to be no different from us...

Suddenly, the floor begins to rise!

The floor seems to be rising.
Oh, no...! What's going to happen to us...?

Music: The Hermits Will Even Hide Their Hearts

Oh hey, we're back in that room by the entrance.

Lead Researcher: ...Humans?! What are you doing in here?! You have some nerve to intrude on us!
Assistant Researcher: W-what! Isn't that...?!
Lead Researcher: This...this can't be! The Ice-?! P-please accept our sincerest apologies. We meant no offense to Your Majesty...
Um...are you referring to me?
Assistant Researcher: Y-Your Majesty's humor is unprecedented, hah hah hah...
Lead Researcher: Wh-what is your purpose in coming here?
Well... Rebecca, if you would?
Sure! See, there's this girl in the town of Mithysmere that's fallen ill. We think it's Zopt Syndrome. Do you have anything that can cure it?
Lead Researcher: Certainly. Anything Her Majesty desires. Hurry!
Assistant Researcher: P-please wait, Your Majesty, while I go retrieve the medicine...

The Assistant Researcher leaves the room.

It seems that the Baskars know me, somehow.
So maybe they know about Johnny Appleseed, too.

The Assistant Researcher returns.

Assistant Researcher: Your Majesty! Here is the medicine you requested.
Obtained Baskar Medicine!
Lead Researcher: Please take this as well. We believe that it belongs to Your Majesty.
Obtained Mountain Medium!
This...this is an original medium...
Great, now we can cure Pastel! Thanks! Ah, wouldn't be fair to just take it and run. Is there something we can give you in return?
Lead Researcher: N-no, please don't concern yourself with such things! It is our responsibility to accomodate Her Majesty, after all. We can only pray for a safe journey...
Really? Well, in that case, there's one other thing I wanted to ask. Do you know anything about Johnny Appleseed?
Lead Researcher: Err...this is some sort of joke, yes?
No, it's not! The whole point of our journey is to find Johnny Appleseed!
Lead Researcher: ...Hah hah hah! That was truly the most amusing thing I've ever heard! Bravo!
Assistant Researcher: It certainly was! Hah hah hah!
Hey, what's so funny?! It was a serious question!
Lead Researcher: ...Huh? Were we not supposed to laugh?

We don't seem to be getting across...
Lead Researcher: In any case, should Your Majesty not be returning to the Locus Solus?
Assistant Researcher: We have transportation ready if Your Majesty is so inclined...
Locus Solus? What's that?
Assistant Researcher: You don't know about the Locus Solus...? ...Does something seem odd to you?
Lead Researcher: Yes, I was thinking the same thing...but then again, if she IS the real thing, we'd best not dare anger her...
Assistant Researcher: Yes, you have a point...
I guess we'd better explain about Avril losing her memory and all-
Wait, Rebecca. I think it might be better if we refrain from mentioning that at this time. Right now we need to concentrate on bringing that medicine back to Mithysmere.
Y-yeah, you're right. Let's hurry back then!

The Mountain Medium has many support skills, such as Protect. For now, I put it on Carol, but I might move it around later.

Mountain Medium

HP/DEF Bonus: Increases HP and DEF.

PS Defender: Randomly guards allies in the same HEX from physical attacks.
PS Blocker: Randomly nullifies physical attacks.
PS Ley HP Regen: Recovers HP when the character begins their turn on a Ley Point.
PS Retaliate: Randomly reflects physical attacks back at the attacker without taking damage.
PS Ley DEF Up: Adds a +25 bonus to DEF when the character is on a ley point.

Protect Arcana: Adds DEF/RES Up status to a HEX.
Turn Shift Arcana: Allows the ally who has the next turn to act immediately.
Shut Out Arcana: Prevents movement in and out of a HEX.
Reinforce Arcana: Adds FP Gain Up status to a HEX.
Regenerate Arcana: Adds HP Recovery status to a HEX.

Mystic (25 FP): Extends an item's effect to all HEXes.
Invincible (50 FP): Adds Invincible status to the HEX until the next ally turn.
Critical Heal (75 FP): Fully restores HP to an ally HEX.
Dinoginos (100 FP): Adds All Stats Up status to all ally HEXes.

Assistant Researcher: That password is the name of a hero, written down in a text we discovered while studying Filgaian history... It is a vital document, likely dating back to the Age of Lost Technology, but its author has sadly been lost to time... As! Wait a moment! The author...could it be...!
Um... It's just a coincidence. You don't need to get so excited...

Now that we're done here, it's time to run back to Mithysmere and give Pastel her medicine.

Energetic Boy: What took you so long?! She can't hold on much longer!!
I know, I know! Sorry! But this should cure her!
C'mon, hurry up and give it to her!


Music: Pilgrim's Progress

Operator: There's been no activity of note. However, there are signs that they've attempted to start up Jotunheim.
Grrr... So it's not just the TF System the radicals were after! It's bad enough they're trying to get rid of humans - don't they care about Filgaia itself?!
Operator: Theirs is certainly a difficult mindset to understand for us.
Of course it is! We're risking our lives to save Filgaia! If they manage to activate Jotunheim as well as the TF System, we're done for! We lost a ship in that last battle. I won't tell you to retake the Black Box - but don't let your eyes off it for an instant! If they even hint at doing something, we'll have to go in and smash it!
Crew: Yes, sir!
(But still...why didn't they bring the TF System to full power when they had the chance? Do they have some secret plan? Or is there some reason they couldn't bring it to full power? ...I love it when things get all crazy like this! At least nobody's managed to activate Jotunheim yet...)

Whew... Looks like she's resting a lot more easily now.
Yeah, looks like she's over the worst of it.

Those Baskars are real assholes, they way they created a cure for an incurable disease and didn't tell anyone about it.

It must be a relief to have that off your mind, huh? She's just like you used to be. All headstrong and everything.
Hey! Don't call me headstrong! But yeah... I couldn't stop worrying about her the whole time we were in that shrine. She really does remind me of the way I used to be.
Zzz... I wish...I could be like you...
Hehe... Aiming low, aren't you? You can do better than that!
Mmm... I...wish... *Mumble*...
...Yeah, she'll be fine. You two take good care of her, okay?
Leaving already? We can stay longer if you want.
But we don't have time to sit around, remember? If the Professor's right, Filgaia only has a few years left.
Just like with the Mirror of De Soto, we can't afford to waste even an instant. We've got to move when we can. Right?
Yeah, I guess we do. So where to next?

Meanwhile, back at the TV Studio...

Yes. In fact, I was wondering about that myself. Why didn't you secure her when you had the chance? Recapturing the Ice Queen would've been no small achievement.
Well, how about you? It would've been the scoop of a lifetime, no?
I have little interest in things I can't confirm. You know that as well as anyone. Without proof of her identity, I wouldn't even breathe a word of it. I only report the truth, after all.
Yes, I suppose so. Then you can consider me in the same camp. I'd like to wait and see whether fate will favor Johnny Appleseed or the Ice Queen.
Is that so? Not that it matters to me, one way or the other... But don't you have your own position to think about?
...No. I don't place the same trust in our current leader as I do in the other Sentinels.
Well, well, if that's not an intriguing statement! Perhaps you'll let me interview you later?
Don't joke around. I'm serious. Every now and then, he gets this look as if he wants to burn the whole world to a cinder. Frankly, it's scary.
Now that's most interesting. Maybe I'll do a little investigation of your leader on my own.
Don't. Trust me on this. If you stick your neck in the wrong place, you may end up losing your head.
That would certainly make things difficult, wouldn't it! But in any case, I've got a more interesting story to follow at the moment. I'll head after that little group and see what truths they turn up.
Things do seem to be getting interesting, don't they? This should be a find opportunity to show off your skills.
Don't patronize me! What do you know about me, anyway?
What's the matter - not the kind of thing you want to hear from a mere human?
Veruni, human - whatever. Makes no difference to me. The truth is all that's important in my book. And that's why I don't like you - you and that cloak of lies you wear!
Heh, I seem to be a little unpopular here. But I guess I can't blame you. After all, who'd ever guess that I'd be working with the Veruni leaders to destroy the human race?
I'd love nothing more than to rip that cloak to shreds and show the whole world who you really are! But with the censorship that's going on right now, that's regrettably not an option...
Hmph, and you let mere censorship like that stop you? Some reporter you are.
Don't misunderstand! I'm angry about being stopped from reporting on a truth that deserves to be known! But just wait - one day I'll expose you for the fraud you are!
Please, by all means. When that day comes, I'll be glad to tell you and your camera the whole story.
My, you two certainly get along well.
"Well"? Exactly how do you get "well" from this?
Never mind, I suppose you wouldn't understand. But one day I think you two may find that you need each other. Right now, though, you really are about as different as two people can get. A Veruni who seeks the truth, and a human who hides behind lies. You'll both have to find your own ways to get over that wall between you...
( made it over, and you were so happy...)

Before we end this, we can go into Mithysmere's other barn and light that torch.

The Rapid Shirt gives Rebecca a huge RFX boost. Its other boosts are miniscule, so it'll be obsolete soon enough, but for now it's a pretty good armor choice.

The Art of Wild Arms

This doesn't really have anything to do with the update, I just like it. (I guess Gallows is a Baskar, though.)