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Part 16: Someone left the stove on...

Last time there were lots of with Mariel, Jane and Magdalen rejoined, and Rudy does not have 18 bullets when he could. The entire update will consist of Volcannon Trap, which is a rather important dungeon, especially moreso in this game.

The Magma dances and cries in the hell.
Spooky...anyway, there isn't much to do here, except read a stone tablet that explains the dungeon.
This is the palace of fire. Unless you enter both doors, you can never reach its deepest halls. East door chooses power; west door chooses treasure. Beware! Once the door is passed, your companions are lost until you meet the ruin's secret.
Would you like to challenge the ruin?

: Yes || No
Two doors open up, showing a fork down the path further into the dungeon.
: Jane's right. It's essential to take both routes, together.
: I can sense your doubt... What are you going to do?
: We'll choose the treasure. After all, we came this far. We can't turn back now!
: That's what I thought. I do not have any objection. ...Because we need the power.
: Then it's decided. Everyone, I will pray for you.
: OK, let's do this! Guardian Blade, here we come!
Jane and Magdalen left the party.
: We should go, too. Whatever awaits us, we must proceed...

This guy isn't normally too tough, he's got lots of Fire Elemental attacks, and can sometimes summon a clone of himself. Haboryn also starts the battle with "Reaction Up" bonus, as if someone cast Quick Step on him BEFORE the battle began. Enemies will start doing this from now on, so if you haven't learned Dispel yet, now's a decent time. Although Reaction Up isn't worth Dispeling...but what really makes this guy a bitch to fight is...

This buddy. Zonemaker has an attack called Fire Zone, which doubles the fire damage, and halves the ice damage. Guess who this guy likes to spawn with!

This dungeon is pretty straight forward, with simple puzzles. The Lava is a damaging terrain, that will hurt you if you walk on it, and knock you back so you can't run across it. Normally you can just walk around it or use the Grappling Hook. Treasure around this screenshot includes Crest Graph and an Alter Part. Also a Duplicator locked chest I can't open quite yet... And a little bit later on is Lucky Card x2 and Tool Shop. Now that Tom is back in Adlehyde, we'll find models of buildings which he'll use to reconstruct Adlehyde. Kinda silly and pointless but okay, I'll roll with it.

This guy, Ifrit, looks big and scary but really isn't. The only thing to watch out for is that he's got an attack that hits everyone, Ash Reducer. This dungeon seems to like sapping VIT out of you.

Uh-oh...I wonder what's behind this wall? (Yeah, not like I could just rotate the camera before examining this wall to see who is behind it.)
As you listen to the monotonous rhythm, you feel sorrow, the sorrow of someone who has a longing to experience the world...
: Who's coming?!

: Zeeeeeeed!
He bursts straight through the wall now. Earlier he was hitting it with a pickaxe. I'll be using this Rocking Heart remix of Zed's theme from now on instead of I Hate But Love.
: It's...ME! Hurray! Honestly, you know you were waiting and hoping I might show up, right? Ohhh, I love a grand entrance! Well, enough talk! This is different from that first match! I can take double what I used to!
: What a wild rumor... You may come to find something you weren't expecting...
: Nobody requested a 2nd round. We are in a hurry. Would you leave now?
I love how the party doesn't even take him seriously by this point.
: Miss, do not say such rude things! I'm just making the rounds, earning points for a promotion!
: ...huh?! I don't know how much you'll earn, but please put everything you do earn towards a shrink!
: Ha, don't be so emotional! I don't care about my victims' feelings! I'll decide your death sentence... I'll be the judge and executioner! I'll execute everyone...and savor it!

His comment about taking twice the much as before is bullshit. He falls on the third round, same as usual. Apprently he has a few new attacks, but I never ran across them. This is Lock-On Gatling Raid in action with 7 bullets. In comparison, a Quick Step Accelerator Speed Fang did 620 damage. Quite a bit of a damage difference there. Again, I remind you, this isn't Gatling Raid at it's full power.
: Hey, now! Don't get all pissy! If you don't like my decision... You'll have to make a final appeal. You know, it's not nice to hit. Even when you hit an animal, it doesn't behave the way you want. So... Don't take your anger out on the judge! ... ... ...Another lesson, later...
The battle ends. He gives 2400 EXP and 1200 Gella, and a Migrant Seal. At least his EXP drop is double it was before.
: ... ... ... ...I think I left the stove on... Probably... I have to check... ... ... ... You escaped narrowly from death! You are powerless! With your strength, you cannot beat me! I decided! I will suspend your execution with mercy! Usually, I am not so lenient. Because of that, let's cherish today. You are free to go!
He literally just walks out of the room casually, the way we came in.
: He is more of a dishonest lawyer than a judge...
: Does he have no shame? I really don't like him...
: I wonder if his stove was on?

Yes, this is exactly what it looks like. We get to play as Jane for a while. The music playing now is her battle theme, which really only plays during battles in this section. I actually like this song, it suits her well.

Normally when you have quest party members in your party, you can't use them on the field because they have no tools to use. This is true for Jane, she has no tools. So you have to use your head headbutting into these pillars to activate the switch. Holy shit Jane.
Also, she gets lots of trapped chests on her path that you can't open so you have to take (minor) damage. Worth it for the Duplicator, but not so much for the Potion Berry x3. I have enough of those. But the Gimel Coin x2 and Gella Card x2 are nice to have.

A new addition to playing as only Jane and Magdalen is that they each have a new move! (Actually, they had it when the joined back in Rosetta.) Jane now also has What Can You Do?☆ which means for the rest of the turn she has a small chance of canceling an enemy's move. By shooting them. Interestingly, the shot acts as a normal shot, so sometimes Jane will hit multiple enemies in the same turn, and even get critical hits on them.

The move you're seeing now is Heaven's Wrath, which hits a group of enemies. It deals damage to a group of enemies. Normally this does as much as a normal attack (which is powerful considering it's Magdalen) but with Gamble, the multiplier will increase to 3.5, and then there's the boost from Gamble to factor in. Never stop being a powerhouse, Magdalen. Holy fucking shit.

: We found a big treasure chest☆ Let's examine it, Magdalen!
Yeah, I could describe more, but her portion is mostly just basic "run over this switch, run into the switch on the wall, don't run into lava" stuff. It's really simple, but I Pilfer☆ quite liberally throughout this dungeon.

this fucking puzzle. It's a strange puzzle because you need to use Hanpan (who will glide over the lava) to hit one switch, then you have to quickly run and activate four more with your feet before Hanpan's switch deactivates. This took me several annoying tries. Treasure along the way was Ice Gem x5, 1000 Gella, and PS Fire Break 2.

Further in, Berserk just waiting for us.
: Berserk!! The reason you came here was to get the Guardian Blade?
: Guardian Blade? You fell for my trick so easily. You didn't let me down!
: The Guardian Blade info was intentional... We were set up!
Volcannon TRAP. How did you think you weren't going to be set up?
: It was all Alhazad's idea. I should thank her. I get to end this fight...
Wait...HER? I...I...I... ... ....didn't they use he before? I'm not sure right now...
: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!! The Guardian Blade was lost when it went out of control during the fighting 1000 years ago! You have seen the sands spreading in Filgaia with your own eyes! That is the power of the Guardian Blade! It is a power out of control, a scar, and it's crushing monsters, humans, and Filgaia too! The Guardian Blade is forgotten folklore. It is an existence different than ours... It should never come back to life! You went on a wasted errand... But, you do not need to worry. You will die by my hands!!!

You can't win this fight, so the best idea is to just defend and---God dammit Cecilia, why is you Defence and HP so low? At the end of the fight (3 rounds) you ALWAYS get 0 EXP and Gella. In fact, he ends with a move (Berserk Break) that knocks everyone down to 1 HP...except Cecilia was already knocked out.

Fortunately, I managed to have 100% VIT before this fight, so I'm good...although Cecilia's Max HP is temporarily reduced. Fuck.

That can't be good.
: His malicious will is... Filling this place with energy! The power is shifting!
: Yes!!! The reason I chose this place for the final battle is because of the amplifier... My body, twisted by humiliation. I care not what happens to my body. A certain victory is not enough now! I will devour your strength!! I, the strongest among the Quarter Knights, crush you with this star's amplified power!!

Suddenly, the magic shifts in the opposite color and direction. Instead of's going down.
: A reverse current? Instead of sending out power, the amplifier is taking his power!
: It can't be... Why...why is my power...?! Nooooooo......

: This looks suspicious. Punish the suspicious! We judge by appearance.☆
One of the orbs starts to glow, and she starts shooting at it.
: I see it, this device is controlling the ruin's energy. If you get too frisky, you might damage something. I think moderation is best.
: I know! But, I can't help myself. I think... ever since I met them, my head's been a little off... I'm releasing my anger on this thing. Trust me. ☆
She blows up another pillar.
: (But, Miss... It was your idea to work together...)

Fuck, now he's mad. After his roar, there is a long moment of silence, the controller vibrates like a heart beat... You can imagine Berserk is breathing heavily, he's at the last of his energy.
: ...I won't be defeated by puny humans! I shall not be defeated... Even if my power is 1%!! I am Berserk!!!

This is not Cecilia's day... Berserk has a new ability, Blaster Howl, which has a low chance of causing Amnesia, which does stuff I can't remember. Cecilia gets hit with it...but unfortunately...

He uses Berserk Break also in this fight, but it just deals heavy damage now, instead of 1 HP. Cecilia falls to this as well, god dammit! And on the last turn too, where I just had Rudy blow him up with a Gatling Raid.
: ...I won't stop... I won't allow defeat... Laughed at and humiliated... Not by those at Photosphere!
He teleports out, giving us 2750 EXP and 1500 Gella, along with a PS Defense Up 2. We can move further on into the dungeon, picking up a mere PS Full Libra 2. When we backtrack out of the room we fought Berserk in, we get this next scene.

: Annoying humans... And the power of ARM... Created from demons' power... This is such shameful conduct... How can I go back to the Photosphere, losing to these humans.
?????: It's impossible. It's a hopeless dream.
: Who is it?! That voice... You're...!!!

A man walks up in a trench coat. We don't get a good glimpse of him through the firey haze, but this awesome song starts playing.
?????: You are ungraceful. Relying on cunning against weak opponents, and you still lost the battle...
: I don't need you! Just let me collect myself... Then, lend me a hand to Photosphere!!
?????: I have no hands to lend someone who holds such contempt for the nobility of true warriors. But...
He draws his weapon, it looks like a sword twisted into a right angle. No, seriously. We'll be seeing this guy later, so I won't worry about a good screenshot now.
: ...You are right... Wasn't your nickname 'Annihilator'?
He throws his blade at Berserk, there's a large shiny orange glowing cut in his chest where the sword-boomerang is embedded.
?????: ...My thirst is not quenched... Strong soldiers must confront me... To quench this thirst...

And then Berserk explodes as this man opens his...eyes?

The group meets back at the entrance, as an earthquake starts up. Wordlessly, they run to the exit.

Jane trips, and drops the orb shes carrying.
: Oh, that hurt! Why is there a stupid earthquake, now?!

Suddenly the earthquake picks up as a pillar starts to fall, Rudy jumps into push her out of the way.
: Rudy!!

Jack phases in behind the group, carrying Rudy in his arms.
: That was accelerator... Quite splendid!
Jack sets Rudy down, and glares at him.
: You...

Jane beats Jack though, and slaps Rudy across the face.
: You! Don't jump in and risk your life for someone if there's a chance of dying! Don't ask like that! Did I ask you to do that? The treasure could have been ruined!! I don't understand you!!!
: Miss!!! Please do not say such things... Under the circumstances, you could have 'ruined' along with the treasure. Your life is more important than...
: I know! Don't tell me about it!
: If you know... Don't you have anything to say to Rudy?
: ... ... ... Although money can't buy happiness, there is plenty that it can buy. Don't forget that. ... ... ...
: A reckless child...
: We missed our chance to yell at them.
: I know what you're thinking, and it's not true. I know these things. But... If you only wish for things you cannot see, you will never face the problems right in front of you! I hate such weakness! I must grow strong, at any cost!!

: I don't know its value, but this is the only one left... This is a reward for saving me!
Obtained Event Item [Red Malice]!
: I only accept things with value! I show my gratitude the same way. ... ... … ... ... ... ...But, thank you... for saving me...
Stupid Rudy, it's not like I'm giving this treasure to you because I like you or anything. Anyway, the group returns to Rosetta, but there's nothing worth showing there again. Just more conversations.
: Oh, well... That was much ado about nothing.
: We see this all the time... It's sad, but I'm kinda used to it. The worst part is that we didn't get much from it.
: All that info on the Guardian Blade was just a hoax to lure us in. But, we gave them a good fight. We taught them a lesson, too; humans don't give up. You know, I think we can win this! And, realizing that is the best thing I got out of this expedition!
: You guys are involved in a lot of trouble. All this talk about demons and the world... It wasn't BS, huh. OK, so this is probably a stupid question... But, what're we doing now?
" We have something that we're going after. If you're not busy, would you like to help us?
: No, no, no, no! That's kinda much for me. I'm going to have to pass...
: She sounds callous, but actually, she also has something to take care of. Sorry we can't help. Please, don't fault us for this.
: You didn't have to say all that.
: Is this goodbye then? We will miss you...
: Our home is located in Court Seim to the west. If you guys ever have business out that way, I can return the favor.
: Are you sure you should say such things? I do not think I would be of much help.
: But, I'm not just saying that... I really want to pay them back. Anyway, I don't think they'll ever come out to Court Seim. So, it's just a polite thing to say. Anyway, this way, we don't have to join them on their mission now.
: I guess that makes some sort of sense...
: Well, we gotta go. I will see you guys around! Please let me know if you hear of any get-rich-quick quests!
: Her name, Calamity, describes her so well! I am exhausted.
: But I feel like they could be good friends. Well, I am not completely sure, but...
: Anyway, time to look for a way to reach Arctica. I think those demons will be coming back for us. They'll need to get rid of us first anyway. But, we need to strike before they can attack us. Let's go for the jugular!


: Even Berserk failed... He had the most destructive power of the Quarter Knights, and he was defeated.
: Powerful or not, his mistake was his failure to follow the plan. It doesn't matter how mighty the weapon may be; lack of technique is fatal and led to Berserk's inevitable demise. Berserk was too egotistical to have any kind of wisdom.
: He failed to finish our plan and made us clean his mess. I say this is a perfect ending. The good news is that we have the pleasure of finishing up where we left off. He has done all right.
: I don't feel as confident with just three of us left. After all, we are the Quarter Knights, a group of four. Let us not continue with just three members.
: Don't fear, my precious children. Leave it up to me to fill the void. Our missing piece is here.

Zed is hiding behind Mother' Considering the power of the group, I think they know he's there, but they just don't care.
: We need a new member who will not just increase our power, but who will also complement our team. I was getting tired of his mediocrity. Give us someone new!
: Boomerang! Come before us!! A true, valiant knight!
Zed falls forward in shock.

It's him again, and he has a friend.
: This one... He is the fourth Quarter Knight? Are you sure about this, Mother?
: He is known as the 'Annihilator' and the 'Staunch Rogue'; both perfect names. A demon of such notoriety is now one of us.
: Killing my own kind is only a small part of my duties. I merely help a soldier die with grace and honor. I am like a mortician who makes death presentable. Let me know when you are ready to be relieved from your misery. I will not hesitate. I took the liberty of leaving half of Berserk's remains in your room.

: Feel free to hate me. But don't forget to examine the body for me. Otherwise, my duty is not complete. If you find that your good friend, Berserk, had one last breath left, he wasted it.
There's a good pause here, as Zeikfried just stares at Boomerang. Because Zeikfried is in armor, we don't get to see his face (do these guys even have faces?)
: Mother! I do not approve of this man joining the Quarter Knights!
: As sweet as you knights are, I am not in a position to honor your request. Boomerang may be the missing piece of our team. I'm sure you understand that. The man who can finish off our own Berserk should have no problem destroying the humans.
: ... ... ... ...If that is your wish, Mother, I shall do nothing... but honor your decision... ... ... ...
: Oh, Zeikfried... My dear Zeikfried...
: So that's that. Please give me the task of finishing off the humans who are working for the Guardians. ... ... ... I need to teach them a lesson they will never forget...
Eh, that's the closest I can find to expressing that Lucied kinda growls/purrs there for a moment as Boomerang starts stroking her.
: If you wish to continue living, do not take your task lightly. I've seen what those humans are capable of.
: I would heed your own warning. I don't wish to have you slaying your own kind.
Wait, Lady Harken is human? Why is she with these guys then? ...for that matter, why is Zed?
: ... ... ... First, I need to size them up myself. See if they are worthy of being my prey. Then, I will decide on where to dispose of their corpses. I'm ready... Luceid.
The two leave.
: A renowned power... A great threat to the humans. Or, is it also... Hehehehe...
: ... ... ...
: What we need now is time to regroup without any distractions. That is why I have chosen him to go against the humans. Do not fear, Zeikfried.
: Then we will commence our invasion plans?
: Without the Teardrop, I will need more time than ever to recover my strength. Though the humans are as dangerous as fleas, I don't wish to have them around right now. Understand that, Zeikfried?
: With that being said, I think we should put up our barrier, Soledelita, around the Photosphere to keep the humans away.
: The Soldelita has the ability to shield the Photosphere with its power. Every angle will be protected. Let us engage the Soldelita at once.

And with that, a hex-based glowing shield surrounds the Legion of Doom Photosphere. We'll need to break this somehow before we can move on. That's it for this update.

End of update status:
: Level 23 → 24
--ATK Bonus: 46 (Lv. 4)
--Bullets: 7 (Lv. 4)
--Hoarding 1 Alter Part.
: Level 22 → 23
--Speed Fang: Lv. 4 (146 / 225)
--Strike Buddy: Lv 4 (96 / 270)
--Burst Breaker: Lv 2 (18 / 32)
--Acute Angle: Lv. 2 (8 / 36)
: Level 23 → 24
--Hoarding 1 Crest Graph.
: Level 23
--ATK Bonus: 6 (Lv. 0) → 15 (Lv. 2)
--Bullets: 5 (Lv. 0) → 6 (Lv. 1)
--She's gone.
: Level 23
--He's gone.
Gella: 6359
Migrant Seals: 6
Ex. File Keys: 2/25
Fuck-Ups: 15

Version Differences:
Volcannon Trap is a split dungeon, you play half as the party, half as Jane and Magdalen. I would have liked the dungeon a lot more if they had puzzles rely on the two parties solving each other's puzzles. Instead it felt like just a completely different branching path.
Boomerang is a lot more...gruesome, dumping Berserk's body in Zeikfried's room.

A Saying A Day
Yes, I know Polsy already supplied a list of all of them. Still, half the fun of A Saying A Day is just seeing what you get for today. I would be using A Day A Day, except she's not giving out days this game, she's giving out sayings. Regardless, I'll be doing these from now on. The site's already been posted if you want them all.

: (June 22nd) Today's saying is, 'like finding a lantern at night.' When at a loss in the dark at night, at the edge of road, you'll find a lantern. This is nice but too good to be true. This could be a trap or something. But if you find the lantern, it'll be useful. Like this, the saying is describing a lucky person, the sort who will find a lit lantern when he needs one.
: (June 23rd) Today's saying is that an inch long caterpillar has a gob's soul. An inch is about half the length of my pinky. When a caterpillar grows to that size, he must go through many hardships like attacks of birds and humans. This saying says that to survive, they need plenty of guts, like a gob.
: (June 24th) The saying is that justice can be poetic. After getting out of jail, a criminal went to the place where he'd hid the loot. He found the victim's house built upon it. Is it so trite? He thought such things were for books. Sometimes, it happens this way in life. A god plays with a human's fate. The saying says. Personally, I'm glad. What would be a poetic ending of someone who tells sayings?
: (June 25th) Today's saying is, 'like sticking gum in a Guardian's ear.' There're always people, who deface the stone statues in town. Some guys had put chewed gum on it. Fengalon resented it when somebody put some chewed gum on his ear. He's a cat, and cats are obsessive about their fur and ears. So, if you want to put gum on a statue, you'd better do it to Schturdark.
: (June 26th) Today's saying is that a monster is coming if you flash your gella. This means if you show-off it won't end well. But these days, even the monster's world uses our monetary system. But then, when they flash their gella, wanderers come running. There's symmetry there.

Next Time:

Huh, they gave him a badass longcoat. MADE OF STONE.