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by GuavaMoment

Part 2: Update/Video 2

Update/Video 2

When our great colony ship T'leth entered the Earth's atmosphere and landed in the ocean, it did so with greater force than anticipated. What we expected to happen was that the colony would suffer some damage, auto-repair efforts would fix the problems, and then the defrosting cycle would begin on our cryogenically frozen passengers. We did not expect the cryo systems themselves to suffer damage. Instead of thawing us out, we remained frozen. We were waiting for a signal to start the unfreezing process, a signal that T'leth would never generate itself.

Sixty-five million years passed.

We would have remained frozen forever if not for a stroke of luck:

A wide-band tachyon distress signal was detected by our receivers. Thinking that we were needed to answer the call, the computers on T'leth began thawing us out. The revivification signal was triggered.

Our automated systems have been working since we first landed here, gather samples of life forms in the immediate vicinity of T'leth, running simulations, and even inventing new equipment and weapons for our colony. There is a lot of data to pour through, so in the meantime physical scientific work will have to be done with our original colonists, and their clones.

We have sent out one of our escort ships to what appears to be an alien underwater research station - well I supposed they're not technically aliens since it seems they evolved here, but we currently lack a better term. Just in case we run into these hostiles, our forces have been equipped with the most powerful weapon we currently have available - the Sonic Blasta Rifle.

Sure enough, one of their craft was detected on an intercept course...

Second Battle - Viddler
YouTube Part 1
Part 2

Music: Black Light Burns: Drowning Together, Dying Alone; Giving In Again; Failing; some other song I can't totally remember from that same album.

X-COM Soldiers attending: Dominic Hokage, Randombattle, Number 36, The Casualty, Skully Bullets and Abugadu

Results:  Total victory for Aliens. In an effort to pad out the spoiler text, enjoy these random application highlights:

Blood Type: I don't know. Does it matter? No. Let me tell you why. If I get shot, baby? If I get shot? I ain't coming back home! You can tell me "if you lose a lotta blood, you're gonna need some new shit! right in yo veins!". YEAH RIGHT. An aquatoid sumbitch shoots my leg off, and the weight of the ocean will destroy what's left of my suit and crush me completely! Any kind of 'wound' is fucking fatal and you know it. So hell! I don't know my blood type and I'm not gonna find the fuck out! Maybe YOU can, sometime during the autopsy, as you cold ass science fuckers try and unlock the secrets of the alien frisbee disk that done crushed my chest and destroyed my lungs and heart. (on second thought my bloodtype might be: bitter)

Using metaphor, but not the letter 'e', describe the clarity of your nasal passages and the annoyance factor of your vocal projections:

a lush, vibrant mountain, habitat to a vast array of fungi, flora, and fauna! hark!, a call in distant mists! shrill but still warbling, sobbing in the amaranth fog as a wistful sun laps at a faraway horizon. E.

Gauss Rifles researched by XCOM. Gauss Rifles now available for use. 

Before the battle, our colonists were able to access one of the computers inside the building. The computers themselves had no useable data to us. But we were able to access an enormous network of offsite computers and learn about our enemy. We knew what to look for, once we examined the craft we were able to capture.

The craft they were using was a transport vehicle, totally unarmed. This will give us a great advantage in our next encounter. Using the symbols on various items in the craft we were able to get a rudimentary understanding of their language, or at least a base to build upon for future understanding. There was one prominent set of symbols we were unable to decipher, it read "X-COM". By using the captured computer we searched out this symbol, and learned the name of our enemy.

Humans. These attackers call themselves Humans. And we have a name for the organization responsible. These XCOMs are truly horrible beings. They attack us without provocation. They have made no attempts at diplomacy. They are spreading lies and propaganda about us. They are totally and utterly xenophobic. And worse of all, they....there is no justification for this:

They have been performing medical experiments on the corpses they captured recently. It's become clear that we have no choice of peaceful resolution. T'leth wasn't planned to be able to leave a planet once it landed, so we must build our colony here. I don't believe these humans will let that happen. Our only chance is to prepare, build weapons, use genetic data T'leth has acquired to build an army, and carve out a place for our kind to exist out of the flesh of humans. These humans normally exist in the near vacuum at the edge of this planet, in the gaseous atmosphere above the surface. This is an environment we're not used to, and that our Aquatoids are ill-suited for combat in. Hopefully T'leth's genetic banks have a solution for us in the form of a DNA sequence for a better soldier. The largest concentration of nearby humans has been located. Our revenge will be without mercy.

We will wait for the local star to set, then we will attack.