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Part 18: Sea of Wind, Sea of Stars, but no Sea of Sand.

Last update we woke up Asgard, lost our boat, and Jack relearned why he hates the monsters in the Arctica region again, and why I love them. Delicious grinding.

Accidental meeting is a piece of the puzzle.

Welcome to Court Seim! In this game, it seems like much more of a desert town. As well, in the original game, the largest house belonged to Jane's family, whereas in this game, you really can't tell it apart from the others.

Ackerman here will change the names of any of the three main characters (plus Hanpan, and probably other party members we get later on), as well as selling Name Tags, which you can use to change the name of any NPC in the game. I pick up two, one for a pre-determined use to negate a Fuck Up, the other just incase I get the opportunity to name a villain Dongs.
That chest in the corner behind the tree can be reached using Hanpan on the ledge of the nearby deck. It has a Crest Graph.

Lestat: Since then, he's taught me physics, ARM theory, and the ancient language. Needless to say, I respect Nicholli more than anyone in this world.
This Nicholli guy seems pretty decent, considering he picked up a stray vampire and all that. I'm sure this kid will grow up and have amazing stories to tell in interviews all his undead life.
Anyway, this place is the orphanage of the town, and the nun in the corner acts as the Inn, charging money of course. I ended last update with about 9000 gella before my grinding festival. I started this update with almost 4000. At about 365 Gella a pop, I must have used the Inn like 14 times or so for my little grinding session. Worth it. I'd have to grind all of that for the Post-game anyway, and this saves me some of the trouble. Oh, and there's a curious book here.

The 7th Moon posted:

The Demon King, Angol Moa, has been depicted in hundreds of enduring myths. Angol Moa is known as an invincible monster who will bring incredible destruction, and enslave all of Filgaia. Will humans be powerless to stop this Demon King, Angol Moa and simply surrender to his reign? Angol Moa's greatest weapon is his enemies' fear. Fear invites terror and the inability to act. Eliminating the fear from within is the way to defeat the almighty Demon King. And just as important, is to not accept the Demon King prophecy as forgone fact.
Angol Moa has been in every Wild ARMs game (except XF) as a boss, and generally is rather difficult. I'm going to have fun taking him down.

This kid really hates mice for some reason, and will freak out if you throw Hanpan his direction.

LOOOOOOOOOT! There is 1 Gella, 10 Gella, Force Carrot, Revive Fruit, and a Potion Berry. Two of those items are useful so I can destroy them to make more. The last I have shittons of. Two others aren't enough to be useable. But let's talk to this lady that we so kindly stole from!
Molly: The demons attacked while my husband and I were in the middle of divorce mediation. My husband was devoured, but I was fortunate enough to be rescued by Jane and the butler of the Maxwell family.
Uh....right. The talk around town mentions the Maxwell family quite well, and how much the people love them, especially Jane who the orphanage kids look up to like an older sister.

You're a dog. Of course you should be sweating like a dog! Anyway, just outside the stable is a Magic Shop (the lady doesn't have a booth, but it's obvious by her clothing and hair) that I return WaveMotionBeam (never used it much lately) and relearned Tesla Coil and Bubble. Since I don't get a second tier of magic, jumping between the elemental spells is how I'll make do.

Jennifer: They always take her from me, saying 'Miss Warden this and that'! I don't like sharing.
This girl has a curious font...the "Warden" she is referring to is obviously Jane.

This is the fanciest house in town...meaning it's got actual furnature in it. Then again, it also has crappy wooden stools for the table, so there you go. There's a Revive Fruit in a barrel around here. And books!

Gimel Coin posted:

Gimel Coins are known for their unique but strange powers. Gimel Coins were used as currency by the Elw. The Elw were known for their superior knowledge of alchemy, so it is not surprising that their coins would possess magical power.

Controlling Golems posted:

The Golems, which were introduced during the Great Demon War, responded to voice commands. Also, musical instruments that emitted sounds in a specific frequency range could be used as controllers. This was necessary because the AI installed in the Golems was not capable of making complex decisions. The better the navigator who controlled the Golem's actions, the more effective the Golem became.

History of Arctica posted:

Though known for its treacherous tundra setting, the principality of Arctica is also one of the largest industrialized nations. The secret of their strength comes from the numerous artifacts found in their territory. These vestiges from ancient times helped build Arctica's industrial technologies. And through trade with Arctica, these artifacts are also beneficial to all Filgaia.

The Guardian of Desire posted:

The Guardians joined with humans and Elws to fight against the demons during the Great Demon War. However, the Guardian of Desire was said to have sided with the demons during the war. The Guardian of Desire, with its dark aura, was lured into the demon's world with desire, and helped attack Filgaia. After the Great War, the Guardian of Desire was banished along with the demons. The Guardian of Desire is known as Luceid. She is a Guardian Lord who gathers strength from the will of people's minds.
I like the way these games protray Luceid. She is neither good nor evil, just gowing for the side with greater desire. Ziekfried and the rest of the Metal Demons seem pretty determined to turn Filgaia into a new Saturn Hiades, which is why she defected. Of course, this is only she joined the Demons. This has nothing to do with why she's with Boomerang, who only is with the Demons for the battles that come with it.

Down in the basement is this guy, who wants to look at Rudy's ARM.
: Excuse me, let me introduce myself. My name is Nicholli Maxwell. I am the ARM meister in this village. Six of my colleagues and I devoted all of our time studying the ARM with the Wanderer master, Zepet Roughnight. ... ... ... The ARM you hold was discovered and restored by my master. So, you must be...

: Rudy Roughnight! I see it now!! You are old man Zepet's grandchild! Oops, excuse me. I hope I did not offend you by calling your grandfather an old man. I got so used to calling him Old Man Zepet. Words cannot describe how much I appreciate your grandfather's teachings. He took care of the six of us. Oh, I almost forgot all about it! I once found a powerful ARM Cartridge. It's stored at the Barrier Shelter. If you can handle that ARM, then you'll be able to handle the Cartridge. You must let me give it to you. Please accept it as a gesture of respect for your grandfather.
: Yes, I'll accept it. || No, I can't possibly accept it.
: Thank you very much. Meet me at the Barrier Shelter. It's located in the woods to the southwest.

If there was one small hole, the wall will be broken.
: Just in case, we secured the supplies and the Cartridge for my master... This Barrier can only be accessed by a retina scan. But, because a small child could wander in, it is easily opened from inside... Oh, I think the entry pattern is complete.
Nicholli backs away from the terminal on the wall, and the giant red barrier fades. No, it's not rainbow colored this time.

Mighty Avalanch is another two-Alter Part Cartridge. It's not that great because it's random. It fires 12 rockets into the air and each one hits a random target. It's got a strange formula. The TC for the cartridge is 4...but after the enemies defense is factored in, the damage is divided by 12, and then multiplied by the number of hits per target.
Of course, this is what I'm gathering from Split Inifnity's guide, as per usual. He's got a lot of weird formulas surrounding this move. I'm really not sure what's up with this attack. I don't use it much.

: Is this the Cartridge Nicholli referred to?
: Yes, that's it! We better get back. We have what we came here for.
They go back to the entrance.
: Thankfully, the Cartridge is back where it belongs. Grandpa Zepet will be happy about that. Now, let's go home. I'm closing the Barrier.
Now they go back to the basement of that house again.

: I wonder how Old Man Zepet is doing? I hope he is well. It has been a decade since I saw him last.

Rudy tells his story... bits and pieces, about his early days as a wanderer...

Zepet Roughnight. A wanderer who took the lone orphan, Rudy, under his wing, as if Rudy were of Zepet's own flesh and blood. Likewise, Rudy loved and respected Zepet, like a grandfather.

: Maybe someday, we can use it to help bring people together. Instead of just using it as a weapon. Don't you think that would be a great accomplishment?
This becomes a theme in future Wild ARMs games.

Little by little, during their travels, Zepet taught Rudy how to work and control the ARM. And, more importantly, Zepet taught Rudy to have the heart and the desire to save people.

But one day, there was a painful separation... ...Zepet died from wounds suffered during their journey.

For Zepet's grave, Rudy chose the place closest to the sky, and continued wandering. It was a very lonely journey...
Till now.


: I always thought of the master as too tough to die. It's kind of a shock to hear it. ... ... ...
This makes me wonder what kind of teacher Zepet was. He sounds like a badass!
: ...But, instead of feeling down, I know the master would've told me to look ahead and think of ways to honor his memory instead.

: By the way, I must commend you on your great skill with the ARM! You must have a strong mind to be able to handle such a powerful and complicated ARM... And your collection of Cartridges is indeed something else, too... I have a daughter around your age who can handle ARMs... But certainly not to your level of expertise. You must have trained vigorously as a child.

Speak of the know that's a stupid saying.
Ahem. Anyway, she steps back in shock at seeing the does the party.

: Huh?! What?! What are you doing here?
: Jane... You all know each other?
: Oh, no, no, no! I have never seen these people before. Nope, not ever!
: ... ... ... You are acting funny... Is everything all right with you?
Seriously? Why are parents so blind in any fiction geraed for young adults?
: Yeah... Magdalen and I will be upstairs if you need us...
She runs away, rather quickly.
: I love my daughter; she's the best, even if she acts brusque sometimes. Because of her hard work, we are able to support the orphanage here. ...Say, if you're not in any hurry, how about joining us for dinner tonight? How does that sound?
: Well, it's not that we wouldn't want to... But, we are on a journey, and we're kind of stuck right now. We are... more or less looking for something that will help us continue our search. There are many areas we can't reach. ...If you have any information that may help us, we would appreciate it.
: Actually... There is a lab where my colleagues and I once studied aviation. We even built a device for experimentation.
: Wow, that is one far-out study. And did you have any success?
: Well... Given our lack of technology and know-how, we decided not to pursue the study. It would be very difficult, but...
: Are you saying there is a possibility of picking it up again in the future?
: Correct. We used to call the building the Epitaph since the tower was full of dead theories. It was an Epitaph to the 'Sea of Wind'. I am sure you could find something useful there. And...
: ...Yes?
: Well, if you go now, you can still make it back here in time for dinner.
So that's the real reason you want us to check this place out? So you can invite us for dinner? And Jack, what the hell are you doing refusing a free meal!? YOU NEVER REFUSE FREE FOOD.
: Yes. We definitely have time for dinner, then.
: The 'Sea of Wind' Epitaph is to the northwest of this village. It is not very far, but be aware of monsters. I would advise you to be well prepared.

Right, so we get control again, but we can talk to Jane and Magdalen on the way out. (This would be the perfect time for a Name Tag, but I don't want to use one right now.)
: Just so we're clear... Don't tell my dad or any of the kids any stories about 'Calamity Jane'. Got it? You have to promise not to tell! I don't want anybody to know about my alter ego, you blabbermouth. Everyone here knows me as their big sister. Don't forget that.
: Please, do not tell Jane's father about her outside work. I do not wish for her father to be more concerned. We are preparing for tonight's feast. It will be a pleasant event, so please come back early. Have you visited Court Seim before? The residents' determined efforts turned their wasteland frontier town into a resourceful village.
For each of them, I actually merged the lines they say to each party member, and tried to arrange them in a vaguely coherant way. I might do this more often for important people, but for minor NPCs, they typically only have one line worth saying, or three versions of the same line.

Sea of Wind Epitaph is right over here. I included this shot so you could get a decent picture of the minimap. To the North is the Arctica Region, the Green dot is Court Seim, and the lower Red dot that we're not close to is the Barrier Shelter

Sky is so high, so far. So we dream it.

That's actually a cool line. I'm going to mix things up here. This uses a typical dungeon theme that I'm kinda getting tired of using, and this entire dungeon takes place at sunset (all light sources from outside are very orange) which for some reason makes me think of the wild west. So I'm pulling a Rocking Heart remix, this one feels the most "western" of the bunch. According to geri_khan who LPed Wild ARMs 3, it's the theme to the final dungeon for Chapter 3; either way it sounds badass. I want to link to the entire Music the Best soundtracks eventually, so I'm going to try to incorporate more remixes from now on. I was going to save them for the post-game, but it's mostly just lots of bosses, and we have plenty of battle remixes ready for that.

Anyway, the dungeon! There are three doors in this room. One takes us to a elevator that does not work (of course), and another is a duplicator door (the third being the correct path, that you have to hit a floor switch hidden in the wall to open). I have a few duplicators, so let's open it!

Or I can get stuck in this dungeon's high encounter rate. It's mostly bad in a few rooms, it's pretty nice about the puzzle rooms. Then again must dungeons are. I guess that explains the high encounter rate.
Anyway, this enemy is a little concerning offensively (ganging up on Cecilia doesn't help), and it's defensive stats are really high. An accelerated Speed Fang or a Boosted Shell are not necessarily enough to take these guys down. That's where Acute Angle shines. Man, it's nice having MP.

Oh my...
I would like to look at the contents, but what's making me reluctant to do so is this lady beside me.
Welp, no porno mags for us. We'll have to do something about Cecilia...
Oh, and non-porn related loot includes 5000 Gella, PS Ray Break 2, PS Defend 1, and PS Moon Stone 2. The Defend is nice for later on, and it's nice having Gella.

Despite what this looks like, this is actually an ice-floor block puzzle. They slide when you punch them with Rudy's gloves. Not that hard. If you hit them towards the stairs, you can hit them back, unlike if you get them trapped against a wall.
Another note that I didn't really mention is that this dungeon is vertical, unlike most dungeons. (Caging Tower was the only other vertical dungeon so far.) Most of the "hallways" have ladders you use to climb higher. Explains the elevator earlier on. A bit of loot further up includes Lucky Card, Potion Berry x3 and a Duplicator. Yay, now I've got two still! And just a bit later past that includes Water Gem x5, Nectar and an Alter Part. It's like this game is vomiting loot my way! Barongs do that the best though.

Axle Smash is pretty simple: It's a more powerful Speed Fang. It has the same Reaction component (x2 normal, x3 Accelerated) but now it also double's Jack's Attack. So this move will always be better than Speed Fang, and I now have a new basic bread and butter Fast Draw to spam.
But that 20 MP cost is going to kill me unless I grind it. I wonder where's a good place to do that?

They are stronger Critters, with a 20% chance of canceling ARM attacks. They like to use Best Smile to skip turns. In fact, I once got ambushed by a group of Gremlins...who wasted it by smiling at me. Nice job guys.

Stormdrakes are curious, and dangerous. The start battle invisible, meaning physical attacks can't touch them, and Bubble isn't enough to take them down in one hit with their high HP. They'll wait a turn, then use Thunder Zone, which makes them materialize...but now they're Active which gives them increased stats, and thunder damage deals more damage. Guess what kind of moves these guys like to use?
I suppose Tesla Coil could work, you activate them before they use Thunder Zone...might try that sometime.

You can't activate the switch on the floor, it's too rusty. So you need to use gravity, by taking the long path to reach this grating...then use the grating again to reach the door above.

Walpurgis Night? What the heck is that? Anyway, this room has lots of loot and books. Loots are PS Boom Break 2, 2000 Gella, Gimel Coin. Books are...

Records of Aviation Device Study posted:

The seven of us Matthew, Lulu, Norman, Tokanaku, Nicholli, Emma, and me... Despite the differences in our age and culture we have the same dream. Lut us catch the vast sky with our hands. Let us embrace the blue sky with our arms. Bonds secured by ARM. Thoughts inspired by ARM. People make fun of our belief in a human aviation device, but we just laugh and take pride in our foolishness. Our foolish dreams are piling up high, someday high enough to reach the "Sea of Wind".
Wait, Emma? Is this what she's working on?

What Shapes our World posted:

The world is shaped by the "Sea of Wind", or Sky. The "Earth", or Terra, supports the Sky. Between Sky and Terra are the creatures called Humans, which are supported by both. Above them all, lies another vast sea. This sea remains yet unknown: The "Sea of Stars".

Record of the Facility posted:

Each floor of this facility is named after elements or properties which shape the world. The first floor is named "Terra". The fifth floor is named "Sky". Between Terra and Sky is a secret that unlocks the sixth floor, the "Sea of Stars".
Interesting stuff here. Anyway, there's also a lever in this room, which activates the Elevator, that also has an exit in this room.

The books are your hint here. Record of the Facility says that Terra and Sky go to floors one and five respectively. But to reach the sixth floor, we need to find what goes between Terra and Sky. What Shapes our World supplies the hint: Human. Human takes us to floor three.

Another sliding block puzzle! Really odd that this doesn't come up in an ice dungeon, but whatever. This takes us into a storage room.

: ...Fluid mechanics... ...Aviation theory... Yes, it definitely looks that way.
She's about to turn a page, when Hanpan interrupts.
: Oh, wait a minute!
: What is it?
: Energy amplifier... 'Rune Drive'... Give me a second... Yes, I see it now... This magnificent work is almost ready. The experiment is nearly concluded.
: Ever since that Asgard incident, you remind me of a certain doctor... Anyway, explain to us what is going on here.
: In a nutshell, this device can multiply the energy by 5 or even 10 times. But... There are a few flaws... ...the output is difficult to stabilize. Plus, amplified energy creates a massive reaction. A Rune Drive is just simply too much for a sensitive aviation device like this one...
: If that's the case, can we use it?
: It is too dangerous. Do you think we can withstand the power when this device can't?
: I think what's more dangerous is to become addicted to power. Once we are addicted to power... There will be nothing separating us from those demons.
Hear that Jack? You are the demons.
: I see your point, but... Are we just giving up on this?
: Well, the Rune Drive should not be ignored. Just because we can't use it doesn't mean it's not useful to someone else.
: Who, demons? Never! If they got their hands on the Rune Drive...
: Well, it's not here. It may be somewhere in this tower. Let's go search for it.
Obtained Event Item [Walpurgis Night]!
Huh, so that's the Walpurgis night. I guess that explains that rectangle shaped hole in the doorway that wouldn't let us through earlier. The book is the key? Sure why not, I've seen weirder. Also in this room is some more books and loot. My two favorite things!

For Those who Bear ARM posted:

Among post-war scholars, "ARM" was an acronym for "Ancient Relics Machine". However, 1000 years ago when ARM was created, each of the three letters had a different meaning: Artificially Rebirthed Matricide Machine These words symbolize "total annihilation". One scholar hypothesized that ARM uses the bio-mechanical structure of demon bodies, demon power itself to destroy demons. To everyone's dismay this hypothesis would support the notion of ARM leading to self destruction. ARM is known as the spawn of demons; people despise it's cursed power. Even demons distance themselves from the bearer. ARM is the ultimate creation, with a dark fortune. It should only be used by those who can overcome its seductive power, and have enough heart to pacify its desire to kill...
I never understood how this worked out. ARMs were made to destroy demons, and now people say it's the weapon of demons. It makes no sense.

To Sail the Sea of Wind posted:

Never-ending blue sky... Conquering the never-ending blue sky has been a challenge since ancient times. There are tales of skilled engineers who could sail boats, a city, and even terra into the "Sea of Wind". Sound like something out of fantasy novel? Let us not lose hope. We must keep our chins up and stay true to our lofty dreams. Using knowledge from long ago, our experiments have brought us a long way. Someday, we will conquer the sky. Let us create a device like a bird's wing; a device to conquer the sky.
Loot in this room includes a Gella Card and a Bar. Hooray, now Adlehyde can have an Inn again! It's back to the Elevator, and then Sky to reach floor 5.

Sweet. The treasure hidden in the third floor, which represents Humans, was the key to reaching the sixth floor, which represents the Sea of Stars. A nice bit of symbolism here.

Cool, this place has a belltower. Nothing else interesting here at the moment. Moving on...

Fucking hell!
: Where is the Rune Drive?
: Damn! Are we too late!?
The bell in the previous room starts chiming.
: I hear bells.
: Those are funeral chimes...
: The one who stole the Rune Drive is still here, calling us!!

?????: I heard this is the epitaph of lost hope that conquered the 'Sea of Wind'... What do you want on your epitaph? You human warriors...
: Show yourself! Why do you demons always hide?
?????: Demon? Ha! That would be the least of what I am.

It's Boomerang. He jumps down from his hiding spot.
: Then, your mission is also to conquer this planet?
: On the battlefield, the goal is to quench my thirst. Nothing else.
: That is so shallow... I cannot fight you! There is no good reason!!
: Fair enough. Shall I give you a reason then?

: Is that the Rune Drive?
: Alhazad would surely enjoy this toy.
Jack draw's his sword.
: Rage against rage. That is my style.
: With spirit like that, I think you and I will get along just fine.
: It looks like there's no other way but to fight.
: The stage is set. My name is Boomerang. Accept this battle as my greeting!

Here's War Demon. I know you folks have been waiting for this one. It's worth it. Unlike the original game, this one plays it for every Boomerang fight, not just the last one.
: Now is the time to display human strength. Do it for Luceid and me.
: Luceid! This cannot be! But the feeling is definitely here...
: Luceid is the 'Guardian of Desire'... And desire is the only bond I have to the battlefield.
: Why would a Guardian side with the demon enemy?
: Wake up, princess! We cannot beat them by daydreaming... Look at them...we better be ready!!
...didn't they already explain that Lucied defected to the Demons?

And like the original game, you fight these two together. Lucied mostly does basic attacks, and uses Amnesia, which I...has this status effect appeared in this LP yet?

Boomerang's primary attack, Saber Fang, is rather powerful. It took Jack just past half HP. Luceid's primary attack, Black Fang, is only a little weaker. Boomerang also has a more powerful attack, Boomerang Dynamic, which he never uses because...

I take the pair out on the second turn. Actually, I take out Boomerang on the second turn, attacking Luceid is pointless since Boomerang can always revive her with Flame of Desire. I meant to show it off this fight...but I seriously under estimated the power of Gatling Raid and Axle Smash. One Lock-On Gatling Raid, and two Quick-Step Axle Smashes was all it took to bring down Boomerang. Next time, I'll show off Flame of Desire, I promise. (Oh, and Axle Smash leveled up, it now costs 16 MP.)
: ...I was curious to see your skill... But don't worry... We will finish this battle later.
Boomerang drops 2800 EXP (which Rudy doesn't get...can't remember why though), and 2000 Gella. Now is the time in the game to start using Gella Cards on boss battles instead of selling them. But doing so would prevent me from killing bosses in two-three rounds. Every time you take out Luceid gves you 300 EXP and 100 Gella...but I didn't manage to kill her. Sorry guys! Rudy got really lucky and managed to get 25 FP on the second turn.

I love how many boss fights end with the party weak and tired, despite the fact that I just crushed Boomerang in a flash.
: From you? Ha! Don't flatter yourself. I will finish you later. But now is not the time.
: ...What!?
: Currently you are no threat to me. But fear not. Although you are as dull as rocks now, with training you will shine with strength. Once you shine, we shall meet again for battle... But for now, live for today. ... ... ... Don't get me wrong. To live for today is to be stronger than yesterday.

: If you think having more power will get you where I am, I will let you have some, anytime.
He and Luceid begin to walk away.
: Wait! Luceid! Why have you joined an enemy of Filgaia?
They stop while she's talking, but beyond that, neither one turns around or acknowledges her question.
: ... ... ... ...I saved the Rune Drive... But that's not enough to bring us victory. ...Unless we start attacking, we will not save what's important...
: ... ... ... We need to leave the Rune Drive with Nicholli. He can safely keep it out of those demons' hands...
Free warp out of the dungeon. This game likes doing that.

I think about it, and my strategy revolves around crushing the bosses so fast they don't have a chance to do any serious damage. This leaves me no opportunity to use a Gella Card on them, and receive tons of Gella in return. So I sell my 4 Gella Cards to get just enough money to buy more Bullets for Rudy. Gatling Raid now has a TC of 9. Ten more upgrades to go. Anyway, using the Rune Drive on Nicholli advances the plot.
: Oh!! Is this it...! The Rune Drive?! I never imagined that it would be found after all, amidst all the clutter... What a surprising discovery! Are you aware of the power of the Rune Drive? It amplifies the energy so that... Oh, excuse me. I got a little carried away. Let us eat before the meal gets cold. I will gladly talk more about the Rune Drive, tomorrow. My daughter does not like to hear me ramble.

Dinner isn't a cutscene, sadly, but rather a bunch of NPCs standing around and you can only control Rudy. You have to talk to everyone, of course.
: This chow mein is delicious! Rudy, why don't you try some before it gets cold?
: The Rune Drive is known for its powerful energy output capabilities. I understand your concern about the demons obtaining such a device and misusing it. Why don't we keep the Rune Drive at the Barrier Shelter? We can move it there tomorrow.
: Are you enjoying the party? Since you're the honorary guest here, feel free to eat and drink all you want.
Lestat: It is sometimes important to forget about studying and to get out and experience life. I do not want to grow old without the experiences of eating good meals and sharing a good laugh with my friends.
: Are you enjoying the feast? Jane did a great job of cooking today. By the way, if you see her, please give her my best regards.
Michael: Anthony said that he would tell us the greatest adventure story at the party... But he has been feeling under the weather since he got stung by a bug. What am I going to do now?
Franz: Is it the music that makes me go wild? Or am I just using the party as an excuse to let loose?
: Sooner or later, we will be facing the big and vicious demons. I feel like building my energy level up by eating lots of meat.
: I love the vibe I feel from this place. It makes my whiskers tingle. This is certainly a welcome break, after all that constant battling.
Otto: Since everyone says wine is so good, I just tried it... But it is terrible. I will stick with orange juice!! Jennifer: Hey, listen! Doesn't the food look good today? They have all the food I like! I'm really happy there's no nasty vegetable juice, too... I wish every day was a party.
That's everyone, back to Jane...
: Hey, Rudy... Will you come and see me after the party when everyone's asleep? There is something I need to talk to you about. ...And please, don't bring anybody else with you... I don't want too many people to know about this.
Looks like it's time for Rudy to finally become a man. And back to Magdalen...
: It was a fine feast. Please let me know when you are ready to rest.
: You are ready to rest. || It is still too early to rest.

That's the end of the update for tonight, seems like a good stopping place, as it'll put more into the next update which will probably be pretty short.

End of update status:
: Level 25
--ATK Bonus: 46 (Lv. 4)
--Bullets: 7 (Lv. 4) → 8 (Lv. 5)
--Solid Storm +1 shot (5)
: Level 25
--Obtained Axle Smash, Lv. 2 (16 MP)
--All other Fast Draw's mastered.
: Level 23 → 24
--Returned Wave Motion Beam, relearned Bubble and Tesla Coil.
Gella: 2416
Migrant Seals: 6
Ex. File Keys: 2/25
Fuck-Ups: 15

Version Differences:
Court Seim seems a lot dirtier, like a town on the frontier.
Barrier Shelter doesn't have hippy rainbow barriers, now it just has static colors.
Sea of Wind Epitaph seems to mention a flying machine a lot more.
Boomerang's fighting style has been changed somewhat. Lucied will revive infinitely during battle.

A Saying A Day
: (July 2nd) Today's saying is about an earthquake, thunderstorm, fire and father. If you call Guardians in this order, I heard that a world is destroyed. Where's the Guardian of father? He lives in our minds. So, since the beginning of the world this star has been peaceful.
The site messes up a bit...and uses the July 2nd one for July 3rd. Not sure why.
: (July 4th) Today's saying is, 'like playing thief and rope.' This is a game, in which two teams, thieves and police, compete against each other with a rope. It goes by different names, too. People use the saying when they want to say that something is easy, like a child's game.
: (July 5th) Today's saying is that even when you are sad, you will get hungry. Even when you feel really desperate, you get hungry and go to the bathroom. A body and a mind are not the same. This is one of the famous sayings used between a bad lord and a town girl.
: (July 6th) Today's saying is, 'like water and fish.' There are similar comparisons, such as 'tree and fish,' and 'gold and fish.' They express how close two friends are. An intimacy gets lower in the order of water, tree, and gold.
: (July 7th) Today's saying is, 'wash your belly button and wait.' This saying is used to delay an answer, the way a shy man proposes marriage. This is and old saying though........ Young girls nowadays usually take good care of their belly buttons. If a man uses this saying to propose, a girl may refuse him, saying, 'you don't have to tell me that.'
: (July 8th) Today's saying is that after it rains a field will get soft. Cultivate the soft land. Make it soft and cultivate again. Then the land will be ready. Add seeds to this and the grain will grow strong and tall. Grudiev will be happy. I don't know if it's true, but this is one of the sayings to hand down to the generations that follows.

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