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Part 33: End of the Beginning.


It's not over yet!

Shut up, Zeik.

I've held back this song for probably way too long. Here it is: Windward Birds. This game started the tradition of using a vocal song for the final boss fight, that would be carried through to Wild ARMs 4 and 5. I guess XF kind of had vocals, but it was just oohs and aahs. Not real words.
Anyway, now that I've shown you how you can lose to Zeik Tuvai, it's time to show you how to win. It's very simple. Don't guard for five turns straight So I start the battle with my now standard Newton's Wrath + Force Carrot. Don't need to show that again, do I?
Ein Sof Owl is really Zeik Tuvai's only dangerous attack, because it deals so much damage that you can't resist. If he uses it twice in a row, Cecilia's probably going down if you didn't put very many HP Ups on her, and Rudy's low Resistance won't help him either.

Don't be afraid to pull out the big guns: Ambrosias. They fully restore HP and MP (the only item that restores MP) and also remove all negative status, except for Fallen. This IS the final boss fight, and there is no reason not to be using everything you've got.

The key to victory is to just start pulling out the most powerful attacks you've got and fire every single bullet

Forget about the risks. Just fight.

And don't forget to pick up your fallen allies so they can join the fight as well.

Really, this is just gratuitous because I can. You really only need to deal 7000 damage in these five turns. Dealing the damage won't win the fight right away, but as long as you deal more than 7000 damage, you'll win if you can survive being bombarded by multiple Ein Sof Owl's.

: Did you forget my words at the generator? You realize how dangerous it is to fight here, don't you? We will be blown away together... Muahahaha... Hahahahahaha!!! I've never known defeat; I can never be defeated! Never......
We defeated you twice already. This makes defeat number three.

Next to Asgard's feet, the party warps in.
: This is not Ka Dingel!? Were the wrong coordinates entered? Was the gate just completely off!!? The battle in subspace made everything unstable. Is it affecting Ka Dingel!? This is not good...

Asgard won't stand for this shit.
: What's happening!? Asgard! I didn't ask you to do anything!

: I see. With its Anti-Phasing Shield! It's... trying to stabilize things!? Just the reverberations from the battle in subspace is destroying Ka Dingel! There's nothing we can do...

Ka Dingel explodes, but the barrier is intact.
: Anti-Phasing Shield... and the energy of Ka Dingel... I heard Asgard is also powerful defensively...
: Princess. Please ask Asgard to protect us with the Anti-Phasing Shield.
: Wait... I haven't told him anything. Asgard is not responding to my voice!! Asgard is already protecting us... It moved of its own will.
: Haroom!

Asgard's right arm explodes suddenly. Dammit, that's the only arm that counts!

Asgard starts crackling with lightning and light seeps out from cracks all over his body.

Then a horn breaks off.

Ending with a final explosion.

...Thank you...

There are two songs you can listen to here. Good Night, Earth Gals Golem is the song that actually plays here, but it's based off of Lullaby from the "Alone the World" Vocal Collection which compiled all the vocal songs from the first three Wild ARMs games, Twilight Venom, with an extra arrangement of Alone in the World.
Anyway, Good Night, Earth Golem doesn't have vocals until the very end, whereas Lullaby has them all throughout. Pick whichever one you want, both fit the mood perfectly. And they end the same way.

: That's right... You are no longer a weapon... Not made just for violence...

: Therefore, you... Moved of your own will, to protect us... Didn't you? Yes, you never need a reason to protect your friends. You just do... ... ... ... Thank you for protecting us... We will cherish Filgaia.

Cecilia jumps down, takes a last look at Asgard, then walks away.

I realized why I like Filgaia while on this journey, while traveling and fighting every day.
And some day, I will tell you why. Yes... When Mariel's flowers bloom...

The Prologue Beginning From Here is a VERY VERY long song (and long enough for me to get the Stealth Legend achievment on Audiosurf ), because it is mostly a medley of other songs from throughout the game. I'll mention when it shifts from one song to another.
For now, though, we're just zooming in on Filgaia...which from that angle looks a lot like Central America, but it's actually the space between Adlehyde and Curan Abbey.

We're treated to several sights across Filgaia, seeing people carry on with their lives. Bartholomew, Mariel, Emma, even Aura all the way over in the ruined Saint Centaur.

When we reach the woods, the harmonica starts playing a melody.
: ...Rudy... You know, traveling with you is unbelievable... ... ... ... I'm still walking on my own two feet. I survived the huge explosion, didn't I?

And yet they left the Princess behind, from what it looks like.
: That's pretty sentimental for you. You're awake now. Want me to pinch you?
: By the way, Rudy. I have a letter from the princess for you. She said to read it after you left.

And then Rudy pulls out the letter from his vest...wait, didn't Jack say that he had the letter? This just doesn't seem right and I'm going to have to call Fuck Up Count: 29 here.
Anyway, I guess Rudy can't read it himself since he's mute.

: Me?
: Yes. It is decided. You must read it.

: Awwww. Make the mouse do all the work. Ahem... Let's see...

The piano takes over again, as it gradually changes to Funeral March. Cecilia is wearing her princess dress, but still has short hair. I'll use her old character portrait for now.
: Is it sunny and clear, or is it raining? Here, the days are very comfortable, and thoroughly satisfying. It's a welcome change of pace from fighting every day.

: Good night, Asgard... We will see to it that Filgaia is rebuilt. It was Asgard's desire. That he will not see this peaceful world, is something I greatly regret.

You don't see Rudy and Jack with their knapsacks very often...
: In the future, I hope we may all meet again... I've been thinking lately...

The music changes to mostly drums now.
: If I had been alone on this quest, It would have been too difficult. Together, though, we were able to triumph. It was because of my friends, who helped me through all adverse circumstance, that I was able to recover the Teardrop.

Rudy and Jack get escorted out of the castle with an honor guard. The music changes to Adlehyde Castle's theme.

The children all love Rudy.

Jack waves to some apthetic adults...

Winks to one of them...

Who faints right on the spot. Jack, you lady killer.

: I was surprised at what you said, because you had never said anything like that before. You've changed so much since we met, haven't you? But also, we... were able to change without losing ourselves... You started off on a new journey because you found purpose, right? I have found a new purpose in life, too.

And here Cecilia gives Rudy the letter as the music grows a little softer.

Then we cut to Cecilia's bedroom, where she drags a suitcase across the floor. Princess Sorceress starts playing now.
: But what I'm doing is just part of my nature.

She pulls out the teardrop, and then wears it around her neck.

Then we cut to Johan scolding Cecilia in front of the throne. The music starts including a few strings and flutes.

Cecilia just runs away with a smile. Later, sucker!

Emma stands outside, not surprised to see Cecilia running away.

I think a solemn nod would have carried the point across, without this silliness.

Fun fact: Nearly every princess in the Wild ARMs series has Lynn as a middle name.

: Please, please accept it.

The music changes to a deep clarinet with plucked strings as we return to Jack and Rudy.
: You heed her every word. I remember when you used to dislike the royal family.
: There're exceptions... I mean, there's royalty, and then there's royalty. Anyway, she mentioned we forgot something.
: And it is delivered. What do you think it is?
: Rudy, you have gella, don't you? What did you forget in Adlehyde? We won't get angry. Just tell us.
: What? I don't get angry; Jack gets angry.

The music starts playing a silly version of the battle theme on a harmonica now as Rudy checks all over to see if he missed anything. He doesn't notice anything missing.
: Nobody knows... I don't know, anyway. How annoying.

Several brass instruments start playing something dramatic as Cecilia shows up. From the way the instruments sounded, it's like the end of the world just arrived.

Mostly soft rythym instruments, then a banjo starts playing. At least I think that's a banjo. A harmonica pops in a bit later too.
: Me...? Consider it a special delivery.
: It's great to see you! ...But what did we forget in Adlehyde?
: You haven't figured it out yet? Yes. Well this is what you forgot... It's a pleasure to be here.
: Huh? Now wait a minute! We read your letter, where you said you'd found a new mission, and that we should also do our best or whatever... Anyway, don't you need to be in Adlehyde?
: Adlehyde has my uncle Johan, the minister of state, for which I am relieved. He will do well.
: ... ... ...
: My new goal is to help Filgaia, and to rebuild the world into a wonderful place. I'm headed this way, for my mission, and I am walking with coincidence.
: Today? By coincidence? Are you sure it's by chance?
: Yes, very sure. It is a chance encounter today. Today, tomorrow, and forever. It is absolutely absolute!

Jane's theme starts playing now.
: I don't like her just showing up like this!

Ha! That face is even better than all the faces I've been seeing this entire game. She seems to be really upset for someone who doesn't like working with them.
: It is not good for your blood pressure to get so angry. How about a cup of chamomile tea to calm you down? And some ginger snaps?
: Ohh, I wish I was brash enough to just...march over there right now and interrupt them... But I don't think I can.
: My lady is sensitive. I feel for you.

Then we cut to the party standing on a cliff. A trumpet starts playing the world map theme. Or Ecstacy of Gold, they're pretty similar.
: I feel like I could kiss the sky!
: Well, Rudy... Princess. Let's get going.

They look out over the cliff to the green Filgaia below. Now some deeper horns take over the melody.
: Ah. We have protected Filgaia.
: It is not only from our doing. Doctor Emma, Jane, Magdalen, Captain Bartholomew, and Mariel. And so many more. A lot of lives and many prayers. And we cannot forget...
: Now. In order to earn a hot meal, let's go find someone to help.
: And fast! We only have one more person, but the food expenses just tripled!
: Hey! Is that how you welcome people?

Rudy however, lingers by the cross that the other two never seemed to notice. The music changes again, with strings taking over the melody this time.

But doesn't linger too long.

And one last wave goodbye to his grandfather.


Click the image for the ending video for the Japanese version. The English version is pretty much identical except words don't appear on the screen during the anime portion of it, and saves it all for the scrolling credits. And of course, the song, Footprints, is instrumental in the English version.

Here's two versions of it. I extracted the instrumental version of Footprints and Windward Birds, so I'll try to get around to translating (and singing) those in a while. Might need to get help for backup singers for Footprints because of the later bits.

But what is this?
This file shows game datea such as the total playing time spent, current character and party stats. You can also view all the Ex. Files you have collected so far during gameplay. You may not resume gameplay with the Ex. Game File. Save this as a new file, or overwrite an existing game file.

And that, as they say, is merely the End of the Beginning. Next comes all the bonus content.
Oh, for those curious. Slot 1 is my "childhood" save file where I stopped just after Ship Graveyard. I got distracted with other games, and spent most of my time watching my older brother play instead. Maybe that's why I like LPs so much. Anyway, Slot 2 is my 98% clear save-file, Slot 3 is the Ex. File for that one.
Slots 5-7 are saves for the LP, incase I need to go back. Which I have. This file is being saved as Slot 9, for personal reference. Slot 10 is reserved for my 100% Clear Ex. File, which will be used for Wild ARMs 4.

End of update status:
NOTE: The door to the final bosses triggers a path of no return. All stats are frozen for now.
: Level 47
--ATK Bonus: 45 (Lv. 4)
--Bullets: 14 (Lv. 11)
: Level 49
: Level 48
Gella: 22472
Migrant Seals: 14
Ex. File Keys: 5/25
Fuck-Ups: 29

Version Differences:
The Zeik Tuvai battle is changed quite a bit, and really is more of a timed battle rather than a true Final Boss fight.
Aura appears in the ending a couple times. Jane and Emma too.
You can save after you clear the game, but you really cannot do anything except look at your Ex. File Keys. Fortunately, one of them is for a New Game Plus.

A Saying A Day
: (September 14th) The saying is, 'like a message in a bottle.' A bottle washed ashore the other day. Some paper was in the bottle. My mom took it away. She wouldn't let me read it. I'll never know what it said...... The bottle was beautiful, so I put it up close to a window in my room. We should reuse it whatever possible.
: (September 15th) Today's saying is that a lotus flower blooms in the mud. This saying is about a person who can stay clean in a messy situation, like a lotus blooming in the mud. In Rosetta, some people see everything as mud but the Elw.
: (September 16th) Today's saying is that new people eat sardine heads. Do I have that right? New people are children, and I've never eaten a sardine head....... Maybe I should look that one up.........

Next Time:

We get a full party, and find out the identity of our mysterious sixth party member.