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Part 15: The Belfry

Back to annoying Queequeg, I guess. His information is useful. I still have no idea what to do with the silver key.

Yes, but WHICH.

Going down. Damn, this one is 246kb while the game images themselves are 50 or so, haha. EGA style also used very little space but it was butt ugly.
I was getting used to it though.

Maybe the silver key can be used on this one?

NOPE. And not in the other bunch of doors on this corridor. There is something.

: "Know anything about it, DETPOPE?"
: "NO."

Can't do shit. Need skull things. Or jewels. Cannot open it with lockpick OR through forcing. Oh well.

Nope. So let's move on.

Well it seems we have explored a bit.

Think this is about all that can be currently explored of the first basement. Let's move on.

Also nothing on

Well let's move on some more

Well now, this is a different place.


There are things! And doors!

And clearly STAIRS.

Seems I have been mapping adequately, it lines up.

Of course, nothing opens it. Nothing we have opens that door.

Going up instead.

The belfry, eh? There ought to be a bell in there. And things.

A hole!

"Fell from above"

: "Bat droppings."
: "You can recognize it by sight?"
: "Or by smell?"

Going up again.

And holes down!

Even more holes down, how can one pass this part?

"is used to ring it by holding on and jumping in. It also appears to be the only way across the well."


Oh crap.

Couple of bats.

There is a door there.

BUT it cannot be opened.

So let's go back.

Uneventful, again.

Spade keys, eh? We have seen a spade door!

SNAKE takes them. He carries most keys. Except the silver key.

Next we should find that spade key again