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Part 29: Flight Log 23 - Lt. Lance Casey

[Flight Log 23 - Lt. Lance Casey]

We were to meet up with a Wild Weasel Vampire squadron, and then move on to intercept two cruisers, who were flying with a minimal escort. Normally even the minimal escort on two cruisers would be enough to pose a challenge, but with two squadrons of Vampires and a squadron of Destroyers, I didn't see this mission posing too much of a challenge.

When we got there, the sight was impressive. I had thought one cruiser was pretty big, but seeing two next to each other pretty much killed the buzz that I had flying a Devastator again. I watched the Vampires from the TCS Eisen swoop in to start going after the fighter escort, and after helping them out for a couple of minutes, I went in to take down the cruisers.

If you guessed that the Plasma gun wouldn't work as well against a cruiser as it would against a carrier, you guessed wrong. It plowed through the bridge armor in as little time as it did on the carrier, and before I knew it, the first cruiser was down for the count.

By the time I had gotten to the second cruiser, the Vampires from the Eisen had finished off the fighter escort and were hanging around waiting for us to finish off the cap ships. As much fun as this Devastator is, I really have to get my hands on one of those Vampires one day. Anything that can plow through fighters like that has got to be a fun ship to fly.

At the next Nav point, we ran into a pathetic group of Morays who lasted about as long as it's taking me to write this sentence. But more importantly, the Midway contacted us and let us know that they had picked up a carrier in the asteroids. They told us to take it out if we had the ordinance, which was no problem in my case, seeing as how I didn't spend a single torpedo taking the cruisers down. And I was willing to bet I wouldn't use one against the carrier either.

How many Vampires does it take to destroy a Moray? Not this many.

When we came across the carrier, it was being escorted by a lot of Mantas. Mantas tended to be a problem, since they had no problems holding back on missile fire and were substantually tougher than a Moray. However, I hadn't used many missiles yet, so I dumped off my whole ordinance of homing missiles to help the Vampires clear out the Mantas fast. I'm not sure how many I killed, but that wasn't my job. My job was simply to make the Vampires' life easier, so they could in turn make mine easier.

I'm quickly going to get spoiled by the fact that I have a plasma gun as well as missiles. It makes taking down enemy ships almost a joke. Fire a missile, then finish them off with the plasma. Quick, simple, and deadly.

We had almost cleared the Mantas out when apparently the few remaining decided to team up on Maestro. I knew that Rachel was going to flip a gasket, seeing as how we had just gotten these new ships earlier this week. I wouldn't want to be in his shoes right now.

Once the enemies were down, the carrier was a pretty anti-climactic battle. Carriers tend to have larger fighter escorts than cruisers, but a much less impressive defense system, meaning once you take down the fighters, the big guy goes down with practically no problems.

Arriving back at the Midway, the comm officer congratulated us on taking down the carrier. I'm sure the Confed brass were happy as a pig in garbage to see that there was one less alien carrier in this system. I could only wonder how many alien cap ships were left. Aurora is saying that this isn't their main fleet, and that scares me to death. There's no way we could take these guys on if this is just an exploratory mission for them.

Putting those dark thoughts aside, I docked my ship and checked the mission status report. While 85% wasn't a bad score, I was a little annoyed with having two incomplete mission objectives on my record. Who cares about turrets when we took the whole thing down? Oh well, I just hoped this wouldn't affect my performance apprasal by some number-crunching idiot who just looked at mission objective completion.

Hrissith Mission 2 ** (Nothing really important happens, but if you like cap ship takedowns, watch this. Actually, watch it anyway, dammit.)

Lockmat posted:

I challenge tou to kill something with one of the Devestator turrets to show off your awesomeness, Proteus

They're autoturrets. I wouldn't have much of a shot in hell.