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Part 15: Update/Video 15

Update/Video 15

The method I use to maintain control over my creations is called Molecular Control. It's related to an EM wave pattern the human call 'psionics', something they recently learned to control themselves. Molecular control is superior however, able to cause changes on an atomic level. Though it requires the EM waves to be travelling through water to propagate, it has much more potential than psionics (which quickly diffuses under water).

If enough MC amplifiers were place around the earth, I could theoretically control everything in the ocean. Quickly, I would regain my full abilities and rise T'leth from the bottom of the ocean to begin an assault on the surface that the humans would not survive.

We began setting up the first of many such artefact sites, and to no one's surprise, the XCOM showed up as soon as it came online. We were prepared however, placing defences both inside and outside the structure. We've even bred a new creature to help us in the battle.

I've yet to figure out how to actually give them a weapon however...

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Music: Homeworld soundtrack

X-COM Soldiers attending: Arrest That Ass!, Renegret, Luquos, FrickenMoron, Finnish Flasher, Koboje, GenericOverusedName, Karate Bastard, Demented Bill, Xavier Genisi, Shiver, Mord A Edill, Iamyourking, Ellen de Bunchastu, xcountryguy, Johnny Thrace, Magnus Nephilm, Virtuality, Ilanin, redreader, Humboldt Squid and Nimby

Results:  Major victory for X-COM. Casualties were Demented Bill, Xavier Genisi, Shiver, Mord A Edill and Iamyourking.

There is nothing left to research.