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Part 10: Update/Video 10

Update/Video 10

Previously on the TFTD Forum Member Murdering Simulator...

The Cruise Ship Terror Mission
X-COM Soldiers attending: 'Intern' Fenwick, Buzz Armstrong, Teledahn, Hit The Targets, Dareon, Lucky Joe Carlyle, Finkelstein, TGLT, S.U.P. Meatbag, YOTC, notPsion, C Wren, X_oran, Mehuyael attending.

C Wren: FUCK is that it?

notPsion: I think so. Haven't heard anything blow up in a while.

C Wren: That felt like it took two weeks. No one's seen Sirius then? He was supposed to be here. NotPsion, go find the body of Buzz upstairs, he was near the Triton. We got Lucky Joe back, right?

Lucky Joe Carlyle: Yeah, Mehuyael woke me up. We're still looking two levels up from you, but there doesn't seem to be anything here.

C Wren: Good. Where is Mehuyael anyway?

Lucky Joe Carlyle: I see him. YO! MEHUYAEL!

Mehuyael: Joe, check out this movie the crew were watching.

Lucky Joe Carlyle: Wow, I didn't know hybrids were so flexible.

Mehuyael: Isn't it awesome?

Lucky Joe Carlyle: Less than a hundred were rescued, and this is the job she chose?

C Wren: Cut the chatter *beep* boys, we need to begin clean up and moving *beep* these guys...*beep* - hear that?

Teledahn: Over here. Who brought a magna pack along?

C Wren: And why didn't it disappear when we travelled to the lower decks? Defuse it.

Teledahn. I...don't think I can.

C Wren: You're shitting me.

Teledahn: I think running might be a better idea?

C Wren: All right, running. Come in everyone, we need to head back to the Triton, ASAP!

notPsion: Way ahead of you...


C Wren: Fuck.

'Intern' Fenwick: What the hell do we do now?

Mehuyael: Curse notPsion?

C Wren: Helmets on. We're going overboard.

SenorSpangiel: So I hear you guys have been looking for a rescue?

C Wren: I'm sure glad you came.

C Wren: Aliens are here. They're looking for us, I think.

SenorSpangiel: So where's everyone else?


Roscoe Sirius: I hear you just fine. Did you finish the exchange?

notPsion: It went great. I've delivered the package and taken the Triton. Though I wish those Lobsters didn't have to shoot so close to me.

Roscoe Sirius: They had to put on a good show so the others could escape! So please confirm, you have the Triton, and the location of the X-COM base?

notPsion: Affirmative. Did you finish your transaction before X-COM arrived?

Roscoe Sirius: Of course. Zander and X-COM are all stupid, they fall for even the slightest trap. I must admit some trepidation in dealing with our new friends - I'm doing a count of my transaction and we're missing one of our prototypes.

notPsion: If it was missed it's on the bottom of the ocean now.

Roscoe Sirius: Most likely. I've conviced them to send a Battleship to scour the wreck. We can't let X-COM know what we've been doing just yet. We can't allow them to find the prototype. That's not reassuring for our alliance.

notPsion: As if anyone's even down there. We have nothing to worry about.

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Music: More random quietish Nine Inch Nails songs

X-COM Soldiers attending: Mehuyael, Teledahn, Canuck, SenorSpangiel, Toki, Techokami, Phil Nye, C Wren, 'Intern' Fenwick, Lucky Joe Carlyle.

Results:  Minor Victory for the aliens. Teledahn escapes.

Thermal Shok Launcher researched and available for use. Medkits researched and available for use.