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Part 76: Vanishing demons for fun and profit

Well, that was a lot of both Undertale and not being in Mexico. Back in Mexico now, so it is time to start doing this again.

Back to grinding! Because them undeads down still murder the shit out of everything.

These dudes are very dangerous. More so than the demons since the demons get destroyed with Astral gate quite effectively.
Meanwhile these dudes go down in ones or twos.

Bard level! A good one if only for the skill points.

Yeah a single target one. Because WHY NOT. That might be useful against boss battles.
But probably not as good as it would have been against mau mu mu.

Dangit. Levitation DOES NOT WORK for what I wanted. It is like a hoverboard.
It is a disappointment

Dangit, Tinklee can only change t oTHief. That is not a good thing.

Well, let's make her a Thief. This is not a good thing.

This ought to give a couple of dang level ups.

And so it did. And Tinklee has two decent options. Probably going for BARD again if no better option appears.


DETPOPE got probably his current last Priest level. Let's put taht shit to 100.

Death Wish is a Charles Bronson movie! But resurrection MIGHT BE a better choice.

TINKLEE is not getting any spells so I guess those are wasted thaum points.

Prismic missile is the only one that sounds good, honestly.

Hmm. Maybe Alchemist then?

But dang. STERV cannot switch to ANYTHING. That is seriously bad.

Detpope can become a fighter, which would do well for his HP, I guess, or a Ranger, which could give him some more spells, maybe.

MONMOON is already a ninja, and fairly awesome, but maybe a changecould be done... It is not like one cannot force ninjaness with level ups (well, maybe not, look at Sterv)

SNAKE is a samurai, but maybe a change could lead to him getting spells (WHICH WOULD BE GOOD) AND being a Ninja in the future again...

And Tinysan is a crazy naked ninja with an axe.
That is quite a mental image, honestly.

Should he stay as he is, or should that be changed?

It is quite fun that the Astral Gate really, really trivializes the damn demons. Now undead, which seemed to be non-issues before, are quite dangerous.