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Part 30: Flight Log 24 - Lt. Lance Casey

[Flight Log 24 - Lt. Lance Casey]

Another day, another 3 Nav point patrol mission. I was flying a Vampire for the first time, which I was pretty excited about, and on top of that, they were equipping it with brand new technology. While the mission itself sounded fairly boring, it looked like I was going to still be able to have some fun with it.

As I launched, the comm officer told me that the Midway was under attack and asked me to help defend it before I continued on with my mission. Just another day in the life of a Midway pilot.

The bugs had sent Red Mantas after the carrier, which were Mantas equipped with torpedos. I made sure to take them out, although I couldn't ignore the Morays that were picking apart my shields. Thankfully, the Midway ended up pulling through without so much as a scratch on it.

Apparently the bugs had gotten a piece of my wingmen. After they were cleared out, two of them had to eject, assumingly from damage sustained during the fight. This left me with one wingman for my patrol, and I was tempted to land on the Midway and try this mission again later. But I figured I'd give it a shot anyway and see how good of a pilot I really was.

Unfortunately, with only one wingman, there was nobody around to distract the bugs. Which meant I became target #1 on their list. Getting jumped by three Morays isn't fun, even if they are Morays, and the fighters quickly ended up making short work of my front and rear armor. However, I didn't have much of a problem taking them out once I shook them off of me.

When I arrived at Nav 2, Finley had thought that maybe we had detected another ship killer. They uploaded a new Nav coordinate to me and told me to go check it out. They also told me not to engage it, but that was pretty pointless, because what did I have on me to take down a Krakan besides mean words and nasty thoughts? And last time I checked, those don't do much to phase shields.

After clearing the Nav point, we went on to the new Nav point and saw the Krakan in all of its glory. For some strange reason, there were no ships guarding it. I guess they were all out looking for us. I missed my Devastator all of a sudden, because taking this sitting duck out would have been easy as pie. Oh well. We gathered information on it and headed on to finish our patrol.

We ran into more enemies at the final Nav point, but thanks to the stunning array of missiles on the Vampire, I still had plenty of missiles left. I took advantage of the new Tracker missiles, which were dumbfires that would split up after 3 seconds and turn into 4 FF missiles. Great for long range kills, and my ship couldn't handle much more damage.

Despite my missiles, the remaining bugs jumped on me like they did at the first Nav point, and suddenly my Eject alarm was going off. However, I knew what I was capable of, and even with my missile reserves dry, I figured I could finish these bugs off without getting blown up. Turned out I was right, and I limped my crippled ship back to the Midway.

Upon arriving home, Aurora asked for my data on the Krakan that I had gathered. Always business, that woman. I happily sent it to her, knowing that we'd be taking that big sucker down here soon, and brought my ship in for dock. God only knew what Rachel was going to say to me for bringing this husk back to her.

I take that back. I knew damn well what she'd say, and sure enough, she didn't disappoint. After dealing with her glares as she inspected my ship, I went over to the mission computer and checked my score. Another successful mission, and even better, that Krakan was about to bite the dust real soon.

Hrissith Mission 3 * (This should be the last boring mission of the game. However, because of the shitty wingman AI, this mission actually ended up being pretty challenging and a lot of fun.)

(I really just wanted to get this one out of the way. There are 9 missions left, and at least from here on out, we start getting relatively exciting missions and more cutscenes. The only somewhat interesting thing about today's video really is that I kinda have to end up using some tactics with the Trackers and the stockpile of FFs (well, if you want to consider the classic "spray and pray" a tactic) because of my suicidal co-pilots)