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Part 27: Bartholomew will be missed.

Last time we caught the Evil Guardian and restored Rudy's arm through the power of Love. Now he has a super badass upgrade to Lock-On and this game is basically going to be a joke until I hit bonus content. All that's left is to go back to Filgaia and see what Emma's got in store for us.
Currently under an Amber alert for , but under an Infrared alert for auto-paced cutscenes.

But first, since Rudy has Radar, I can use him to start looking random barrels again, including yet another Alter Part. Seriously, once you get the Alter Scope, you find these all over the place now. Fortunately, they are still useful.

In addition, a cave in Sinner's Studio contains a few boxes that are hiding this chest. You need to blow up the boxes with Rudy, and then Radar there to find the Secret Tools. This item will serve a use later on.

Meanwhile, in the Forest Prison, there are a lot more of these, but they are all Duplicator chests. Of the two chests here, the one on the right contains a Crest Graph so I grab that at least. Still hoarding the Duplicators until I know I have enough for the rest of these chests in the game. You need a lot.

Lafleur: If it was not for his knowledge of alchemy, we could not have driven out the demons during the Great Demon War 1,000 years ago.
Everyone has new lines to say, including some for Rudy now. This one is relatively significant, as if you remember that Fulcani appeared in the Ruins of Memory, so his name is the key to the loot within.

At Tarjon Village, there is a cave underneath the waterfall (when isn't there a cave there?) and there are three chests to Radar up. You have to use Hanpan to reach them though. Just PS Gaia Stop, Water Break and Blue Circlet, each Lv. 2.

And there are still more chests at the Holy Wood Mound. These contain Witch: Ep. 7, a LVL Apple, and PS Windbreaker, Ice Break and Olive Branch; each one Lv. 2 again. These are a bitch to get because you have to deal with the cliffs, so you have to make at least three trips from the top of the staircase down to get all of them.

: I was going to go with you.
: I'm by myself, but I'm not alone anymore. I'd like to hurry home, and take care of my flowers.
: That's your mission, isn't it?
: Yes, but not to atone... Filgaia is where my favorite people live. I want to do my best. I think I love Filgaia more than ever...

She then walks away to return to the Garden. Good. I missed farming Force Carrots.
: Let's go back to Adlehyde for now. Everyone is waiting for our return.

Once we leave the Holy Wood Mound, we get hit with a cutscene that paces itself. So it's. Really. Sloooooooowww.... Gets on your nerves when you have to redo and update four times because of recording issues that popped up each time. By this point, when these cutscenes popped up, I would get on the Archives on my other monitor and start reading random SSLPs until the cutscene was done.

Looks like Jane and Magdalen were waiting for us.

Jack kinda waves back, the rest just ignore her.

Not quite the response she wanted.

Jane runs over, and slides on the dirt with her heel and stops right in front of Cecilia.
: Be careful running on the slope like that...
: When I'm calling you, the least you can do is answer!

...those heels I mentioned? Ouch.

Rudy jumps up and down on his good foot in pain, but because he's a Silent Protagonist, he can't scream in pain. Sorry boy, it was part of the contract.
: Rudy, this young lady was worried, a great deal.
: Worried?! Who was worried?! Anyway, it's none of your business!

Hanpan shakes his head in disbelief, and then Jack nods in agreement with Hanpan. They don't buy it.
: Well, forget about all that! There's something going on! Let's hurry back to Adlehyde!

This scene is a bit weird. Everyone's walking forward, but Jane's walking backwards so she can still talk to the group And it's still auto-paced.
: Hey! Slow down! You gotta explain... What's the big deal?
: Ahem! Anyway, it is wonderful. It's the invention of the century!! Don't be so surprised... Professor Emma's doubtful research, might become a reality! The Flying Machine! F.L.Y.I.N.G. M.A.C.H.I.N.E!!
: Really? I wonder...
: The only thing great about that professor is her ego.
: You're disgusting!! Hey you, honor student! Give me an answer!!
: Well, if it's a Flying Machine... Maybe it's a machine that flies?
Thank you Captain Obvious.
: Yes! It is a wonderful, Flying Machine!!
No problem Lieutenant Sarcasm, actually Jane isn't sarcastic with that line at all. She must really be excited for the Flying Machine. Or Rudy, can't tell.
: During the Great War 1000 years ago, I heard that they had vehicles that reached not only the sky, but also to the stars... But, using current technology... How is possible to fly in the sky? What did you use?!
: I'm not sure about that... Professor Emma's been working on how to fly for a long time. The trial product for that is something called the Emma Motor. The machine rattles. But it didn't have enough power to fly in the sky. So it was never used, but it didn't have enough power to fly in the sky. So it was never really used...
: So... How'd did you finish it?
: It seems that she obtained some sort of research information.
: Ah, and while you were gone...she was examining Asgard's innards.
...I'm pretty sure I put Asgard on an island far away from Adlehyde. I guess they could reach it with the Sweet Candy, but that Golem would crush the boat with it's weight, and there is no way Asgard would go with them, he only listens to Cecilia.
: Is that right...?!
: Let's hurry, or we'll miss the test flight!

Nice view...but I'm not sure where this is supposed to be, or that forest from the previous scene. And if we're supposed to be close to Aldehyde, how the hell did we get here? There's an entire ocean to cross to get to Aldehyde from Holy Wood Mound!
Note: Also, for the next twenty images...they got stretched for some unknown reason. I really have no idea why this happened.

: That strange captain was assigned as the test pilot... He is scared of heights... He was sniveling and crying like a baby. Of course, I ignored him. Usually, a monkey or dog would be used, but none were available. So, the honor went to him.
: ...Poor captain...
: If things go wrong, his spirit might be shot out from the force of gravity... From what I know of him, there's no chance he'll go to heaven if he dies...
: Everyone, it seems that the test flight has already started.

The test flight is not going well....
: Oh, shoot!
: The captain is...riding in that thing!?

: dwwwwaaaaa! By god's invisible hand!
There's an oddity with these two lines of the Captain. Remember how I said the game paces these text-boxes, so you can't close them early? Well...these only stay on screen for a fraction of a second, so you can't really read them. Fortunately, because I recorded these before hand, I can!
Anyway, back to the peanut gallery...

: Captain! Smile, smile!! You must smile at a time like this! You'll be demoted in the next world!

: How much fuel was it carrying?
: I don't know the details, but I did hear something about weapons...
: Now is the time for a decision. Rescue first, or report first?
: From the looks of that crash, we'll be lucky to find his remains...
: Don't worry. Before I restrained him in his seat, I checked his height.
: ...Wow, how clever of you... Now we don't have to measure him for his casket...
Wow, the party just got filled with heartless bastards that don't care for---aw, who the hell am I kidding. It's Captain Bartholomew. No one cares about him.

Looks like it's report first. Also, finally free of auto-paced cutscenes! These let me pace it so it doesn't take forever!
: It may be helpful for the pilot to have more confidence in flying. I should install a hypnosis device in there...
: Is the Captain all right?
: What? Ah yes... He earned a gold medal in the napping competition. While you have some time, why don't you visit the hospital in town? You will meet a miraculous survivor of the catastrophe. Speaking of survivors... Let me look at you, Rudy.

This makes me wonder how Emma feels about Rudy. On one hand, she was also a student of Zepet, and Rudy was his "grandson", so maybe she acts like an aunt to Rudy? Unlike Jane, Cecilia and Mariel, I'm pretty sure she isn't involved in Rudy's love triangle; or at least she doesn't act like it.
: How come Rudy and Bartholomew are treated so differently...
: Are you concerned for the Captain? You must feel a bond with him. After all, you both have short legs.
: Back off!
: OK. Let's discuss the main topic now that we are all together again. Before we start, let me present the main man, err, woman of our vigilante group, the one and only Master Anje!

Looks like Anje brought soup for everyone!
: With Master Anje present, are we ready to discuss the Guardians?
: Yes. There has been a disturbance in the world of Guardians. I'm sure you are all aware of who the responsible party is.

Nope, it's just the Layline Observer again, from Cecilia's prologue.
: We detected a very strong interference against the Guardians' power. Both powers almost cancel each other out. The interference is quite massive.
: This confirms that the demons truly intend to annihilate the Guardians.
: Is it possible to detect the origin of the interference point?
: ...Yes, it's possible. Let me see. It originated southwest of Adlehyde at Pandemonium, an old battle site. It is not easy to get to the area because it is surrounded by steep mountains.
: Nothing is easy I suppose... Any ideas?
: Of course! This is why I have been working hard on the aviation device. Unfortunately, it is not complete yet.
: I think I saw one crashing...
: I just need one more part installed to stabilize the output of the device. It's a 'Gemini Circuit', which can independently magnify and control the output energy of the aviation device.
I'm pretty sure such a thing is impossible, but then again, this is a Western-Sci-fi-Fantasy JRPG, nothing makes sense.
: It took me and Magdalen a while to figure it out while you were away.
: If you knew, why did you test the aviation device without the 'Gemini Circuit'?
: We should have no problem getting to the interference point, once the aviation
device is complete. But first, I need you to get me the 'Gemini Circuit'.
: Based on the meaning of 'Gemini', there must be two parts that make up the circuit. Why don't Rudy and his company take charge of one while my lady and I take care of the other? I am counting on you to investigate the ruins known as 'Gemini's Corpse', which are located east of Court Seim.
: The Captain may not be well yet, but he needs to be discharged from the hospital to guide us through the sea route.
: The Captain... I feel badly for him... Is he well enough to travel?
: Wait a second. How do you expect us to get there? Oh no... No... No, we are not...
: Yes you are. But don't worry. As long as you keep the altitude low, the Emma Motor will not explode.
: I wish I could take your place, but I have to go now. Take care.☆
: Quit whining. You will get there somehow, right? Now, come with me to the secret base.
: A secret base? Where is that?
: It's a secret; the location is confidential. If you don't mind... I need to blindfold you before I can take you to the secret base.

So much for being blindfolded... also, we're back to auto-pacing.
: When was this large facility built? My dear Adlehyde...
: You are violating quite a few regulations by creating such a thing... We might find you in the public courthouse, later.
: Are you telling me that I should have obtained a proper permit in this time of urgency? With or without it, I started the construction. Hey Princess, get retroactive approval for me.
Haha, I love Emma. "I'm not going to wait for approval, the world is at stake here! Now get out of my way! For Science! "

That's our flying machine? It doesn't look aerodynamic at all... and what the hell kind of studies have they been doing in the Sea of Wind Epitaph? The front looks like an old World War 2 plane, the swept back wings weren't thought of until I think around the time the B-2 Bombers came around, and you've got spinning blades which makes me think of a helicopter, but then you have a jet engine as well. What the entry way reminds me of a blimp. The hell is this monstrosity?
: The 'Walpurgis Night' theory aviation body with my 'Emma Motor'! They combined to form everyone's dream! The aviation device!! It's like a phoenix's wing!! I call it, 'Gullwing'!!! ...and it's test model, 'Protowing'.
Emma, it's a bit early for a phoenix metaphor...
: It sure sounds great, but it is in for an imminent crash. So sad...
: If you ask me, everything that goes up, must come down.
: All right! Steadiness and controlling the output... That's the key here.
: That is easier said than done... And you do not sound all that confident.
: My skill and my love for Filgaia deserve some trust... Don't you all agree? ...Let's leave that aside... To make 'Protowing' complete, I need everyone's cooperation, all right? Do you understand the importance of splitting the team into two in order to obtain the two Gemini Circuits within a limited time? How is 'Protowing' coming along?

: Are they...
: These are my loyal assistants who helped with the excavation at 'Lolithia's Coffin'.
Peyton: Our boss, Emma, loves to make us work no matter what!
: They are the perfect candidates to test my proud creation. Bring the machine into Gate 14 before they change their minds. Are you ready? Here we go!! 'Protowing'... Go!!!

Huh, it actually flies. And it looks like the wings extend forward once it's powered up, so it doesn't quite have the swept back wings. From this angle, this actually looks a bit like a proper aircraft. Who needs the Wright Brothers when we have Emma!

I have a lot of mixed feelings over this song. In the original game, the flying theme was one of my favorites because of the flute and the fast pace, it really gave the sensation like you were soaring above the clouds like a bird. This you can tell, it got turned metal. It takes away from the miracle of flight...but I cannot deny that this arrangement is still pretty awesome. It's just awesome in a much different way.
Anyway, flying with this thing is actually rather fun, since it's rather fast, although you can't go over mountains yet with it...which are everywhere. It's not that big of a problem though, since you can still reach a lot of areas with it. For now, I'm using it to reach the Ruins of Memory, which is a safe walking distance from Aldehyde. But I'm flying. WEEEE!

Entering Fulcani into the system opens up this door, leading to three chests containing 2000 Gella, Monster Egg, and a Migrant Seal. Now what's the Monster Egg? I'll save that for the post-game content. It has a bonus boss in it.

But wait! There's more! Entering Keeper, Fulcani's alias, opens up a hidden passage in the wall! This one leads to Ambrosia, 5000 Gella, and a Crest Graph. Not as exciting, but the Crest Graph is still very nice.
Speaking of which, the first thing I do is go back to Adlehyde to learn some more spells. Dispel Cancel will remove positive buffs on enemies, which is good because enemies tend to start with them more often now, and Restore Vaccine will remove negative ones on us, including stuff like poison. With the third Crest Graph I have, I pick up Mirror Mirror again.
I sell the LVL Apple to scrounge up enough money to get another Bullets upgrade for Rudy, so he's now got 12 of them. The 10 Alter Parts I have go to give Gatling Raid five more shots, which I'll need now that I can use it with Rinse & Repeat thanks to Lock-On Active. I can only shove two more upgrades on Rudy's ARM now. If I want to give him more bullets, I'll have to destroy the 4 upgrades to ATK. The "Reset Upgrade to Default" option only affects one of the five possible upgrades at a time, not all five at once, so I won't lose my upgrades in Bullets when that happens.

Mariel had 21 Force Carrots to give us, which I gave right back to her, along with a lot of other stuff. All of those go to 0, although I still keep 3 Revive Fruits at all times just in case. Not done with Force Carrots quite yet, but I get the feeling I'm getting very close. Probably move to Small Flowers next, since I can't really steal those, and Small Flowers will take a long time.

Fun note: The Sweet Candy has been moved out at sea, so we can't use it at all right now. I guess Bartholomew's alright after all.

The highlighted red dot is Gemini's Corpse, which you can reach by going south from the Photosphere, because that's the only way in there that isn't surrounded by mountains. The red dot in the black area way to the south is Pandemonium.

Gathering many small powers will be a big dream.

The song here is from Wild ARMs 2, which had a lot of names without much flavor. Since Gemini's Corpse looks like a set of ruins right out of Indiana Jones, I figure this song is appropriate.

Pretty early in the dungeon, you get put in a fork in the path, one going ahead, the other to the side. This is actually that side passage, which takes down some cliffs we can't climb back on. Despite what it looks like, this is the correct way forward.
Also, back to normal sized pictures.

Because you get the Grenade this way. The Grenade is Rudy's fourth tool.

When you throw it, it creates a very slow moving grenade While the grenade is moving, Rudy is free to move around; and you have to. When it hits something, the grenade creates a bomb sized explosion (and functions like a bomb in most cases). The crystal orb thing the grenade is going to activate doesn't stay active very long, but when it is it turns the cliff into a staircase we can walk up. The goal here is to throw, run, and hope you make it in time. A surprisingly challenging puzzle for the very first use of this tool in the game, but now you basically know everything about it so it works..

This is why you needed to go down to the side first, otherwise you wouldn't be able to hit these.

The enemies here aren't too challenging, but can be annoying. Devonnova is exactly what it looks like: a giant turtle with the DEF of a giant turtle. In fact, it starts with Increased DEF and RES at the start of battle, but Cancel will remove it. Or you can not remove it and nearly kill it with Acute Angle. That works too.

Fiends aren't that tough with low defense so Rudy and Jack can pummel it pretty easily, but it likes using Tsohanoai's Solar Wind. The Fiend also likes using its basic attack as a counter attack a lot, and occasionally summons minions which didn't happen this run. And then there's HP Buster, which decreases Max HP, as if the character fell in battle and wasn't revived.

This is Tsohanoai's Solar Wind, which deals Fire and Wind damage at the same time. I'm not sure if it deals more damage this way, but if you have Breaks for both, the damage will still go down. It's Downloadable, so I might see how it works with Emma later. Looks pretty cool though.

A mere roadblock telling you to pull out the Gloves again.

What the hell is this? There's a statue up ahead that we can check it out too.
My desire is the power of Evil. Offer me the power that I desire. Do you want to make an offering?
: Yes || No

The candles then light up, and the pit opens allowing us to jump down and move ahead. What was the offering?

All of Jack, Cecilias and Rudy's MP. Jacks' got MP Repair, so he's fine, and Cecilia now has Love Charm which can get some MP back no problem.

Also, all these bullets for Gatling Raid make it useful outside of boss battles too! That's not the only thing it's trivializing!

Like I said, Love Charm recovers MP based on Cecilia's Level. She's about Lv. 41-ish here, so she gets about 41% back, plus one for smacking someone over the head with her staff.

Gatling Raid the other and...huh? That's an unusually large difference in damage there. What the hell? I thought Gatling Raid was supposed to only count the enemy's DEF once? I hit the Fiend with 12 bullets and the Demonova with 11 Bullets. It's the same battle so Luck shouldn't have changed at all. Both had Lock-On...this is odd. Maybe it does count defense multiple times per shot?
Devonova's got 320 DEF to Fiend's 81. With 12 Bullets, that's almost a 3000 change in damage...yet I'm missing another 1000 damage somewhere. I really have no idea, but now I realize just how much influence the enemies Defense has on Gatling Raid: A lot. I should probably invest in Chop-Chop again.

At the bottom of the pit is a platform you can use with the Jump Boots to get back up, so it's not a one-way dungeon.

These crystal orb thingies also lower staircases...but if you're going down that doesn't matter at all. This room should have been reversed.

Do you want to make an offering?
: Yes || No
There are three of these offering statues in the room, and this time they suck away half your HP and half your VIT...per statue. Ouch.

You know, despite how much I hated getting all those Potion Berries from the Rat Monkeys way back when...I'm actually using the damn things quite often. RNG has a sense of humor I guess. Fuck it anyway.

The Grenade explosion seems larger than a bombs, actually, because there are a number of puzzles involving aiming just right to activate multiple orbs at once. When all four are open, you can proceed on to the loot room! It contains Lucky Card, Gella Card, Gimel Coin, 2 Mimics (+2 Duplicators) guarding a PS Initiative and best of all, Cartridge Gun Claymore.
Gun Claymore is Rudy's (second) best single-target Cartridge. It doesn't affect his Reaction or Accuracy, and has an awesome Tech Constant of 5. Remember that the normal shot has 2 and the Boosted Shell has 3. Unfortunately Gun Claymore only starts with one bullet, and you need three alter parts to improve it. It may get an extra shot or two, depending on how I'm feeling with my Alter Parts later on. Probably not though.

But it certainly looks pretty.

You know what this means. GERONIMO!!!

At the bottom of the pit is an elevator that brings you up to the top. A useless trap, but it's amusing. It might mean more if jumping down a pit actually, you know, hurt the player instead of sending them back to the entrance of the room with no penalty.

The giant chest up there is our prize. You have to destroy the four orbs surrounding it to lower the chest so you can open it.
There is a giant treasure chest. Is the Gemini Circuit inside?

Nope. Playing the boss theme here...been a long time since I got to play it, surprisingly, what with all the Quarter Knights and Golems we've fought since Sea of Wind Epitaph.

These are the Zukauba, an annoying boss that loves to use the Inject Poison attack. Problem is, their Attack is really low, so only Cecilia takes damage from Inject Poison (doesn't help she started the battle with low HP due to no VIT). Their chance of inflicting Poison though is relatively high, so you wanna take out all eight fast. They are also weak to all elements, but you do not want to hit them with an elemental attack, because then they'll counter attack the entire party with that same element, and their Magic is rather high.

The best way I've seen is to use Blade Pulse twice, to lower their HP a bit (they only have 2900 each).

And then finish them off with Ice Crystal. They can't counterattack the killing move, and if you hit multiple enemies with an elemental attack, only one of them can actually counter attack anyway. As a whole, they drop 20000 EXP, 4800 Gella, a single PS Resist Up 3 and 8 Ice Gems because I'm awesome. Everyone also gets large EXP Bonus Rates with this battle, Jack and Rudy getting 1.6x, with Cecilia getting 2.6x for killing them all.

: I don't know. Can two of these things make that flying coffin safe? I don't believe it.
: Isn't it about time we get this Gemini Circuit to the unit? Let's go back to Adlehyde.
We then get warped out...this entire dungeon kinda feels a bit like filler as there wasn't that much interesting.

: Everyone did well and I did a great job assigning you to the task! As soon as we obtain the other part of the Gemini Circuit, I can complete the 'Protowing!'
A soldier suddenly runs in.
Gaf: I have an update from the Sweet Candy! They are on their way back after acquiring the second part of the Gemini Circuit!
: Sounds like everyone has been successful. Looks like I'm going to be busy pretty soon.
Gaf: Another update from the Sweet Candy! They've encountered a Golem in the inland sea!! They need backup at once... ...It looks bad...

: ...What rotten timing...

: We need to go! Are you ready, Princess?
: Yes!
: Wait for me! I'm coming with you!!

Cue more auto-paced cutscenes. You thought we were free yet? Ha! Anyway, we cut to Bartholomew, Jane and Magdalen on the ship. Bartholomew's giving orders, Jane's panicking, and Magdalen is calm as can be. The golem looks like a giant stingray? Right now the golems just leaping in and out of the water, circling the Sweet Candy. It doesn't look like it's attacked quite yet.
: We finally obtained one of the 'Gemini Circuits' for this? Hey, Captain! Do something! The ship is now a high-speed cruiser, right? Then, do you have anything installed like a secret weapon in case of emergency?
: My ship is a trader, not a battleship! Jane, you can beg all you want. It only goes faster, that's it. Nothing else!

...really Jane? In a time of life or death crisis, you're going to use the fact that Bartholomew has a thing for younger women to try and convince him to save your life?
: There is no 'something else!!'
: Lady, we must hurry... We are getting awfully close to tea time.
: OK then... It is a shame, but we must abandon ship! We cannot risk our lives!! Are you all with me?
It cuts to three random sailors on the lower deck, saluting her.
All sailors: Aye aye, Captain!!
: I don't want them thinking we ran away... OK then, this will buy us some time... I am crashing the ship right into it!!
: Wait, who is the captain here? I thought I was in charge here... What happened?

: Butler... You still trust me...?
: Well, I just thought you had the biggest body here.

: ...Oh, I see...
: We aren't too far from shore! Put on lifejackets, everyone! This is an order! Let's go!!

We see those three quickly jump off the ship, as the giant stone stingray collides with the ship.

The sailors are crying, and even Jane looks a little sad as she looks out at the ocean.

: I never thought the ship would sink...
: Oh, wait! What happened to the Gemini Circuit... Oops, I meant that old man... Captain Bartholomew. I don't see the captain's huge body floating around anywhere.
: Allow me to explain what transpired... We saw a stone creature similar to the one you were acquainted with, Asgard. There was no way of retaliating, thus we resorted to abandoning the ship. I Jumped into the ocean with my lady, while the captain jumped with a box containing the 'Gemini Circuit'... ... ... ... He may have reached a different shore... Because we are the only ones here.
: This is terrible... But I can't picture a middle-aged man sinking into the deep blue sea with a treasure box...
: I feel horrible for having him carry the box.
: Thank God I wasn't hanging onto him.
: I suppose we must postpone the update. We cannot solve anything by staying here. Why don't we return to Adlehyde?
Actually, that sounds like a good idea, since this update is getting pretty long. Just a little bit more though.

End of update status:
: Level 38 → 40
--ATK Bonus: 45 (Lv. 4)
--Bullets: 11 (Lv. 8) → 12 (Lv. 9)
--Gatling Raid: +5 Shots.
--Obtained Gun Claymore.
: Level 40 → 41
--All current Fast Draw's mastered.
: Level 41 → 43
--Learned Cancel, Vaccine and Mirror Mirror
Gella: 8228
Migrant Seals: 10
Ex. File Keys: 4/25
Fuck-Ups: 25

Version Differences:
The Protowing really changed in design, as before it looked like some kind of Ornithopter with an engine.
The boss of Gemini's Corpse is definitely much different. No giant mecha-dragon coming out of nowhere. Dammit.
Worth mentioning that the Heaven Corridor doesn't exist in this game, since Azure visited it in this part of his LP.

A Saying A Day
: (August 20th) Today's saying is that a crab digs a hole like its shell. In other words, 'live within your means.' But, sometimes by digging a bigger hole, your shell will grow to fit it.
: (August 21st) Today's saying is that immorality is a magic broth making all things tasty. Immorality is like monosodium glutamate, so to speak. But, it this really true? To test this, I decided to do research. I ate candy without getting permission from my mom. The immorality was wonderful. I'd eat the candy again.
: (August 22nd) Today's saying is that if you don't bet you can't win. I've always wanted to win a sweepstakes. I never buy a ticket though. I guess this saying means I'll never win.
: (August 23rd) Today's saying is, 'divide and conquer.' Any opposing force becomes weaker when its force is divided. This is an old, military wisdom.
: (August 24th) Today's saying is that reason withdraws from an unjust mind. This means that unjust people are not reasonable. People who cheat and lie and commit crimes expect others to be like them. Their thoughts are full of treachery so they see it everywhere.
: (August 25th) Today's saying is, 'do one thing at a time.' A person can become great by following this philosophy. Trying to follow this, I do one thing at 1 pm. After that I always take a nap. And an 1 am, I am asleep, of course. I hope sleeping is counted as one thing.
: (August 26th) The saying is that a rose is a rose even called by different names. A saying is a saying, when called an idiom, idiomatic expression, or idiomatic phrase. It's kind of late to say that. Sometimes, people are confused. I'd better give a clearer explanation.

Next Time:

Hanpan gets lost on his search for cheese..