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Part 75: Mission #71: TCS Concordia, Tesla system

Mission #71: TCS Concordia, Tesla system

Previously on Wing Commander: Spirit died.

Welcome to the Tesla system, named of course after the famous scientist/inventor.

We seem to be visiting with Chief Petty Officer McCullough quite often lately...


You're a good pilot, Captain, even if the Admiral won't admit it. We need you - Tolwyn needs you - here in the Enigma sector. So relax, sir. Oh, by the way...


A wing of Epees will raid that outpost and destroy the enemy's ability to intercept our transmissions. The Epee's single torpedo should be enough to take out the base.

We never get to fly this version of Epee ourselves. And that's a good thing. Can you imagine running against a capital ship in an Epee, seriously?

Uh, who is that Hollywood guy anyway...

Buckaroo, the brother of Banzai from several missions back, by the way.

In fact I would have though that this relationship would not be allowed at all in the first place, but hey, what do I know.

So, remember those escort missions that turned out to be really just patrols? Here we are now going on what is said to be a patrol and... well you'll see. But more importantly, we are going with Stingray! And if you didn't think he was cool so far, you will after you hear his in-cockpit quips; he has by far the best voice actor and the funniest lines of all the wingmen so far!
Kind of an escort mission, although not really if you know the little secret that the Bonnie Heather is, as before, indestructible. You probably wouldn't have known this back in 1991, so...

In other news, return of the asteroids! Not only that, but we even have to fight inside of them; luckily it's just 3 slow Jalkehi, so hardly an issue anyway. On Paladin's location you find another 3 Grikaths and they are a little bit dangerous, but it should not be too bad. Lack of ITTS on a Rapier does make it a little harder, but hey we went through the whole first game without ITTS, right? As I've said, Bonnie Heather cannot be destroyed, so you don't even have to worry about it at all. About that third Grikath, I think I accidentally rammed it as it was nearly finished, but it may be that it exploded and I crashed into its wreck; after the explosion for a moment or two the enemy ship retains its 'physicality' and you can still crash into it.

And finally, Stingray. Other than being very funny, his flight style is very similar to Hobbes. That means agressive to a fault, and likely to end up ejecting or leaving pretty quickly. Also be warned that he WILL shoot through you if necessary, so make sure you are not ever in his line of fire. This is also why I held back with that third Jalkehi, I didn't want to get myself shot up.

Ah, so a romantic evening with Paladin, then?

I suppose it's nothing, there is just a lot going on.

Current kill total: 71 missions/629 kills

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