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Part 11: Update/Video 11

Update/Video 11

Creepy TVTroper Andy Waltfeld responded to my challenge. Here is what I shat out as a result. Some people will hate this video and think less of me for it. To those people, I'm sorry, and will try my best to make it up to you before the end of the LP, and prove I'm not a total jackass.


X-COM Soldiers attending: Nada, Jon Irenicus, Louis, Carl Sagan, Wikus van der Merwe, Andy Waltfeld, Cowcaster, Dr. Danny Glover, Arrrthritis and Michael Sperger.

Andy's real first name is Michael so I included that last one to see if he would notice.

He didn't.

Results:  ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

Thanks to Arrrthritis for the dramatic reading.

In case you missed it, this video also served the purpose of showing why I can't be allowed to use the disruptor pulse launcher at all. The only time X-COM starts a mission spread out is on base defense, where you can't use that gun anyway. So I will sit out during Operation: Blindfire for this LP and it makes me sad.