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Part 16: Flight Log 14 - Lt. Lance Casey

[Flight Log 14 - Lt. Lance Casey]

Another three point Nav patrol mission, escorting the SWACS to do a scan of the alien base. While it wasn't exciting work, it needed to be done, so I figured I'd suck it up and have fun patrolling. At least Maestro was going with me, so I'd have someone to talk to.

When we arrived at the first Nav point, there was resistance, as we figured there'd be. The SWACS began its scan, and informed me that they'd need 90 seconds to finish. So all we had to do was keep the bugs off of him until he was done, and then finish them off. No problem.

I made a mistake that thankfully didn't turn out too badly. I went after a Ray first, thinking it was the biggest thing out there and posed the most danger to the SWACS. I was wrong. As soon as it blew up, I realized my mistake when seven Remoras separated from the floating husk and began swarming around me and the SWACS. They weren't powerful, and they were easily killed, but seven drones attacking the SWACS would put it down easily, no matter what they were shooting. But I collected myself and picked off the Remoras before they could pose a thread to the scanning ship.

At this Nav point, I also got the "privilage" of seeing a ship I had never seen before. Other pilots had told me about the Lamprey, and no one yet had been able to figure out the purpose for it. The cannon it had did a lot of damage to shields, but practically none to the hull, and it was extremely slow. One thing about it, though, was that it could change directions literally instantly. That made me nervous, because while the Lamprey wasn't particularly threatening, the ability to instantly change inertia would be dangerous on another, more heavily armed fighter.

The rest of the mission went about as expected. We ran into a bunch of Rays, but I had learned to attack them last, and one at a time. Besides taking some minor damage to my rear armor at the end of the mission, we had pretty much no difficulty on this mission.

Another day, another dollar. After I checked my mission stats, I began to head towards pilot country for a drink, and then hit the sack. But Stiletto came up and gave Maestro and I some terrible news which killed any plans I had for celebrating.

T'lan Meth 6 ** (this could possibly be the most boring mission in the game. So let's jazz it up some. Two stars is ONLY for the cutscene after the mission status screen (not cutscene 14))

Cutscene 14

(I'm going to be busy next weekend and probably won't update, so ideally I'd like to get T'lan Meth done before then. 4 more missions, but I'm not going to rush it. This one was pretty easy to get done because, as I said, this is probably the most boring mission in this game.)