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Part 33: Flight Log 27 - Lt. Lance Casey

[Flight Log 27 - Lt. Lance Casey]

The rumors were confirmed. We were jumping to the Kilrah system to take down the alien wormhole once and for all. However, in our way to the jump point was a large alien fleet, determined to stop our progress into what had become their home system. Confed had decided that now was the perfect time to deploy their new plasma weapon, and they chose me to be the one to deliver the primer. This was my biggest mission to date, and I was determined not to let them down.

As we arrived into the system, we saw the alien fleet, and it was massive. There was a carrier, a cruiser, a destroyer, a corvette, and a transport. The Midway had ordered me to hit the middle ship with the primer, which had turned out to be the transport. Unfortunately, the transport was in the back of the capital ship lineup, closest to the jump gate, and it was going to be tough to close that distance in a Devastator with the alien fighters flying around.

Fortunately for us, the alien fighter screen was minimal, with them having exhausted most of their fighters trying to take down our plasma weapon in my last mission. I decided to hang back near the Midway and use my missiles along with the Midway's turrets and our Vampire support to take the fighters down fast so I could fly in there and hit the Triton with the targetting disk.

The Mantas were clearly the biggest threat to my Devastator, since they carried a gun much like my own Plasma gun, and I knew it would tear through my shields in a matter of seconds. So I focused on them first and let the Vampires take down the Morays.

As soon as the fighters were down, I sped in to get to the Triton before any of the other capital ships could launch more fighters or turn in my direction. The targetting disk locked very slowly, but thankfully all I had to deal with was the turrets from the transport, which my Devastator could handle with ease.

After launching the disk, I turned around and got the hell out of there. I had no idea what to expect from this weapon, but Finley thought it'd be a good idea if I got out of there as fast as I could, and seeing as how this invention was mostly her work, I decided to trust her judgement.

I had never seen anything quite like it. A blue ball of energy shot out of the crystal in the middle of the Midway's decks and went towards the transport. When it hit, a huge explosion, which could only be compared to the footage of when Blair dropped the Tremlor Bomb on Kilrah, rocked my ship as I went full speed back to the Midway. I got caught up in the shockwave, but there was no significant damage to me or the Devastator.

After landing back on the Midway, everyone was there to pat me on the back and congratulate me, including the CAG and the Captain themselves. Even Blair saluted me, which was possibly the greatest moment of them all. Under normal circumstances, this would probably go to my head, but I knew this wasn't the end, but rather the beginning, and we still had to take that wormhole down. If we didn't, there was nobody left to do it, and mankind could kiss themselves goodbye.

Hrissith Mission 6 - Fun Version *** (Not only is it a pretty fun mission, one of the best cutscenes in the game is here)

Hrissith Mission 6 - Fast Version (Speed Run! Also contains the cool cutscene, but no briefing stuff or post-mission cutscenes)

Cutscene 18

(The mission screenshots are taken from the Fast video, because technically, that's the way you're "supposed" to do it. Also, I have made the command decision that there will be no screenshot version of the final mission. There's no way I could do it justice.)

fivegears4reverse posted:

This intro gave me goosebumps when I first watched it back in the day. It still ranks up there as one of the finest introductions to a videogame I have ever watched.

Sorry, nothing in my mind will ever top "Disintegration? Disintegration is not for you. Your fate will be different."

Also, regarding WC3, if anyone hasn't seen the bloopers reel, they should.