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X-COM: Terror from the Deep

by GuavaMoment

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Original Thread: The X-COM: Terror From The Deep Forum Member Murdering Simulator



X-COM UFO Defense is the greatest game ever made. So it makes sense that the sequel would be an awesome game too, right?

No. Terror From The Deep is a terrible game. Nearly everything is simply a reskin of previous items in UFO Defense. The things that were changed were terrible. They include weapons that no longer work above water, Aliens now like to hide in 1x1 closet tiles for the duration of entire map, the best weapon was nerfed, all ammo capacities were nerfed. The battlefield was changed to be far too large. They added many multi-part missions. And the difficulty, OH! The difficulty! There was a bug present in UFO Defense that reset your difficulty to the easiest setting once you reloaded a save. So when Microprose received feedback that UFO Defense was too easy, they wanted to make sure that people wouldn't have this complaint about TFTD. TFTD's easiest difficulty is harder than UFO Defense's hardest difficulty, superhuman. No one played on superhuman difficulty before TFTD's release. You see where this is going?

I will be playing on TFTD Superhuman.

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The above two links go to my previous LPs of the XCOM series. Chronologically Terror From The Deep occurs in-between the two in the year 2040. You don't need to read those other LPs to enjoy this one, but it can't hurt either.

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