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Part 38: Johnny Appleseed planted too many apples.

Well, took things out of order a little bit, but that's not a big deal, we'll fix things up this update. Last time was mostly lots and lots of grinding, with a bit of Arena fun. This time, it's mostly lots and lots of grinding with a bit of Bonus Boss fun.

OC Remix: Not Alone in the World
Right now Gatling Raid isn't significantly more powerful, but Luck still has a dramatic influence on this. Two levels for everyone, three for Rudy. Rudy get's about 120% the EXP as everyone else gets because he does the killing blow. Another Mega Apple gives 2 more levels to everyone.
Musical selection is from OC Remix, and I actually just listened to it for the first time a few minutes ago. It's good to the original song, and feels bittersweet. Like the ending of a lot of Wild ARMs games.

By this point in time, I've earned enough Gimel Coins to get the Ex. File Key from Tarjon Village. This is my 6th Ex. File Key, unlocking Illustration Gallery 01.

While exploring the world, I come across a rare encounter., this Kraken. There are some rare encounters on the Filgaia overworld, like the Blue Snail I used for Fast Draws. They are generally just a bit more powerful and tend to have a few good steals. This guy wasn't so tough. I encountered him in the snowy ocean-area around Arctica.

I also noticed I had a couple of the LVL Apples and fed them to Rudy....although he didn't seem to be happy about it. Kept muttering something about peaches. Anyway, now he's a couple more levels ahead so I can get a couple thousand more EXP from the Mega Apples.

Thanks to the item I got in Malduke that tells me where the searchable items on the Overworld are, I stumble across this Ex. File Key #25, unlocking the Event Movie viewer. More on that at the end of the update.

I stumble across this in the ocean too, another Migrant Seal. That makes 15.

Yet Another Gatling Raid to a Mega Apple. The damage here amused me a bit, so close to being a nice even number.. Two levels for everyone.

This pictures just to show that in my quest for finding random Mega Apples, I have completed the world map for the Outer Sea. As I mentioned before, I need to complete the map for an Ex File Key.

However, all this time grinding has caused me to think, wondering what I could do to make this go faster. I have an idea.

Let's do this.

Welcome to the second bonus boss: Humpty and Dumpty. Humpty is the small white egg thing and Dumpty is larger black egg. Humpty has Dispel, Shield, Protect and Reflect as possible attacks. Dumpty has Fire, Pressure, Vortex and Break; the four basic elemental spells. They have the exact same stats of very high MAG, and have 15k HP. They take half damage from all elements except for Light and Dark. Humpty Activates with Light and is weak to Dark, Dumpty is the opposite. In addition, they'll also use Full Revive to bring back each other from the grave. So this fight can take forever if you don't do it right.
The song here is a Rocking Heart remix of Liz and Ard's theme from Wild ARMs 2. Those two are a rather infamous pair of enemies that interesting translation, which just made them seem completely crazy and hilarious. Because those two always fought together, I figured their theme would be fair here.

My strategy here should be painfully obvious, because it's not like I've used it several times throughout this LP. I'm actually lucky here that I put Emma to go first, because Humpty used Dispel this turn, but it had no effect because there were no statuses to remove. Emma used Great Booster, Cecilia used Infinity to keep the status on there. I don't know if that makes them immune to Dispel/Cancel this way, but I didn't want Luck to get in the way by accidentally removing Great Booster.
Also, notice that damage? That was ONE attack from Dumpty. Their spells are deadly.

Second round, Cecilia wasn't quite at 100% FP, so Rudy gets Newton's Wrath. Humpty uses Shield to reduce Physical damage (but their DEF sucks anyway), and of course Dumpty uses Pressure again this turn. So Emma has a free round, and spends it on Anti-Magic Zone to reduce all Magical damage by 40%. Just enough to help out.
Also, this is Regeneration in action. Every Force Level Up restores 25% HP as well. One of my favorite Personal Skills, especially if you get Newton's Wrath + Infinity going.

Brave Seal finally, and thank goodness Humpty doesn't use Dispel, because that would really screw things over now. Instead he uses Protect to reduce Magical damage...but that's not what's going to kill them.

Anti-Magic Zone amuses me, because of the discoloration for everything. Critical Heal costs a ton of MP, but it fully restores the parties HP, making it very very useful.

Last round, Cecilia uses Rinse & Repeat on Rudy, sealing the deal. With one Gatling Raid, Humpty goes down. The low damage here is because Rudy was using Shot the entire time to get some cheap FP. Remember that Active Auto-Reloads after use, so it doesn't matter.

Keep in mind, Gatling Raid is still not at full power yet.

Anyway, this is why I wanted to take these two down. You can get another free FP Advance from these guys, which I needed for my new Mega Apple killing method. You can also farm these guys for EXP...which if I was any smart, I would have done this for a couple of levels at the very least. Nope! When I LP, I have to be stupid as fuck during the LP itself.
Musical selection here is the Alone the World version of...Alone [in] the World. It's an original song for the album, and rather nice. It incorporates some of the original song later on. (Footprints uses a bit of Alone in the World as well. This song pops up about as much as Into the Wilderness.)

Right, so new strategy is as follows. Turn one: Cecilia uses Cosmic Cog to stop time. Emma uses Great Booster. Rudy uses a Force Carrot on Cecilia.

Jane uses Follow Me☆, Cecilia uses Brave Seal...

Rudy uses Gatling Raid for almost 65k damage. It's a little faster, for about 3-4 levels throughout the party. Of course, by this point, level ups are really slow.

I also go back to the garden, harvest the Small Flowers I've gotten so far (quite a bit actually, since I've been activating every battle and doing this for hours on end) and replace one of the spots with a Force Carrot. I figure by the time I reach a Mega Apple, a new Force Carrot will be ready to harvest.

Two Mega Apples later, and I hit a new record for highest damage. Just divide the EXP count by 10 and add 1. Rudy was at Lv. 90 here, so there's still a high chance for even more damage. In fact, I'll probably do a side-update to just deal as much damage as physically possible and compare Rudy's damage output with Zed and Jack.

Speaking of damage output, I test Brave Seal and Great Booster on Zed to see how much damage it does with Star Blast...not as much as I expected. Then again, I'm not sure what his Luck's at right now, and that's a big factor in these moves too.

I almost had Rudy at level 100, but forgot to use Brave Seal, and I think bad luck screwed me out of the 3000 extra damage I would have needed to get him up there.

There we go. I killed some Creeping Chaos to get this last level.

When a character reaches Level 100, the very next battle will include an Ex File Key as the treasure, always. In the Japanese version, this would be the Voice Studio for that character (they had voices for battle), but for the US version they got replaced by Illustration Galleries; they did this by reducing the number of images you get per Gallery.

I finally pull off a Finest Arts by Jane, and I'm very impressed by the damage. This is without Great Booster and Brave Seal, so I'll have to compare her with the boys as well. This is actually from the teaser image from a couple updates ago, but I wasn't sure how far I would go last update.

Meanwhile, a few days pass, and this gets posted in the thread.

Magic Fanatic posted:

Fun fact: Mega Apples are 100% Vulnerable to Sleep. Why is this important?

Turn 1: Jane (assuming she already has an FP advance equipped): Follow Me -> Emma: Sleeping Gas -> Someone: Lucky Card themself.
Turn 2 and 3: Switch out for two people that don't have the Lucky Card effect, Jane uses Mystic -> Lucky Card, Cecilia stacks on whatever debuffs to the target and/or throws a Full Carrot on herself. If you want to really conserve time, have Jack/Zed/Emma (pick 2, as one of them should have been in the party on turn 1) on turn 2, and Rudy/Cecilia on turn 3 so Cecilia can sneak in a Hocus Pocus (I honestly forget what you've renamed it to here) while Rudy throws a Full Carrot on Cecilia. This job can easily be replaced from Rudy to Jack or Jane, depending on preference.
Turn 4: Emma uses Great Booster on Rudy/Jack/Jane (pick your favorite), Cecilia uses Brave Seal.
Turn 5: Assuming the apple is still asleep, Jane attacks, Jack uses Laser Silhouette, or Rudy with Gatling Raid.

I have honestly gotten over 4,000,000 EXP from a single Mega Apple encounter using this method. Shot people straight up from L55ish to L95ish.

Extra note: Leviathan only shows up in the inland sea, so it's safe to go farming for Mega Apples in the Outer Sea.
I've had a guide with me the entire time, I should have seen this.

I think you must have gotten that much Experience using Jane as your attacker, because with Rudy I got a mere 779,330 EXP (and forgot the Hocus Pocus) but yup, this boosted everyone at least four or five levels.

I dissolve Quick Step (don't need it anymore now that I have Great Booster which does the same and more) and pick up Hocus Pocus RNG's Blessing? A little over 16 hours too late, but I have it. Anyway, one more Mega Apple and...

Booyah. This is my new record.

Krysmphoenix posted:

Welp. That ends that. I saved shortly after this, and it took me 16 hours, 16 minutes and 41 seconds to get to this point, going off of my save right before the final boss.

Wait...fuck. I still need to farm for Gella and Duplicators! AGH!
Fucking hell. I'm tired of Mega Apples and so is Rudy.

Oh, somewhere along the line I cleared out the Small Flowers and moved on to Mega Berries. Don't know when that happened, but it did.

There. Done now. That's the end of this update. See the end section for the Illustration Galleries.

End of update status:
: Level 72 → Level 100
--ATK Bonus: 114 (Lv. 8)
--Bullets: 10 (Lv. 7)
: Level 70 → Level 100
: Level 70 → Level 100
: Level 70 → Level 100
: Level 70 → Level 100
--Bullets: 20 (Lv. 15)
: Level 70 → Level 100
Migrant Seals: 15
Ex. File Keys: 13/25
Fuck-Ups: 35

Version Differences:
I both love and hate Mega Apples, still.

Ex File Key:
Lots of Ex File Keys today, get used to this. Ex File Key 3 (99 Gimel Coins) gives us Illustration Gallery 01, and has some simple concept art for Rudy and Jack.

Some pictures of Rudy with and without the Gauntlet of Devastation, and without his red vest, curious. And then two with Jack. Illustration Gallery 02, which we already got a while ago, continued the Jack images. There's a lot of random skips in the Illustration Galleries, because some of the Ex File Keys had their content changed.

Now, for the next one we found, Ex File Key 25 (Overworld close to the desert) gives us Event Movie. Any Auto-paced cutscene that we've seen so far can be reviewed with this Key...but you don't get ANY of the dialog that appears on the screen. Good for some of the movies that are kind of cool, like the destruction montage of Filgaia, not so good for other cutscenes such as the one where Leviathan destroys Sweet Candy I where 75% of it is Jane arguing with Bartholomew.
Oh, and it doesn't tell you which movie is which. Some of the ones grayed out here are for the final cutscenes, because this save file hasn't beaten Zeik Tuvai yet.

Ex File Key 13 (Rudy Level 100) is Illustration Gallery 09, but this would have been Rudy's Voice Collection. It contains a quick picture of Mother and four of Zed.

Ex File Key 14 (Jack level 100) is Illustration Gallery 10. This one has Golems!

Ex File Key 15 (Cecilia Level 100) is Illustration Gallery 11. More Golems, and two pictures from the Witch story. I'm going to omit those for now, and save them for the update when I tackle those books. That's going to be one hell of a heavy update.

Ex File Key 16 (Jane Level 100) is Illustration Gallery 12 and Ex File Key 17 (Emma Level 100) are just more Witch stuff. However, Ex File Key 17 (Zed Level 100) and Illustration Gallery 14 have Guardians in them!

Oh, those are the images used in the Japanese we've kind of seen them already, but I'll include them anyway.

A Saying A Day
: (October 1st) Today's saying is, 'rinse a mouth with a stone, and sleep on a flow.' Basically it means to brush your teeth with a stone and wash your hair in a river. A very primitive and simple life, it is. They say that's why a Basker kid has a more beautiful smile than town kids. I hear that once a year at least. If you live like that, tea won't stain your teeth, and your smile will be brighter.
: (October 2nd) Today's saying is that vulgarity is power. All words have power, but vulgarity seems to be the strongest. It shocks people, and it gets attention. That is the power of vulgarity. Vulgarity doesn't get you respect though........ Well, it might get you respect from kids, but it doesn't work on adults. When I first heard this saying, I used vulgarity around my mom. She washed my mouth out with soup.
: (October 3rd) Today's saying is, 'live in clover.' The ideal life of the masses is having a servant by your side to pamper you. That's too generic, though. 'Living in clover' is something that is different for everyone. It's sort of like living the good life, where everything you want comes to you. For me it would involve sayings........
: (October 4th) Today's saying is, 'skill comes with effort.' If I write with accent marks, I can show you how something is said. But written letters can't express a sound. This saying means that you have to make a real effort to learn a language, instead of using a cheap trick.
: (October 5th) Today's saying is, ' a pile of eggs looks unstable.' This saying describes a situation in which eggs are stacked up. They say it looks really precarious. But the other day, when I flipped an orange leaf, I saw a pile of many little eggs. It didn't look precarious at all....... By the way, I have egg-like spots piled up on my neck.
: (October 6th) Today's saying is, 'from a right ear to a left ear.' The right ear gave a letter to the left ear. A teacher who saw it scolded both ears at the same time. But the right ear is a bad one here. Students will learn unfairness of life by experiencing theses kinds of things.
: (October 7th) Today's saying is that a calm person better have a sharp aspect. Being calm is very nice. But if a calm person has no sharpness, others might take advantage of him. This is the meaning of the saying. But I think maybe just one aspect would be fine, instead of two.

Next Time:

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