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Part 31: Flight Log 25 - Lt. Lance Casey

[Flight Log 25 - Lt. Lance Casey]

Our goal for this mission was to take down the ship killer that we stumbled across in the last mission. Unfortunately, since then, their escort had shown up, which meant that we were going to have a lot of cap ships to take down. To help us deal with this thread, the brainiacs onboard had come up with some new shield technology so we'd be a little more durable.

When we arrived, the ships' fighter escort beelined straight for us. Instead of going after the capital ships immediately, I decided to help take out the fighters with some missiles and my plasma gun. I only took down one fighter, but I managed to damage a few more, and the Vampires quickly finished them off, leaving us with only our targets remaining.

Unfortunately, one of the bug escorts managed to get my wingman Kingpin before we managed to finish them all off. It was a shame, because I could use all of the help I could get taking down all of these cap ships, but at least he managed to eject and wasn't killed in the skirmish. I radioed the Midway to get an SAR out here as soon as possible. I refused to allow the bugs to torture another one of my wingmen.

I decided to target the Orca first, but it turned out that it didn't have its shield emitters down yet. So instead, I turned around and headed off towards the transport that was apparently supporting the Kraken.

The Triton went down with only a couple of plasma shots to its bridge and engines. By that time, our Vampire escort had finished off the shield emitters, so I turned around to try to take out the cruiser again. This time I was successful, and the only thing left at that point was the ship killer.

I had forgotten how heavily armed these things were, and my side armor was gone before I even realized it. But despite that, I managed to finish off the bridge and then headed for the engines. The bugs were more technically advanced than us in almost every way, but one thing that they didn't seem to realize was that the turrets on their cap ships were positioned in such a way that they couldn't hit you when you were parked right behind them. With this knowledge, I flew in right next to the engines and began blasting away with pretty much no threat to myself.

Before I knew it, the ship killer was down and we headed home. This was one of the shorter missions in recent memory, mainly because of the support of our Vampires, but also because of the fact that the aliens' fighter escort was very small, for some reason. But we successfully completed another mission, and even Stiletto seemed impressed by my flying. That's probably the closest I've come to getting a complement from her since I got here.

Hrissith Mission 4 ** (If you like capital ship takedowns, this is the video for you. If you don't, I turned this into a special shoutout video for the people who post in this thread, in the only way I know how...)