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Part 71: Wasting time

Well, still faffing around. The process of savescumming is... Slow.

Sirens can spawn here, as previously shown.

They continue to be DANGEROUS.

Monmoon can cure the insanity.
But it does not work because he is already insane in the brain membrane.

Instead this happens. Monmoon kills Detpope. TO THE RESTORE A SAVE MOBILE.

The worst part is that it was not a bad level up. Goddamnit.

Giant enemy crabs can also spawn. The sprite is confusing.

God damnit.

Yeeeeah this is also a reload.

Aahahahah. A fraction of those destroyed Detpope. Nope.

What the christ is it with these hard encounters.

The giant enemy crabs hit HARD.

Victory was achieved. Need to get more multi-hit spells. Badly. Single hit melee is not cutting it anymore EXCEPT when it crits. Then it does.
But crits are rare. Every character should have crits now.

Like that.

Tinysan can only turn into these. Which is not a good thing. When he reaches 9 might class him into a Ranger.

They look so silly, coming out of the stonework.

Are these easier or harder? I do not know.
They die.

But that is annoying.

Nope, reloading. Not a good enough level up.


Sure why not. What does it do?

It was a rejected level up. Need a proper one. And which spell would work well?