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Part 35: Three becomes Six.

Right. Last time we saved the world. Hooray!

So because I had to make a different save file, I have to revert back to my Malduke save, literally right before the final boss. Fortunately, the game tells you to do this, unlike a few other games where I've accidentally saved right after the final boss...and couldn't do shit.
So from this point on in the game, we are in Bonus Content! A few of the bonus bosses are the same as the original game, but there are a few extras. However, I'm going to put those off, because we can get a full party now.

Just warp back down to Ka Dingel, use the teleporters there to get back to Filgaia.

In hindsight, I probably should have checked to see if I still had this before I left Malduke. But I have it anyway, so I guess it doesn't really matter. First stop is Adlehyde, to check on an old friend.

Drake and Bartholomew are still at it. Well, glad to know Bartholomew's still kicking, after all.
: You're here because your 'Grand Chester' was sunk by monsters!
: Oh, the camaraderie...
: I'm starting to question the survival skills of so-called 'men of the ocean'.
: Captain Drake, you were also attacked on the inland sea?
: Yeah... As I was returning from Ship Graveyard. Take a look at what I found on the shore.

Good find.
: Just as I was laughing at the fact that your ship had been sunk, the same thing happened to me. Hey kid. I'll give you wanderers a job. How'd you like to help me get revenge? The reward Well, it's not much, but how about the helm of the Sweet Candy?

Obtained Event Item [Broken Helm]!
: Not much?! Anyway, don't you think you should return it to its rightful owner?
: Take it easy, Captain. Or your wound will get worse.
: Calm down, guys. You may be great sailors, but leave the revenge to us.

I'm so glad Bartholomew was in this game to be the comic relief.

: I'm only really good with buildings... But I can certainly give it a shot. I cannot refuse the Captain. I owe him so much. With the ship's broken helm, and 5,000 gella, I can completely restore the ship. Is that all right with you?
: Yes || No.
: All right. Leave this to me. I will do a better job than anybody.
We can rebuild her. We have the technology. The Five Thousand Gella Ship.

With the extra Crest Graph Cecilia has, I get Little Boom back yet again. No, why did I name it "Little Boom?" Because the Hope Shard is much more of a Big Boom. That's the kind of explosion that can demolish 90% of a fully loaded cement truck right there.
Krysm like big boom....

While Tom works on the ship, next stop is Court Seim, where I buy a few extra Name Tags for fun, and rename this fellow Namingway. I thought about it sooner, but now I decided it was appropriate We're here to pick up Jane. You can start this the moment you get Hope Shard.
Oh, just so you know, you can rename all six party members, as well as Hanpan. I'll keep the names as is though. NPCs aren't so lucky.

When we stop to see Jane and Magdalen, they seem to be in some kind of argument. (Don't ask me why Jane turns around when we talk to her, if she's talking to Magdalen.)

: Magdalen! What are you thinking?! Don't you remember what happened with the 'Gemini Circuit'? You have had a back problem ever since you jumped into the ocean. You should be more careful. (Now she addresses to the party.) Oh boy... I am sick and tired of worrying about you! Aren't you guys sick of it, too?

: Please take care of yourself. Leave it to us young ones next time.
: Are you OK? Is there anything we can do for you?
: You are too kind. ...Well, Jane, could you give me the painkillers that I handed you earlier?
: What?! You didn't hand me painkillers, did you? ...Hmm, or maybe you did. Let me go check In my room.
She leaves, and the music cuts out here.
: Butler, was there something you wanted to talk to us about?
: Yes, there is, Hanpan. And, I don't wish Jane to know about this.
: If that's the case, we only have a few minutes before Jane gets back.
: I have a rather large favor to ask of you. First, allow me to tell you an old tale... This is a rather long story, but
please bear with me. It is about the Maxwell family.
This next part is all , narrated by Magdalen. It doesn't show anything though, just his face the entire time.

The Maxwell family was a very well off family: Nicholli, the head of the house and ARMS researcher, his wife Mabel, and their young daughter Jessica. The beginning of their misfortunes came by way of a wanderer who brought a newly discovered ARM from nearby ruins to the town's fair. This particular ARM was placed on display at the fair. It was not broken, yet it would not activate. The ARM was greeted with curiosity and people were amazed by its mystery. Unfortunately, something woke the ARM from its long dormancy. The unexpected awakening of ARM can only be described as chaotic, and it only ended when the ARM self-combusted. The explosion was responsible for many deaths, and an even greater number were wounded. When Nicholli arrived on the scene, he found pieces of the ARM still rumbling. Nicholli disposed of them properly.

But the tragedy did not end there.

Mrs. Maxwell who was at the fair during the incident, came across the responsible wanderer, who had been badly wounded. She knew the town would not look kindly upon him, so Mrs. Maxwell brought him back to the Maxwell residence for treatment. Since they could not find the wanderer, the townspeople held Nicholli accountable, since he was an ARM researcher. Even though the family faced exile, Mrs. Maxwell told her husband that they should take responsibility, in lieu of the wanderer. She knew it would be easer for them to take the blame, because of their family's status; the grieved townspeople would deal harshly with a strange wanderer.
(Interrupting breifly to note that the "easer" is not my fault. Fuck Up Count: 30.)

Nicholli readily agreed. The wounded wanderer accepted their heroic generosity with tears. After taking the blame, the Maxwells knew they had to leave, but they stayed long enough to help with restoration of the town. This whole time, the wanderer stayed with them while he recovered. He swore that he would never forget all that the Maxwell family had done for him. The family spent their savings establishing an orphanage for the children who had lost their parents in the explosion. It was the only other building besides their home. The wanderer helped them with the move. But just as the Maxwells settled into their new home, Mrs. Maxwell collapsed. Mrs. Maxwell was pregnant, and the journey had finally taken its toll, not to mention the injuries she had sustained at the fair.

That night, one life was born while another was lost.

The wanderer owed his life to the Maxwell family, especially Mrs. Maxwell. That very night, he swore to serve the Maxwells, and especially watch over Mrs. Maxwell's baby.
That baby's name was Jane.

: I am sorry, that was quite a long story. I hope you did not find it boring.
: Of course not... Who would have thought... I assume Jane does not know any of this?
: No, and I hope she never finds out... It is my sincere desire to always protect Jane. However, I have started to question if I am indeed what Jane needs right now.
: Nonsense! Who could support and protect her as well as you do?
: I believe what she needs right now is the company of friends with whom she can relate, and share her dreams. I did not mean to eavesdrop... But earlier, I overheard Jane pouring her heart out to Rudy. She has never confided in me before. That is when I realized that she does not need me following her footsteps; rather, she needs friends walking with her. Will you please take Jane into your group? I'm sorry for all this, but obviously I wanted to ask you when Jane was not around.

She walks in after a moment.
: Or at least not until you're better. Is that OK, Magdalen?
: Jane...
: I mean, I'm sure I could even work with these guys for the time being.

: I'll join your group as long as none of you slow me down. There's not much of a future in this job, but I feel like helping out today, anyway. Don't worry, I'll bring peace to the world. I'll be back to check on you. Please get better by then, OK?
: Of course, Jane. Please take care of yourself.

: Like your sister Jessica? I will look forward to it.

: Thank you for everything, Magdalen. I'll see you soon.
Jane joined the party!
Aww....this scene always gets to me. I really like this scene a lot. Magdalen and Jane get so much more fleshed out in this game, and this scene just shows every single bit of it. Before, it was a hyperactive girl with a gun and her serious this game it's the same, but it at least explains how Magdalen got there before, and why he sticks so close to her.

Anyway, now that Jane's here, she has her final Calamity, I'll Show you!☆ This move is really confusing though...

This move uses up ALL of Jane's MP, gets multiplied by her FP, and then by a variable amount based upon how many times she has successfully stolen something, and then Luck has a large influence in her damage as well.
Now....the thing is I have no idea how much FP plays into this. I haven't tested it too much because, honestly this move kinda sucks. Since it uses up all of her MP, unless you have MP Repair on her, you can't use her for her primary function anymore, stealing. And even then, MP Repair is rather slow. Besides, there's something unique about Jane I haven't mentioned.

You see, Finest Arts are like a super critical hit. I actually haven't had one happen yet (because they are super rare) but I think it'll deal either 4 times as much damage as a normal hit, or 12 times as much. However, Jane does even more. Her damage for Finest Arts is further multiplied by the amount of bullets in her ARM, effectively turning Finest Arts into her Gatling Raid.

Now, the problem is that this is still a very rare. I'll be on the watch for Finest Arts and try to figure out the math behind it. The cool part is, Finest Arts can happen with her What Can You Do?☆, which interrupts enemies by attacking them with a basic attack and canceling their move if it hits. Those hits can Critical (or Blow Out, which is a semi-rare instant kill against normal enemies) and better yet, get upgraded to Finest Arts where she can deal lots of damage. Jane is really the only character in the game who should ever use a basic attack, because everyone else has super-damaging abilities that are way better. And her basic attacks can be incredible.

Right. Now onward to Emma. To get there, you need to enter the Underground Waterway again, using the Shield Badge again. Note that they never actually took the item away from you; and this is why.
The song playing here is a Feeling Wind rearrangement of Ready! Lady Gunner!, which was Virginia's theme from Wild ARMs 3. It's surprisingly dark and meditative, which contrasts against Virginia's typical mood. But the almost sorrowful tone of the song matches the previous scene between Jane and Magdalen, so I'll use this song for a bit here.

There were crates here before, now they are gone, thanks to Grenades. You use the Change Staff to get across, obviously. All it does is take us around to a hidden chest that contains 5000 Gella. Lame!

This is also a secret room that you get across by blowing up a different set of crates further in the dungeon. The bridge there is being held in place by the four sunken pillars. Blow them up, and the bridge flows down, so you can get to the other door. There's a ladder off to the side you can't see, so you can still get out if you don't take the first door.

At the top of this giant pillar that we have to monkey our way up, is a wheel that opens up the door on the other half of the room. The door on this half of the room leads to 2000 Gella. Even though you could start this the moment Ka Dingel rose up (I wonder what would happen if you tried to do it earlier though, since you just need the grenades...), the loot in this dungeon sucks.

That's more like it!

Huh, this floor seems unusually cracked...I wonder what would happen if someone used a few too many bombs here?


Naturally, the party lands in the most uncomfortable way possible...except for Cecilia of course. Then again, Rudy's made of living metal so...who knows?

: Besides Jack, of course, it'd be very bad for us to get brain damage...
: Indeed, I don't want it...
: I don't want it further than what I have now.
At least Jack takes it in good humor.
: You broke through my ceiling with an explosion. That wasn't very subtle... Well, never mind that... Welcome to my secret base. Here is the forefront of modern science, Total Order Bridge!

Ladies and gentlegoons, Rudy's one and only line in this entire game that isn't a multiple choice question.
: My studio was too small to design and construct the Gullwing. That's why I built this secret base. All the expense is from my own pocket. Although I do occupy land and borrow materials without permission.
: Well, we'll over look your actions. We wouldn't waste our time on a trial by bringing charges against you...
: Wow, isn't she understanding? I would like to make more confessions. Would you listen?
: I will listen to whatever you confess once peace comes back to Filgaia. Do you need legal advice?
Legal advice is the least that Emma needs. Maybe a nice white jacket with really long sleeves...
: The distance to peace is unexpectedly long...

: Pardon the interruption... Since you've shut yourself up in here, are you working on some inventions?
: Well... You could call it an invention, I guess? Recently, my work has showed some amazing progress... I used the Emma Motor, which was at the trial stage, and excavated two Golems. One of them, I confirmed reactivation. I completed building a flying machine. I succeeded in using it's wings for flight, from just a theory. I've been wondering where all this rapid progress has been coming from. Of course, my brilliant mind and our meeting means a lot... But it's not only that. In Filgaia's history, we once had a period when technology showed great progress like it is now... ...You know... That was also during a period when monsters were attacking Filgaia... My guess, behind the current progress of technology, is the influence of the battle with monsters starting yet again. And, if our technology achieves further progress and leaves the hands and minds of people---
: ---Like the incident 1000 years ago, it brings great disaster?
: Exactly... You are wise, Mr. Hanpan.
: If you expect that will happen again, what are you trying to do, Dr. Emma?

...I don't think that's something you can research.
: Did I mishear something? Or should I be reading between the lines? The gaps between those lines are huge!
: Oh, I'm pretty serious. I wish for scientific progress. I may be only a petty scientist, but, it's only normal to dream. As much as science grows, people also need to develop their minds. Scientists should only use science they discovered on their own. It's not good for people to use science that they just dug up somewhere and do not fully understand. For everything to succeed, we need to work toward 'world peace'. Not depend on the residue of lost technology and ARM. If my dream comes true... Then for the first time can we study ARM, not as a fighting power, but as the inheritance of a prehistoric civilization.
Lady loves to hear herself talk. Look at all these
: Then, how do we create this 'world peace'?

: We should attack monsters? We should defeat monsters? Then we can have peace? After driving away enemies, is lasting peace promised? ...This is a proposition that looks simple, but it requires great consideration. ...Well, for that reason, I would like to go with you. All right, everyone?
: What do you mean, 'For that reason?!'
: Until now, peace was such a vague concept and nobody could invent it. Because of the quest for peace, there has been always a battle somewhere... Longing to head for the sky was a dream that old Zepet and his six pupils had. Now, I have made it come true. I would like to challenge the dream I have. That's the invention of 'world peace'.
: If you say so, I will not object. In my opinion, I want you to be able to protect yourself at least.
: Please allow me to work with you on your new invention, Doctor Emma.

Emma joined the party!
Sweet. That's five now. But we can't get out of this room normally since we exploded our way in here. Using the door however brings up this.
: Oh, wait, wait! This place is the center of the secret base. I want to keep it a secret... Do you understand? Now I want you to put on the blindfold. It will be trouble if you remember even the approximate location of this base... It's OK, don't worry. I will take off your blindfold when we get there.

We just get warped back to Adlehyde. Now for a quick little shopping spree. I realized I have 3 Alter Parts, so I give Arc Nova another shot, since it only had one before. It's main use is that it can hit everyone, so I want to get more shots out of it. The rest of Rudy's cartridges only hit groups, or random enemies.

We can also go to Emma's shop to improve her Punchy Gun. Each alter part spent increases her ATK by one measly point. Yes, you can boost it up to 999, by why the hell would you? The rest of her stats suck, especially her accuracy! There are only three things about Emma that matter. Her Downloaded skills, her Magic to use those Downloaded skills, and the MP to use those Downloaded skills.

Case in point: Great Booster. What does this spell do? The better question is, what doesn't this spell do? It doubles Attack and Magic, increases Defense and Resistance as if they had Soft and Hard cast on them at the same time (which I think doubles that stat), doubles Reaction, 50% bonus to Evasion and gives some unknown increase to Accuracy. This spell is deadly. In fact, this one spell is probably even better to have than Brave Seal. And combined, these two are deadly, as it can quadruple someone's Attack.
Which brings us to the ultimate combo in this game. Brave Seal + Great Booster + Best Luck (use Small Flowers) + Hocus Pocus (a spell I don't have for Cecilia yet, increases Luck) + Newton's Wrath + Infinity + Lock-On Active + Gatling Raid + Rinse & Repeat. Semi-permanent boosts to all of Rudy's stats, increasing his Luck from Best to Super-Best which sets the random damage multiplier to x1.5-2.0(!!), a near infinite supply of Force, and the game's most powerful attack repeated twice per round.

If you think you've seen devastation, you haven't seen nothing yet.

Speaking of devastation, Saint Centaur. Since Aura appeared a lot in the ending credits, clearly she must be important to the storyline, even though we never saw her since Caging Tower. Time to find out what happened to her.

There is a secret door in the Sheriff's office, with the Jump Boots pressure plate hidden beneath the crate you need to blow up.

And there she is, hidden safely away.

I think she's referring to Rudy here...and I don't think she heard about what I can do with him.
: A survivor! A human that is left in this town!
: Have you been hiding here all this time?
: The leader of the vigilante group, Kaiser, guided me here... He told me there is plenty of water and preserved food, and to hide here until things get settled down. Then, where is Kaiser... Oh no... If I am the last human, that means...
: ...I hate to tell you, but he is gone.
: Everyone was so nice and kind to me, since I am blind. I couldn't do anything for them, and now everyone is gone...

Note the gauntlet there. I think you can do this scene before Rudy gets his upgrade, since you only need the Jump Boots. Yeah, I probably should have done this sooner, except I completely forgot Aura appears in the ending credits.
: Your sorrow will not solve anything. The people who saved your life, you must live your life for them.
: This place is under the Guardian statue... Perhaps, a bit of the guardian's mercy was at work here. I think you will be very safe staying here, until we can drive those monsters away.
: I understand. I will not cry anymore for the sake of the town's people.
: We will come visit you from time to time, OK?
: Yes. Good luck.
From this point, you can freely talk to Aura again. Her dialog chances based on who talks to her, like most NPCs.
: This voice, it is Jack, right? Someone has come to town and is taking care of me. He is also a swordsman, but he is a big strange and very funny.
: Ah, you are Rudy, right? Someone visiting this town has recently been tending to me. He seems a little strange, but I feel that he is trying his best.
: I think this is Cecilia, right? How have you been? A visiting swordsman has been taking care of me lately, so I feel lucky. He is so energetic that I sometimes get overwhelmed by him. I wonder if he will visit me today.
Wait a second...swordsman...strange but funny, trying to do his best, and overly energetic? Combined with the sneaky orange scarf in the ending credits, we have ourselves a Zed! Glad to see he made it out of the Gate Generator alive.

...I would not compare Zed to laughing gas...but okay?

: You looked like you were having fun, so...
: Please go on...this was an accident... We feel kind of awkward, to be honest.
: I don't believe you! Your insensitivity flies in the face of my sensitivity!! Anyway, how come you guys are here? Is this an ambush? You bushwackers are ambushing me?! You cheaters!!
: What's with you, junior?!
: You guys are envious of me because I am a star! You are engulfed with the flames of jealousy!

...I have no idea what's going on here...

: I will show you my secret skill that I failed to display at the Gate Generator!! A scarf blowing in the wind! True power!

He then randomly turns into a purple light and goes back to the statue thing he started by.

You're kidding me, he looks like that?

The party is in disbelief.
: That's all you have to say?! You can do better than that!!
: He looks just like a robot... Where does he get monster as part of his name?
: You must look at the big picture! Can't you do that with your tiny little mind?
: The big picture is...'ve hit rock bottom! Or perhaps your monster career is "on the rocks" or maybe you're just having a rocky start on a new career?
: You monkeys can't outsmart me! ... ... ... Why are you still chattering? Hey you, boy! When will you get it right?! You need sharper with than that to get me!

: You are too slow, too slow! But if you don't get it, let me spell it out! ...slower than your educators have done! Clearer than your parents could have done! Let me be your 'News Flash'! I will teach you a hard lesson, so that my charm will finally sink in!!

: Well...let me show you the power that Uncle Alhazad gave me. One hundred percent destruction!
Right. So here is the fight against Monster Zed. I looked through the guide, and it seems as though this game has a set order for the Bonus bosses, because their levels go from about 50-100. Zed is actually at 55, so we are a little underleveled to be doing this now, but because he is a bonus boss, this does not mean he is easy by any regards.

Case in point, his first attack: Missile Set. Completely one-shotted Cecilia. And this is his only Magic-based attack, so she should have been able to use her natural high Resistance.

And he counter-attacks everything with Counter-Combo, which is still pretty darn powerful. And to make matters worse, he has the typical Bonus Boss Inflation issue for HP, and has 30000. This can be one long devastating fight.

However, Missile Set is Zed's only magical attack, the rest are physical, meaning a party wide Hamedo is key here. By this point, I just used a Gimel Coin because a bad start with Cecilia dying early can really fuck up a lot of your plans, since 90% of the support buffs come from her.

However, Hamedo goes away once it retaliates once. To make things worse, she's slightly slower than Zed, so I have to risk next turn with her being protected.

God I love Brave Seal.

I switch out Emma for Cecilia to get a Great Booster on Rudy, and Zed decides to use his ultimate move: Ultimate Zed. He turns into a missile.

He aimed it straight at Rudy...who still had Hamedo active.

Here it comes.
EDIT: This should really count as a fuck up, because of the lack of spacing there. Thanks Szurumbur for that. Fuck Up Count: 31

Combined, Brave Seal and Great Booster with Gatling Raid can be enough to take down almost any bonus boss on it's own. And I haven't boosted Rudy's Luck yet.

: That is enough. I seem to be going in between mental derangement and confusion. Give me just five minutes... To sit down and figure this out! You should should knows how it goes. This Jekyll and Hyde thing. Just Kidding!!!
...riiiiiight. Anyway, he would have given 60k EXP, but I used a Gimel coin so I have to forfeit that. Which works great for me, because Jack still has one last Fast Draw and I don't want him over-leveled. However, I still get the 12k Gella he drops.

So much for his suit of armor saving him.

: Yes, he is so stupid he won't do any harm, even if he is at large... Shall we end his anxiety once and for all?
: Noooo! You are incredibly narrow minded!
: Is that so? Just don't say anything more or I WILL make you stop!
: Don't you have something to ask me rather than punishing me? Like, what happened after the Gate? Or how come I am here? Or something... Isn't that right...right?
: I suppose, but make it quick.
: I thought you would never ask! You want to know what happened? Well then, I'll tell you what happened as quickly as I can!

It cuts to black and then back to this to show the passage of time.
: So, after the riots at the Gate you snuck in here, and have been here ever since, right?
: You found the last human survivor in this town full of monsters and you've been helping her, correct?
: W--Well, I think you got it. I may not look like it, but I am a wizard you can be proud of. I thought of putting her in a group of monsters, if she screamed. But she was so calm and composed.

: It made me feel good... so I looked after her... I was just thinking that I will never be very popular hanging around Uncle Zeik... He's like, 'how do we bring about 'more' death,' and I'm thinking that life isn't so bad. Is it? When I saw you, I thought maybe you'd tell her who I really am... So I got pretty defensive... He, he, he... I lost my head totally.
: You think that's funny?
: No, it is not. This is not like me. And I opened my big mouth. Kill me, if that is what you have in mind.
: If you say so. Your swift death would be my cup of tea.
: You are merciless, human! Any normal person would feel sympathy, if he heard a soap opera like mine!
: ...I was just joking... But I have no sympathy for you.
: You've got some head problems, but I don't wish for your death. That will solve nothing... Why don't you make up for your past now with what you do in the future? There is someone who needs your support. You can live your life for her. That way you can make up for your sins.
: Moi...? What can I do for her? I am a wizard, and she is a...
: Don't you think it's foolish to limit what you can do and what you must do to be responsible for someone's life?

To get up, Zed does a fucking backflip, complete with a few fancy twists. Can this boy be normal at all, or he just cursed to be crazy awesome 100% of the time?
: Maybe...but maybe it's cool for cool Zed to do something not so cool. A comedian is sometimes needed! So if I wish to be popular, perhaps I can use humor as a weapon. OK, I'll protect her. I'll use my wit to kill all the bugs that come near her!
:'ve changed...or, maybe this is who you really are, huh?
: Don't think I'm not still dangerous! It can take you off guard!! Yeah, ha, ha, haaaaa!!!

: I thought it'd be good, but things are going unexpectedly well.
: Can you do jail time for excitement?
: We've got the princess of the kingdom. Can't we at least plead for amnesty?
: If something happens, we'll be responsible for it and we'll clean up the mess, all right?

We can talk to him afterward.
: Those who confuse freedom with license will never get to be the number one member of my fan club! ...On the other hand, having so many monsters around is a concern. Hey you, don't you have a convenient item that reactivates the magical stone?
Funny you mention that Zed... This is why you need the Defense Unit, because it's a convenient item that reactivates stuff.

: What are we waiting for?
: Wait!

: I won't have to protect her anymore, so I will be free. Well, it must be time for me to be bad again. We will be fighting against each other again. Heh, heh, heh, it is a promise.

And then instead of walking through the door normally, he leaps backwards through the door.

: Yeah, of course!
: Well then... I'll be fine without Zed, right?
: Y-Yeah... Of...course... ... ... ... ...Can you do me a favor? I've got important business to tend to. So, I've got to go... But...ah...but...
: Yes, I understand. You must go. But...please come back from time to time. I may be safe from monsters, but I will be lonely, and I don't like it. You will tell me funny stories again, right?
: Yeah, sure! I will come back to you! You can count on it!!

The crystal turns into light which spreads throughout the ruined city.
: That fool did a good thing.
: Who knew?
: I sense that the monsters are disappearing... I feel the power of the magical stone filling this town...

: Yeah, I am a man of my word when it comes to a promise!
: Then, why don't you keep your promise now?
: Yeah, that promise. You promised to fight against us on a battlefield or something, right?
: Ah?! That? That was... I made up my mind at an awkward moment.

Rudy walks forward, and extends his hand.

Zed grabs it.
: In this world, there are many people who are suffering like her. Please give us your hand, not only for one person, but for everyone.
: But I am an evil monster...right?

: Yea...all right... Maybe I'm not so bad. I will not limit what I can do and what I must do for the sake of a life...
: You'll be popular in no time!
That's it! What a nice thing to say you rat! Yeah, my plan for me to become popular has just begun! OK! Come along with me, you all! I, the strongest of the group, will lead you to final victory!
Zed joined the party!
That's right ladies and gentlegoons, the sixth party member, is none other than Zed. Seriously, how many of you saw this coming?

Krysmphoenix (from quite a while back) posted:

You know what? I'll just go ahead and say it since it's practically obvious by this point. We get Jane back, but we will not receive Magdalen as part of the final party. If you notice this update dropped a few hints that Magdalen feels like maybe Jane needs a little time away from him (they elaborate on this more later on). No one else gets a stealing ability, so Jane is the only one who does.

So far our final party is Rudy, Cecilia, Jack, Emma, Jane, and a sixth member. If you've noticed, I have been using normal portraits for NPCs, but switching to their battle portrait when the join. So the sixth member of the final party could be ANYONE in the game, from Tony at Surf Village, Sister Mary at the Abbey, or even King Justin!  It's not King Justin. 

That said, I'm enacting (kinda already enacted) a strict no-spoiler policy on the identity of the sixth party member. I don't mind lots of guessing long as anyone who already knows keeps their mouth shut.

DarkHamsterlord posted:

It's Armengard, isn't it?

Krysmphoenix posted:

Dammit! Right on the first try!

Ha, I wish.

Tallgeese posted:

It's Boomerang, isn't it.

I mean, he's killed demons before. Maybe he'll join you after you kick his ass enough and he realizes he might get to fight more and more badass dudes if he sticks with you.

Elite posted:

Guessing games where I get to make a fool out of myself? I'm all over that shit!

My top guesses:
Elmina/Lady Harken because mind control is never reliable
Boomerang because dicking over the demons would probably amuse him
Zed because a man can dream can't he? (Isn't going to happen but it'd be awesome if it did)

Azure_Horizon posted:

It's Captain Bartholomew, duh.

Congratulations Elite, your wish comes true. Although Azure brings up a good point, how this game really makes it seem like the sixth character could be Bartholomew. (And Azure already knew who the sixth character was anyway.) Although Boomerang and Elmina were two really good possibilities that I would believe as theoretically possible given the storyline, but sadly isn't the case.

And Zed was not joking about being the strongest of the group, because his Attack is the highest. Rudy CAN get higher if you put all his points into ATT Bonus instead of Bullets, but Zed is just naturally stronger. He uses Piled Shots, which function like Rudy's Cartridges in that you can only use them so many times, and he doesn't have MP either.
Zed's Force Ability is Full Power, which increases his Attack by 75%, but forces him to move last. It also functions like Accelerator in that it can dramatically improve his Piled Shots as well.

Secret Sword targets a single enemy, and has a base tech constant of 4, which is pretty damn impressive on it's own. With Full Power, it increases to 6, which is higher than Gun Claymore's tech constant. However, if Secret Sword is the killing blow on an enemy, Zed will take damage as well. I don't know how much because I don't use it very often, this move shows how Zed works. He is a powerful character, with lots of risks.
Now, you might be wondering, why did I say Piled ShotS when he only has one? Because Zed can gain multiple, but I'll save that for next update.

End of update status:
: Level 47
--ATK Bonus: 45 (Lv. 4)
--Bullets: 14 (Lv. 11)
: Level 49
: Level 48
: Level 48
--Joined the Party!
--Got a couple of new Downloads off camera, the important one is Great Booster.
: Level 48
--Joined the Party!
--Learned I'll Show You! ☆
: Level 48
--Joined the Party!
Gella: 22268
Migrant Seals: 14
Ex. File Keys: 5/25
Fuck-Ups: 31

Version Differences:
Jane, Emma and Zed (!) can join the party permanently. They each get heartwarming scenes to accompany their introduction into the party as well.

A Saying A Day
: (September 17th) Today's saying is, 'like a knight's favorite toothpick brand.' Not Eat is a toothpick brand, which offers a really unreasonable price. Most knights' lives are not easy, for they pay for many expenses. But they will never buy a cheap toothpick. They will always buy Not Eat brand, even though it costs more money.
: (September 18th) Today's saying is, 'the third time pays for all.' This saying has the fatal rival, 'never two without three.' A rival also means a favorite enemy. These two are actually good friends.
: (September 19th) Today's saying is, 'like a modern Scheherazade.' It means that someone is a great storyteller. It doesn't mean that writers have an easy life, since he will die if his work is boring as he can't make a living.
: (September 20th) Today's saying is, 'some rattle the cage.' These people don't accept things as they find them, but point out flaws. They always want change. But, young people nowadays aren't vital, and do not rattle the cage. If the society became so simple, a person like me may have a hard time to live through.

Next Time:

This is what we like to call Dramatic Irony..