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Wizardry 6

by Luisfe

Part 43: Angel's Tongue

Exploration is a thing that happens.

Moving ahead. AHEAD I SAID.

WIZARD HEAD. What can be done?

Well this is fairly interesting. We see a skeleton there. Hmm.

Doors and porches in there. Mapping is fun! But I am spoiled.
I am used to automatic mapping.

This is a fairly good level up! But Monmoon is over encumbered. Hmm.

Also not a terrible level up!

This is a good skill to level up.

another rubber beast It looks gross doesn't it?

Yeah, I think that's a good amount for that skill.

Hm. A band! And a strand. I thought it was over when the band was done. Maybe not?

A treasure!

Yes. Knock KNock is the best.

A helm! I bet that'd work for Monmoon. But he is encumbered.

That's... A thing. Let's see what kind of thing.


It is special, but let's identify it.

Oooh! A bard instrument! That blesses! That could be useful.

Oh well. Back to the giant head's place.