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Part 103: Xorphitus

Well let's move ahead.

Always good to put points in Kirijutsu.

MONMOON can turn again into a ninja. But why?

Samurai or monk maybe? But not yet.

Could become a Samurai, I guess.

None of those are bette than Samurai.

But after a level. That is better! He seems now like a person of lordly caliber.

The rest? Not THAT impressive yet.

But I think that should be enough. Maybe barely enough.

Le's try it again.

Yeah that'll do it.

Again, the main danger is the greater demons.

That worked!

And Xorphitus is almost dead.

But he summoned ANOTHER great demon to deal with the one vanished. This could end badly.
The heavy hitter (STERV) is already down. That is not good.

It was BARELY done.


He was beaten. He was the easiest part of it all.

He is taking it better than expected

Well, to finish the game, haha.

Yeah. That is the purpose.


What god does he pray to?

Oh I would not be sure about that.



Search aint gonna work. Sure.


Oh. An illusion.
That is better than a goddamn teleporty dungeon.

He is taking a while to die.

II already know. SCIENCE!!!

He is gone.

Search is useless.

But going one step beyond.
That works.

What lies beyond the door?