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Wild Arms Alter Code: F

by Krysmphoenix

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Original Thread: Krysm is alone in the wilderness. [Alter Code: F]



Wait, two games in one LP thread?
Yup! This is Wild ARMs Alter Code: F, a remake of the original game. ACF was released for the PS2 back in late 2003 for Japan, reprinted with "Playstation the Best" added to it in laste 2004, and then finally localized to English in late 2005. I'll be doing this simultaneously with Azure_Horizon's LP. Azure rushed ahead and finished the game because I was updating really slow for his pace. His is already archived, check it out. Our LPs shouldn't spoil each other.

What's with the emphasis on localized?
Agetec did a really poor job. To be fair, a lot of it isn't overly noticeable and for the most part you can miss it, but there are some really really poor moments where it's obvious they didn't really playtest it. Fortunately in the localization they didn't leave behind any too crippling glitches, or at least I don't believe so.

So how are you going to be doing this portion of the LP?
I'll be doing it completely as an SSLP, with the occasional video linked to someone else's work on Youtube. For cutscenes, you're going to have to deal with me screen-shotting them, but I"ll attach the music and try to sync them up with notes so you can follow along to the music. I'll also be attaching links to the OST along the way, including the Rocking Heart and Feeling Wind greatest hits albums. I'll use those songs if the normal songs get a bit repetitive.
And I suppose it's worth mentioning that I have played and own all seven Wild ARMs games released in the US.

Wait, greatest hits albums?
Technically they are "Music the Best," but yeah, they are effecitvely greatest hits. The Rocking Heart album is rock and jazz remixes of songs from the first four (and this) games, while Feeling Wind consists of piano arrangements from the same games, including a bit from the anime.

Oh yeah, it said you got a free DVD with that. What's up with the anime.
It's pretty mediocore, you'll probably only enjoy it if you're a hardcore Wild ARMs fan like I am. If I can find the first episode somewhere, I might toss a link to it because it was included with the game, but otherwise you're welcome to look it up on your own time.

With that all said and done, let us begin in our journey to the end of the Wilderness.

Table of Contents


Krysmphoenix posted:

I'd like to briefly bring this up because Slowbeef posted in the Sandcastle about it, but regarding the music I and Azure_Horizon have linked to throughout this LP, I just double-checked and I am fairly certain that all the OSTs all Wild ARMs games, Twilight Venom, the Alone the World Vocal Collection and the two Music the Best albums are not reasonably avaliable. Amazon lists them, but lists every single album as "Import", and even mentions that most of them aren't even in stock.

So, I believe that as far as go, we're alright. So because I can't just drive over to the nearest record store (do those still exist?) and pick up any one of the OSTs, and iTunes has absolutely no idea what Wild ARMs is, I'm going to keep hosting the OSTs on Tindeck with downloads off, like I have been since I started this LP.

Azure_Horizon posted:

Ruh roh, that might get me banned thanks to my Legend of Mana LP.

(nevermind, it's Import-only, and like $60)

Krysmphoenix posted:

Yeah, Slowbeef just said Import Only was alright, so we're both good.

This was included with the Wild ARMs 2 OST, a hand written copy of the melody from "Into the Wilderness"/"To the End of the Wilderness."

Disk 1 of 4 (Complete!)
Alter Code: F Song that plays at the title screen.
Introduction Plays when you start a new game.
---Feeling Wind: Introduction
Boy of Hope Plays for Rudy's prologue, and is his theme.
Simple Living Surf Village's theme.
Filgaia World Map theme.
Conquering the Darkness Dungeon Theme for caves.
The Power to Fight Battle theme with 1 party member.
Shock Plays at random shocking cutscenes.
Complication Plays at random depressing cutscenes.
A Mere Test of Ability Theme that plays in the Puzzle Box lobby.
Seeking Truth Plays for Jack's prologue.
Facing the Ancient Ruins Dungeon theme for ruins.
Running Wildly Plays at random tense cutscenes.
The Shadow Blocking the Way Standard boss theme.
Victory Victory theme.
Deployment Plays at random Guardian cutscenes.
Curan Abbey Curan Abbey's theme.
---Feeling Wind: Abbey
Way of Illusion Dungeon theme for weird places.
Vicious Plot Plays at random spooky cutscenes.
Contact Plays when receiving a Guardian/Medium.
Alone in the World Plays in random excommunication cutscenes.
---Twilight Venom: Alone in the World (Anime Version)
---Alone the World: Alone the World
---OC Remix: Not Alone in the World
To the End of the Wilderness Plays when you load a game.
---Feeling Wind: To the End of the Wilderness
---Rocking Heart: At the End of the Wilderness (ver. Detonator)
---Twilight Venom: Into the Wilderness (Anime Version)
---OC ReMix: A Symphonic Tale
---OC ReMix: Weeping Shards (Also mixed in with Crystal World from Final Fantasy IX)
---Krysmphoenix: To the End of the Wilderness Uses SKBasis' lyrics.

Disk 2 of 4 (Complete!)
Princess Sorceress Cecilia's theme.
Adlehyde Castle Theme for Adlehyde Castle.
---Feeling Wind: Town
The Power to Control Battle theme with main party.
---Rocking Heart: Critical Hit
Plight Plays at random destructive cutscenes.
Adlehyde Castle Town Theme for Downtown Adlehyde.
Morning Call An awesome inn theme.
Ancient Civilization Exhibition Plays during the ACE.
World of Loudening Screams Plays when Adlehyde is attacked.
From Anxiety to Impatience Plays while sneaking around the castle.
Berserker Berserk's battle theme.
Determination, and Plays as King Justin dies.
---Feeling Wind: Determination, and...
Funeral March Plays during the funeral cutscene.
---Krysmphoenix: Funeral March (English)
---Karaoke: Funeral March
Row of Houses Plays for most towns.
Ordinary Day Plays for random cheerful cutscenes.
The Power Which Supports the World Dungeon theme for Guardian Shrine.
Regret Plays for random regretful cutscenes.
Scheme Plays for random scheming cutscenes.
Big Entrance Plays for random Jane entrances.
Ruined Town Plays at destroyed towns.
Uncertainty Plays at Elw Shrines.
The Sweet Candy Plays on the ship.
False Wedding on the Sea Plays for Bartholomew's and Cecilia's "wedding."
I Hate But Love Zed's theme.
---Rocking Heart: Wh-What? (Zed's Theme)
Puzzle Plays in Puzzle Boxes.
Clear You just cleared a Puzzle Box!

Disk 3 of 4 (Complete!)
Warrior's Whistle Boomerang's theme.
Sense of Solidarity Plays for random world saving cutscenes.
Mad Poet Alhazad's theme.
Leave it to Me Jane's battle theme.
---Rocking Heart: Leave it to Me
Photosphere Theme for the Photosphere.
G's Roar Plays for Golem battles.
---Rocking Heart: G's Roar
Holy Mother of Darkness Mother's theme.
Companions Plays for random Big Damn Heroes cutscenes.
Battle and Pleasure Plays at Devil's Playground
Game Plays at the arena fights in Devil's Playground.
Threat Plays at random threatening cutscenes.
Destructive Power Running Rampant Plays at random destructive cutscenes.
The Silent You Game Over theme.
The Elw Dimension Plays on the world map for Elw Borea,
Sealed Town Plays at Baskar Village, and the Elw village areas.
Grandfather Plays for flashbacks of Zepet Roughnight.
Liberation Plays when awakening Guardian Lords.
Take-off Plays for random preperation cutscenes.
Wings of the Bird God Plays while flying in Proto/Gullwing.
Tornado Plays for Hanpan's adventures!
Steel Shiketsu Theme for the Quarter Knights meetings.
ABYSS Plays nonstop in the Abyss.
Catching a Glimpse of Hell Ragu O Ragula's battle theme.

Disk 4 of 4 (Complete!)
Remorse and Promise Song for the prologue, when you linger on the title screen.
Yearning Variation of Remorse and Promise, plays for sad moments.
Murdering Princess Lady Harken's theme.
The Demon Tower that Pierces the Heavens The rise of Ka Dingel.
Ka Dingel Dungeon theme for Ka Dingel
War Demon Boomerang's battle theme.
Loneliness Plays when Boomerang is defeated.
Malduke Plays in Malduke, the final dungeon.
Demon Spear Zeikfried's theme.
Sudden Change Plays for random "let me show you my true form" moments.
It's Not Over Yet Plays for random "let me show you my true true form" moments.
Destruction of All Creation Mother's battle theme.
Reflecting on Heaven Plays for random Deus Ex Machina moments.
Windward Birds Final Boss Battle Theme.
---Rocking Heart: Windward Birds
---Krysmphoenix: Windward Birds (English)
---Karaoke: Windward Birds
Ashes to Ashes Plays for the destruction of Ka Dingel
Goodnight, Earth Gals Plays for Cecilia's monologue to Asgard
---Alone the World: Lullaby
The Prologue Beginning From here Plays for the ending cutscenes.
Footprints Plays for the credits.
---Feeling Wind: Footprints
---Krysmphoenix: Footprints (English)
---Karaoke: Footprints
Bonus Track Plays for the secret ending.

Rocking Heart: Gunmetal Action
Rocking Heart: FATE BREAKER
Rocking Heart: That is Where the Spirit Becomes Certain
Rocking Heart: Battle Force
Rocking Heart: Battle VS Liz and Ard
Rocking Heart: There's Only One Family Named Schrodinger
Rocking Heart: I Look Up to the Sky Because You are There
Rocking Heart: Dungeon - Ruins Type 2
Rocking Heart: This Burden is the Weight of Life, This Meaning is the Reason to Live
Rocking Heart: Gun Blaze
Rocking Heart: Battle vs Lord Blazer

Feeling Wind: You'll Never be Alone
Feeling Wind: Ordinary Scenery
Feeling Wind: 1st Ignition
Feeling Wind: The Three Treasure Hunter Girls
---Twilight Venom: The 3 Treasure Hunter Girls
Feeling Wind: as time goes by ~Never Forget Me~
Feeling Wind: Wings
Feeling Wind: Feeling the Bonds
Feeling Wind: The One I Want to Meet the Most
Feeling Wind: Totally Busy
Feeling Wind: Ready! Lady Gunner!

Alone the World: What Kind of Time But, One Man Does Not
Alone the World: Night Sky
Alone the World: Resistance Line
Alone the World: Number One Meets the Pained Man
Alone the World: Miracle
Alone the World: Fly High! Sky High!
Alone the World: Nothing but the Unknown Night Sky
Alone the World: Zephyrs's
Alone the World: Advanced Wind
Alone the World: Wings
Alone the World: Continuous (2002)
Alone the World: Distance
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