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by Luisfe

Part 80: Walking on Water

Let's see what is in this treasure chest!

Ah, the freedom cap. Yes. But none of the characters is a former slave.

Let's continue. There is probably plenty to see around here.

Bottle oracle, but it does nothing when used. What the hell.

These dudes are complete pushovers now.

These dudes used to take many many rounds of magic missile.
Now all it takes is a single turn.


Having two characters that can oneshot all the demons sounds useful.

And STERV can change to two classes. That is decent enough.
Probably going to ake him a cat bard again.

Apparently could not open this... Maybe with a higher level knock knock later.

These are still dangerous, but nowhere as dangerous as they use to be.

Oh yay, level 9.

And a class change is possible!

This one seems unlockable!

And behind it there was a strong crab!

It takes a beating!


But the party's inventory was full. Let's drop some usables, stamina potions, things. Rutabagas.

The contents are different!

Once again. Damn. It is a random chest! So no plot relevant items here. Oh well.

TINYSAN got a level as well.

And he can turn into many things. But probably staying as a NInja.

Let's give the pixie stick to the pixie.

That seems good.

That is clever!
The map for the area wraps around!

Well, we have seen that the river is endless. It loops. Interesting.