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Part 24: The password to Password is Password.

Last time we stormed the Demon's Lab, learned that Lady Harken is really Elmina, Jack has random amnesia and can't decide if he remembers someone or not, and Zeikfried started firing giant lasers at us and sucked us into an inter-dimensional portal.

And now we're in space!
: Shoot... What the hell is going on!?
: So you've finally awakened. Welcome. You are in the subspace created by the Gate Generator.

A swirling purple "enemy encounter" orb appears above the party.
: You mean, we are inside of the gate!
: I prefer to think of it as... your tomb!

We only fight one Doppelganger here, which at first appears like this...

But on it's first turn, it turns into one of the party members; and it moves really fast so I can't pull a Voyeur on it in it's natural state. The Doppelgangers of the characters have the exact same stats as the character currently has, and drops EXP equal to 10x the level of the cloned party member. In addition, they'll use their special moves as well. Rudy fires cartridges, Jack uses Fast Draw and Cecilia uses random magic spells; usually the elemental ones. Because I crammed PS HP Ups on my party, these guys have a lot of HP but really are not a threat.

There are lightning sound effects going around, like we damaged something in the fight.
: Battling in subspace could create a shock effect that would destabilize and destroy it.
: You set a trap for us. Are you just going to watch and wait from where you're safely perched? If I were you, I would not be so confident that your comfy little nest is so secure. You may think we are trapped, but I see this "trap" as an opportunity to hunt down a fearful coward. So until we come, please wait there, shivering in your boots.
: Skinny, dwarfish, vulgar... Humans are hopeless! ...I will fight you!! Come to me and let me show you the price you pay for insolence!
I'm pretty sure there is a section in the Evil Overlord list that once you have the Heroes in your death trap...YOU DO NOT LET THEM ESCAPE FROM YOUR DEATH TRAP.

The new world beyond the gate will reveal his truth.

Welcome to the Gate Generator! As you can see in our landing area, there's a bit of debris and charred...stuff. This is a one-time dungeon that you can't return to, so make sure you pick up ALL the loot here.

The only enemy encounter here are more Doppelgangers, but they are dispatched...well, not quickly but I'm a lot smarter than them and they don't use Force abilities.

Although Doppel-Jack seems to like doing a one-two hit combo with his basic attack. Purely a cosmetic change.

Meanwhile, in the next room, we see Zed drop a platform, preventing us from getting across.
: Irresponsible comrades... Buck-passers and daydreamers... Long time no see! Genius always arrives unexpectedly! Before you know it, it's gone! Good bye, everyone! Good bye!

Riiiight. Anyway, he's just standing there, so I have Cecilia use the Change Staff on him.

...except this traps us and lets Zed get away.

Let's try that again, this time using Jack to grapple across.
: Do you think me a fool?! I heard that punchline yesterday! It will take more than that to satisfy me!!
...I'm not even fully sure what he's saying anymore...

He lowers the giant bridge, runs across, and then forces it to fall down again.
: It is sad to say for one such as I, but today's task is held up! I must scheme! I must come up with a super-duper idea to release you from this mortal coil... One that highlights my magnificence!!
Grappling him again will not work, because he'll just deflect it with his sword.
: You thought that I would repeat the same mistake over and over?! That sounds like something you would do!
Same mistake over and over, you say? Fine then, let's try our first mistake again.

Change Staff lets us progress, and places him on the platform.
: Don't be such a jerk! Here is the deal! I am putting my heart into it, working so hard!
He then just runs off the ledge, but we haven't seen the last of him.

This is the only chest in the dungeon, make sure you get it. Not just because it's permanently missable...

But it has Zed show you where the hidden pressure plate is to open the door. Just use the Jump Boots to get through. There's also the save crystal there which fully heals the party. That's rather nice, because the Doppelganger fights take a while and can hit a little bit harder than I'm used to.

As you can see, Rudy's on the right platform. The wheel raises Rudy up while lowering Zed. After saying this, Zed starts turning his wheel so we fall to the bottom. However, using the Power Glove overpowers him.
: Only uncouth barbarians scheme to show force! You're so behind the times! Anyway, the party train ends here! Everybody off!

The next stop on the party train has Zed across a pit next to a security station. He activates it, and the only way across (grates hanging over the pit) slides out of the way so we can't reach them.

Looks like just using the machine won't work. Let's see if a Tool can help us out.

Change Staff and the Wire Hook won't work, as he just deflects both with his sword.

He even cuts the fire in half!

Right. The solution here is to just use Rudy on the computer. For some unknown reason, he can understand it; just like on the Ghost Ship. Curious.
: What the?! No one told me they have a boy who can handle ARM... Releasing the security is nothing for him! Cheaters! Cheaters! A human can handle ARM... What in the world?! That power was originally our power! Give it back, you thieves!! do realize you fought Rudy once already....right? Anyway, this moves the grate back so we can get across.

The next room has two orange gems over a pit, and two white gems so you can teleport across and back safely and use the lever to open the door further on. However, doing so causes Zed to run out and steal your white gem return route.
: Oh, you think you accomplished something? Well, prepare to be knocked off your feet... Most super-especially this time.
Obviously, the solution is to change the platforms back to gems before you pull the lever.
: Is that all your tiny brains can manage? I would expect more, myself. But such brilliance is not for everyone. I have nothing to be ashamed of. I'll be preparing for my next chapter. Now follow me, and hurry!

...that's a good army.
: More than half are under our control, just like Lolithia! This one, Diablo, is one of them! Stop? Never! Nothing will stop us! Feel Diablo's heat! Feel it burn!

Diablo mostly like's using physical attacks. This one, Double Gigantic Press deals about 600 damage, so even Cecilia can withstand it no problem.

However, Diablo also has Flaming Zone, which causes it to Activate, and increase it's stats. I think all the Golem fights use their Zone.

Afterward, it'll generally start charging for a powerful attack, which is Plasma Fireball, a decently powerful Fire-elemental attack against a single target in the following turn. Really, this boss is weak because it needs to charge up for that attack, which (assuming it deals double damage with Flaming Zone) anyone in the party could survive with full HP.

Dealing 1000+ damage while it's charging will cancel Plasma Fireball. This also finishes the fight because Diablo only has about 6800 HP and the whole party was going on full-offense.

Amusingly, the game didn't expect you to defeat Diablo right then, because it gives us a tutorial message telling us how to properly defeat Diablo while it's showing Diablo going through it's death animation. Honestly, this whole fight reminds me of a little child hiding his parents keys in an obvious hiding spot, and then leaving "clues" to make it easier to find. The child/game thinks they have the ultimate strategy and need to make it easier...when it was never difficult in the first place.
Oh, and just to show how badly I steamrolled Diablo, Jack used an Accelerated Strike Buddy that turn with Rinse & Repeat active. If this didn't defeat Diablo, the next hit would have. Remember how Jack did 3000+ damage to a Mega Apple with it? That's because the Mega Apple has 1 Evasion, which Diablo will also have while it's charging. Regardless, defeating Diablo gives us 10000 EXP and 3000 Gella, as well as PS Fire Break 3.

: Handling ARM and catching Golems... You might almost be cool enough to hang with me! OK! Here comes the next big game plan!! Enjoy the big finish! ... ... ...!! Right after this!!!

: It's time to play the game of Password! Let me explain the rules: To open the shutter, you need to input Password. You can only try twice! Na,ha, ha! I've heard that mothers are puzzled by baby's teething fever. Do your best! Don't waste time.

Let's see, It'll just open no matter what we use, right? Let's use DUMBASS, like Azure.
: So here you are... Couldn't figure out Password? I envy you guys! No attention span! Brainless! Life must be so easy!
The same trick won't work twice. Let's try something else. Something Zed might use.

: So here you are... Couldn't figure out Password? I envy you guys! No attention span! Brainless! Life must be so easy!
Nope. That won't cut it either. And his thing about "You can only try twice" is complete bullshit. You have all the time in the world.

Clearly, the password to Password is "Password."

He continues to run away, but we've got him cornered now.
: This is my day to shine! To walk all over me is not acceptable! And for that crime, I sentence you to death!! Alhazad has given me a reborn, immortal body! Feel my power!! Here I come!

Oh shit, why didn't anyone tell me Zed was a Saiyan?

However, the dramatic change in force causes the Gate Generator to start generating a Quantum Singularity. You know, like a Black Hole only portable and with a cooler name.
: Wait a moment... What's this feeling... Like the world is creaking?!

Zed stops transforming. Even he doesn't want to destroy the place.
: Arrgh! This place is dangerous... I'm doing the best I can! Who is responsible for this!?
: I am.

Zeikfried teleports in, almost knocking over Zed in the process. Poor boy.
: Sir Zeikfried!?
: Gate generator is on full-drive. Because these clowns wasted time on you, we were able to finish the energy build-up. We just have to enter the coordinates.
: Sir?! If you do this... What will happen to the reactor?
: When the system disintegrates, a quasi-blackhole will be created...

: Humans are weak... But if you test them, they can gather unexpected power. Like when they destroyed our Mother... That's why we should settle this now, once and for all... The blackhole is our failsafe... There are no more tricks they can play. Death surely awaits...
Black Holes work by having a superdense mass in one area so that the gravity generated by having that much mass in one area is so powerful that even light is drawn into it and can't escape. If we have a mini-black hole already generated below that's powerful enough to appear pitch black, then clearly it should be ripping this entire place to shreds and killing us all. Not to mention the black hole's gravitational force should be powerful enough that it will interfere with Filgaia and possibly even the sun it orbits around, not to mention the Old and New moons; assuming it doesn't just suck them in outright. You cannot use black holes to teleport through space, I don't know where ANYONE got that stupid idea.
Right, but before I start ranting on how black holes have more mass than our Sun and the radiation involved in this, let's move on, shall we?

: What in the world are you talking about?! In your selfish wish to gain power, you sacrificed your own master! That's all there is to it!!
: All that's important now is, no matter what happens from this point, only demons will be left to enjoy this world. All the Land and Sky of Filgaia will be under my control!!

That eye on the spear...dear goodness I wonder how much of the design they "borrowed" from Nightmare in the Soul Calibur series.

Right. This is our first battle with Zeikfried, now that we've fought all of the other Quarter Knights (plus Zed) at least twice. He tends to start the battle off with Counter Form, and his counter attack (Zamber's Revenge) tends to be pretty powerful, so don't attack at first. Use the moment to have Cecilia spread buffs everywhere.

Really his only other dangerous move, other than his basic attack Glumzamber, is this attack: Zeik Impulse. It deals non-elemental damage to everyone, but it's not that damaging. Zeikfried's really just a pushover, really. Ah, it's nice not to be underleveled.

You know the formula. Enjoy this last Gatling Raid. Because you aren't going to see it for a long while, and not like this ever again.

Zeikfried drops 13600 EXP and 7000 Gella. I tossed a Lucky Card on Cecilia and Rudy who needed to catch up experience-wise. Everyone levels up to Lv. 38.

It's good to see the enemy in the "Post-Boss-Battle 1 HP Pose" for once.
: To have fulfilled my desire... I shouldn't have overlooked... ...the life power of Filgaia... Right here, this is your end!
: I don't know what you expect to do. You're trapped...

: Everything! Even demons are not safe from its hunger. But, our live won't end here... We are the supreme rulers of this world! We would not let such a thing happen!! Zed, you fool! Set the direction of the forward gate! We'll make our escape! Set it to wherever there are no humans. It doesn't matter where! Ha, hahaha!! So what do you think! Where will we end up?! It's wherever that clown chooses!! leaving the destination up to Zed, I don't know if Zeikfried is the smartest villain by having a fool execute a fool-proof plan...or the stupidest villain for having a fool execute a fool-proof plan.
: Don't be so insensitive, sir... You obviously don't think much of my life. But you sure as hell value your own! ...I have no choice... Damn you! I hate having to be a subordinate!! ...fine, if I must.
: Partner!
: Already on it!

Hanpan grips to Zed's face, preventing him from messing with the nearby computer.

Meanwhile, Rudy just charges ahead and flat out bull rushes Zeikfried into the black hole below.

Except Zeikfried has a random cable he shoots out of his arm which grabs Rudy.

: Sir!?
: Rudy!!
Zed manages to get Hanpan off his face, and Jacks about ready to go rescue, except both just kinda awkwardly stand there not sure what to do. Both are torn between helping their ally or activating/prevent the activation of the black hole teleportation nonsense.

: You shouldn't cling to your hopes... They are absurd. Hope only leads to despair... What's wrong? Heh, no way out of this... No way to escape...

Whaaaaat? This totally wasn't hinted to the player at all!
: ...Berserk told me... You are just like us... Tell me I'm wrong?! Do you really think your existence is by accident?!

Rudy has these flashbacks again.
: I know... the power is revealing... Yours is the power of destruction... ...but, even with your ARM power, it's impossible to thwart my plan. Now your fate is mine. There's no escaping death! Even though the forward gate wasn't set, the generator won't be stopped... It's about to reach critical mass. Your time is up... Prepare to DIE! My careless friend, our fate is upon us. What do you say?!

The music cuts out as Rudy cock's his ARM.

...and fires.

: WHY?! I...I can't take anymore of this... That was not necessary!!
: Rudy?! Rudy?!?! Why... Why do this? Why hurt yourself?!

Meanwhile, the black hole is still growing.
: The generator is acting very unstable; there's no way to stop it. I can't do anything from this terminal...
: Sir Zeikfried... even if you had become the master... Would you have enjoyed it? If there was no one left to rule over, even if you were the master, who would care?
: My poor friend! I want to help him, but... My power alone is not enough... Please help! Father, Mother... Teardrop... Grant me your power!

The teardrop shines brighter than ever before... the platform they are on gets sucked into the black hole.

But the light of the teardrop continues to shine within the black hole.

: Huh?! Back at the castle...temple? We started here... Rudy!?

: What...the...what happened?? Rudy's arm... No, his whole body is... Why is it like this...
: Oh... ... ... ... ... ... ...No. This can't be... Through all our travels... How can this be? Rudy... it's like... Rudy has a...demon's body... I...I...
: Princess! He is my friend. He put himself in harm's way and ruined his body... All to protect others. ... ... … Princess... If he's your friend too... Please don't say that... Rudy's shaking... Look at him. He got hurt protecting us. It's our turn to protect him... His own body held this secret. He didn't know... He's as scared by this as we are... Imagine, fighting to protect the world, only to find out you're just like the enemy. How cruel... Why must he be singled out as an outsider to Filgaia?
: Even if the whole world denies you, I will stand beside you, Rudy. I won't leave you... I swore it in my heart at Mt. Zenom. I will stand by you...
: Hey! From here we can call Dr. Emma! I'm on my way!!

: ...I wanna help him! Why am I always helpless when I am needed most?!

Meanwhile, in the inter-dimensional abyss that should not be connected to black holes in any possible way...

Glumzamber and Zeikfried find a way back to Filgaia.
: What kind of joke is this?! This is Photosphere...the throne of Mother... What is going on? The abhorrent of Mother's arms is a netherworld for us? That reckless generator and raging dimension wave...and, us in the middle of it all...
You can see Zeikfried's despair, he really doesn't want to be reminded of Mother.
: Well, looks like we're okay. At least we didn't die between dimensions. The breakdown was severe...not able to fight these conditions... Although, we didn't stop!!! We were selected to control this planet!! We were led to the future which we control. Were led...? Hum, I heard between the dimensions...the voice that called me... the voice that led me here... I was led, by someone, to Mother's throne. It can't be true... I'm sure it was destroyed... My scheme was perfect. It was devoured from the world!
In this game, he seems to be a little bit more on edge when she's mentioned, like he feels guilt for being responsible for letting the heroes kill her. Like he's afraid she might seek revenge on him.

I'd say that's a perfectly valid fear.

: I won't let you! I won't be eaten! Instead, I will eat you up!
: ...what ... ...scared... ... ...Zeik... ...come ... ...

Mother loves her children.

End of update status:
: Level 36 → 38
--Out of commission.
: Level 37 → 38
: Level 36 → 38
Gella: 30453
Migrant Seals: 9
Ex. File Keys: 4/25
Fuck-Ups: 19

Version Differences:
Does Zed's lines remind anyone else of Liz and Ard?
Rudy doesn't have a sword, so he can't cut off his arm. Instead he blasts off his arm with his ARM.

A Saying A Day
: (August 6th) Today's saying is, 'like choppin off a lizard's tail.' A lizard's tail easy to cut off, but impossible to put back on. It's a way of saying that something requires consideration before action.
: (August 7th) Today's saying is, 'like a bolt from the blue.' Thunder can come suddenly even from a clear sky. Sometimes even with rain following it. It's a big surprise for humans, but it means that a fox is getting married. Humans think it is too much, but the fox getting married spent tons of money for the effect. The sound is disturbing, but imagining a fox's family dramas, brings laughter.
: (August 8th) Today's saying is that Elw look beautiful from far away. If you come close to an Elw, you can see the long hair on the Elw's palms. They look less appealing then. I kind of like the smell of Elw, which is like summer rain.
: (August 9th) Today's saying is that millefeuille counts more than birth. A person can fake a family name, but he can't fake the way he eats. Millefeuille is a snack of the rich. It takes lots of training and practice to eat the snack neatly. I can't do it because I'm a village girl. I am good at eating chicken bones, though.

Next Time:

We can rebuild him. We have the technology.