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Part 73: Mission #69: TCS Concordia, Heaven's Gate system

Mission #69: TCS Concordia, Heaven's Gate system

Previously on Wing Commander: More fun with Epees, although this time Jazz showed up to help us out. The "Spirit situation" is still pretty messed up, unfortunately.

In any case, it's time for another stress-relieving game of cards.

I have a feeling about who's going to end up having to do it, though...

Ooooh, you shouldn't have said that!

Later that day...

That's a little worrying...

I think that I have a pretty good idea how, considering that there is at least one traitor among us on this ship!

While Lady Blue and the rest of the Ferret wing fly patrols, you'll bring in a new supply of missiles for the Concordia fighters. We must have that ordnance before we begin the assault on the starbase. You will rendezvous with a freighter near the TCS Agincourt. Patrol through Nav 1 and Nav 2, and then escort that freighter directly back to the Concordia.

Hey, you know what? This is the last Epee mission for quite some time! Next time we get to fly something much more awesome! But, let's get back to the mission at hand for now. We need to fly out to where TCS Agincourt is located and rendezvous with a freighter called TCS Mama's Boy (yes, really) which is carrying a fresh supply of missiles. So let's go. Note: this mission contains a plot-related cutscene.
Well then, another escort mission fakeout, the second in a row. Somebody at Origin must have been laughing at this. Incidentally, the TCS Agincourt that you saw in the video is in fact a Waterloo-class cruiser (And you can also get a bit of a laugh that somebody decided to give the name Agincourt to a Waterloo-class ship). Nevertheless, here are some more details:

Waterloo class

Class: Cruiser
Length: 503.9 Meters
Mass: 19500 tonnes
Max Velocity: 200 kps
Cruise Velocity: 100 kps
Acceleration: Poor
Maximum Yaw: 1 dps
Maximum Pitch: 1 dps
Maximum Roll: 1 dps
Weapons: Flak cannons (3x), Anti-matter guns (4x)
Shields: Phase shields
Armour: Front: 300 cm; Right: 250 cm; Left: 250 cm; Rear: 300 cm.
Fighters: 40

As for the stealth fighters, they are more annoying than dangerous in any way, so not really worth too many words; although there is definitely something suspicious about the timing of their appearances.

Survival of the Mama's Boy is one victory condition for this system; obviously this is basically impossible to fail unless you eject in this mission. The other victory condition is the destruction of that Kamekh from a couple of missions ago. That too is impossible to fail unless you eject; as I've explained, in that mission you won't even be allowed back on the Concordia unless Kamekh is dead and Concordia will even take care of it for you if you could not do it for any reason. Therefore in the end, failure in Heaven's Gate is a pretty remote possibility although there is still one mission left in this system.

I seem to recall an almost identical conversation, not too long ago...

It's kind of strange that this happened again, though, isn't it?

Five points for Angel; a VERY good question, as a matter of fact! Why DOES no one else run into them?

Current kill total: 69 missions/616 kills

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