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Part 11: Flight Log 10 - Lt. Lance Casey

[Flight Log 10 - Lt. Lance Casey]

I stopped in to talk to the CAG and tell her what my plans were, and then from there went directly to my ship. I hadn't even waited for her permission, but when I saw the flight crew scrambling to prep a Panther, I assumed that she had OKed the mission. As I launched, she wished me luck and told me to take care of myself. If I had anything to say about it, there would be two pilots coming back from this mission, not zero.

As soon as I got there, I saw a Manta and a few Morays, all of whom honed in on the SAR ship almost immediately. It appeared as if the pilots were a little scared, because as soon as I'd fire a few shots at them, they'd break away and run for cover. Using this strategy to my advantage, I forced the bugs to break away from the SAR ship and then hunted them down and exterminated them.

I distracted the enemies enough so that the SAR could begin to go in for its pilot pickup. The pilot was still alive, as I could see from the life signs being broadcast on my monitor. It was a good feeling, knowing that this mission wasn't for nothing. Determined to buy the SAR enough time to grab our boy, I kept at the Morays who were harassing the rescue ship.

Suddenly, I noticed that a new enemy ship had popped up on my radar. It was another Devil Ray, and this time it didn't appear to care about me. Remembering what happened to Blair and the rumors about the bugs picking up our pilots to do something awful to them, I broke away from the remaining Moray and made a beeline for the Devil Ray.

I threw everything I had at the ship to drive him away from the ejected pilot. Every missile I had left went to protect him, and it paid off. After doing some serious damage to the ship, I forced it to pull away from the pilot and jump back home. I would have liked to destroy it, if for no other reason than for what those aliens were doing to Blair and the rest of our pilots, but I was happy enough driving him away and letting the SAR do its work.

When I got back, the Midway gave me a brief message telling me I had permission to land. I knew that they were prepping the flight deck with med teams to take care of the pilot immediately, so I didn't mind the brisk answer. I afterburnered towards the ship and landed as soon as possible.

I thought it was kind of odd that the mission status computer would give me a score for this mission, but it was a pretty good score, so I couldn't complain. The important thing was that I saved a co-pilot's life, so score was secondary, and I was sure that nobody would care much what my score on the mission was, just that it was successful.

As of writing this log, the pilot is still in intensive care, but the medics say there's a good chance he'll make it. Thank god.

T'lan Meth 2 ** (two stars only for the brief irrelevant cutscene at the end, and the fact that one star would undermine the one star I'm giving tomorrow's mission)

Scikar posted:

Wait, were they Morays that tore your ships to pieces? I saw it was a Manta that took off your side armor but I didn't see any Mantas when you were getting your ass kicked later on?

Nah, the second Nav point had, I think, 5 Morays and 2 Mantas. The Mantas were the ones firing missiles (I don't believe Morays fire missiles, or if they do, it's rare), and the Morays were the ones getting behind me and harassing me with guns.

And yeah, as you already saw, that was this mission with the solo SAR. It's not hard, it's just a little tricky.

Coming up tomorrow, a very special video for a very unspecial mission. And after that, come see a cap ship blow up from a completely new perspective (as the guy doing the blowing uping).