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Part 15: Flight Log 13 - Lt. Lance Casey

[Flight Log 13 - Lt. Lance Casey]

A simple mission, save some cats from the bugs and escort them back to their destroyer. I wasn't much of a fan of the cats really, but if they could help us defeat this new alien menace, then I guess we could help them.

After the briefing, Hawk looked pissed. When I talked to him, he told me a story about my father's death that I had never heard before. When Blair got my dad's escape pod, he was inside all cut up into pieces. I was somewhat in shock, finding out what truly happened to my father after all of these years, and slowly but surely, the shock was turning into a burning desire for revenge against the cats. I finally knew why people like Maniac and Hawk hated the Kilrathi so much. They were brutal and had no sense of remorse in the way that they ruthlessly slaughtered humans and other Kilrathi alike. With this thought stuck in my head, I headed down to my awaiting ship for the mission.

When we got to the Nav point, the Kilrathi were barely holding their own against the bugs, but it was obvious that they wouldn't last very long. Practically on autopilot, I began taking the bugs down one by one. Saving the Kilrathi or not, I knew that once the bugs finished with them, they'd take us out, so no reason not to take them out, just to save myself.

Almost having finished with the bugs, I realized that Hawk hadn't said a word to me since we first arrived at this Nav point. Wingmen always talked to each other during dogfights, and Hawk usually gave frequent status updates when I flew with him. Something must be on his mind, but I realized that I hadn't said anything since we got here either, so odds are it was the same thing that was on my mind.

Once the bugs were gone, Hawk spoke for the first time, telling me that the flight recorder was turned off and that we could use this opportunity to take some revenge. I didn't know whether I could go through with it or not. I knew that these Kilrathi meant us no harm, and were a splinter group barely holding together, flying outdated ships and desperately just trying to get home. But at the same time, I couldn't help but keep thinking of what could have possibly happened to my father in his final moments.

But in the end, I realized that it wasn't these Kilrathi who killed my father. Those cats were probably long dead. These were simply a group of Kilrathi trying to survive after we obliterated their entire home planet. While I was angry about what happened to my father, I couldn't live the rest of my life trying to get vengeance on every Kilrathi I saw. Without looking back to see if Hawk was following me or not, I hit my autopilot and flew to Nav 2.

The Kilrathi were thankful that we helped them get home. Hawk, on the other hand, was not. After delivering our escort, we hit the autopilot and went home. Hawk didn't say a single word to me on the trip, but I wasn't surprised at all.

When we docked, Hawk stormed off without saying a single word to me. I checked the mission status report, but the computer had bugged out due to the damage that Hawk did to the flight recorder. I hoped too many questions weren't asked about this mission, because even though I didn't do what Hawk wanted, I wasn't going to rat the guy out to the CAG if I could help it. Wingmen stick together, even if they don't always agree with each other.

T'lan Meth 5 ***** (As far as plot-heavy missions go, they don't get much more plot-heavy than this one. Bookended by two cutscenes too, this is pretty much a must-watch)

Cutscene 12

Cutscene 13