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Part 88: Mission #84: TCS Concordia, Pembroke system

Mission #84: TCS Concordia, Pembroke system

Previously on Wing Commander: Our "routine" patrol uncovered a large strike force of at least two Fralthra on course towards Concordia. It seems that this system is not as quiet as it was expected.

Your mission is to concentrate on the enemy fighters. The Concordia will handle those two Fralthra. After you clear the area around the Concordia, go immediately to Pembroke Station. Tactical is certain that the Kilrathi will send another squadron to attack the station.

A completely appropriate use of the communications system in wartime. At least the French is correct this time.

He's learning French...

First of all, what was not mentioned in the briefing--this is the first of those missions that I have mentioned, where more than just two ships participate. This time, our third person is, of all people, Doomsday! So, it's a double defence mission, it seems. Actually by the time you reach the base, this mission will seem pretty hilarious, and not just because we have BOTH Stingray and Doomsday on our wing. Another reason to watch this video is because it's the first time we end up getting a good look on capital ships fighting it out.
To begin with the Concordia bit; those Gothri are new to us and here are some details:


Class: Heavy fighter
Max Velocity: 400 kps
Cruise Velocity: 150 kps
Acceleration: Good
Maximum Yaw: 7 dps
Maximum Pitch: 7 dps
Maximum Roll: 7 dps
Weapons: Mass-driver Cannon (2x), Particle cannon (2x), Rear neutron gun turret, Image recognition missile (2x), Torpedo (6x)
Shields: Fore: 10 cm equivalent; Aft: 10 cm equivalent.
Armour: Front: 10 cm; Right: 9 cm; Left: 9 cm; Rear: 10 cm.

Essentially it's a faster Grikath with better weapons. This, of course, has been paid with a thinner armour, in a tradeoff typical for this game. So nothing we can't deal with.

I hope you enjoyed watching the cap ship battle. If you are not fast enough with the Gothri, both Fralthras may already be destroyed by the time you are done and the show would already be over. That phase transit cannon shot sure looks huge; but I think it's just that the graphics engine has trouble scaling some objects properly. Also you can finally get a good idea of the relative size of our carrier compared to a Fralthra, as seen, the Concordia is pretty huge.

And now for the starbase defence. I honestly have no other word to describe that particular battle but 'hilarious'. Here we have a bunch of trash-talking Imperial guards who in just a few seconds get nailed by three Sabres. Even though Grikaths have torpedoes, there is clearly nothing at all to worry about in that stage, just go out and have fun.

Mind the friendly fire, though. This mission is particularly problematic because there is a lot of us and only a few enemies (for this reason also don't expect to score too many kills in this mission) so naturally everybody will be focusing on one or two. Hence, friendly fire, in both directions. Luckily your wingmen don't get too upset, although I though that final comment from Stingray was an absolute fantastic topper to an already fun mission.

It SO was not.

Current kill total: 84 missions/705 kills

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