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Part 42: The Incredible Flying Muton, Part One

Chapter 42: The Incredible Flying Muton, Part One

:On July 10th we detected a very small scout ship with an unknown alien type. The word loosely translated as "mutant" in the alien transmission, and the word Muton was chosen for this species.

: The problem with very small ships is that our weapons are too powerful to use against them. One shot destroys the ship. We had to follow the UFO for half a day until it finally landed, giving us a chance to learn about this new alien species. Our non-psionic personnel had transferred to Area 51, so for this mission we used all ten of the psi-soldiers. Capture of this new alien was the main objective.


UFO 71 - Egypt

Waddle Dee operating the tank

Otto Zander, Cooked Auto, Raptus, Pipgirl, Jetsetlemming, Count Drunkula Willcrouch, Tsathoggua, Allen Wren and Priest attending

Priest: If I ever see Roar again, remind to kick his ass. Bastard stole my power suit!

Raptus: Even with the night vision in this suit it's hard to see anything. Waddle Dee, find anything yet?

Waddle Dee:Not yet.

Pipgirl: Raptus! I thought we were past the days of people dying the second they step off the Skyranger! Now where'd that shot come from?

Pipgirl: I can...kind of...see something moving here. Can anyone try controlling it?

Cooked Auto: Whoa! That was easy! Its mind is like...warm butter. That took no effort. Can you see it now Pipgirl?

Pipgirl: Yeah, it just lit up for me. Make it drop its weapons and sent it to the ship.

Pipgirl: Jesus, this guy is huge! It's humanoid, and totally ripped. Even in my power suit I wouldn't want to go hand-to-hand with it.

Pipgirl: Auto is right, there doesn't seem to be any mental defenses at all.

Otto Zander: These Mutons are probably grunts - dumb but very strong. Get the stun rod, we'll find out for sure back at the base.

Count Drunkula: Ooh, let me!

Count Drunkula: Take this, greenie!


Count Drunkula: Huh. I seem to have annoyed it.



Count Drunkula: Well what the fuck. Will, can you control it again before it tears me apart?

Willcrouch: No problem.

Willcrouch: I can sense that it's very weak. Your stun zappings are doing something. Give it more juice!


Count Drunkula: There we go! It's down. I have to admit, I'm a little worried. The strength and stamina of this creature is huge, I'd hate to have to fight a bunch of them.

Otto Zander: But we do know they're weak to psionic attacks. Keep that in mind.

Waddle Dee: In the meantime, I've been looking for the UFO.

Waddle Dee: It's totally not here.

Otto Zander: It's got to be, radar saw it land right here!

Waddle Dee: Nope, no UFO parts anywhere to be found. You don't, that's crazy.

Otto Zander: What?

Waddle Dee: Maybe we didn't detect a UFO at all. What else has the radar signature of a very small UFO?

Otto Zander: That's crazy! The Muton doesn't have a rocket up its ass, there's no way it flew here by itself!

Count Drunkula: I can confirm there's nothing up its ass.

Count Drunkula: It loosened its bowels after I stunned it. I hope I don't have to clean that up.

Waddle Dee: Well then YOU explain how it got here!


Casualty: Raptus


Dexanth posted:

Personnel Document 10-A, Psych Evaluation of Dr. Lily Takakumi

Although Dr. Takakumi has always shown a bit of instability regarding how emotional state, and her ability to have a proper sense of ethics and proper research design, her brilliance cannot be discounted.

However, I must register my concern after witnessing the following security recording:

7/8/99, 4:53 PM, Outside Science Wing
Footsteps approaching, Dr. Takakumi appears, proceeds to look at something off-camera.

Lily : Wait, what the hell is this?!

There is a brief pause, and then Dr. Takakumi storms away

7/8/99, 4:55 PM, Dining Hall

Assorted personnel eating, Dr. Takakumi bursts through the doors, yelling


She then proceeded to break down sobbing and fled the area

She has refused to exit her quarters since, and will only see one A. Wren along with O. Zander. Furthermore, the number of incidents of personnel being attacked by Dr. Takakumi's cat wearing feline power armor have tripled in the last several days.

I am at a loss as to how to proceed, given she will not speak to me, or anyone in Psychiatric Eval, nevermind that actually attempting to treat her would be one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult, any of us would undertake over our careers.

It seems evident that the cause of her distress is related to some combination of several rumours, her hormonal state due to pregnancy, and that the following image simply lit the dynamite :

I humbly recommend that Dr. Takakumi's quarters be entered and Dr. Takakumi sedated and moved into a protective ward until she can be deemed stable once again.

Alex Caldwell, M.D., Psychiatry

Followup report regarding the 'Takakumi Vandal' incident
Dr. Caldwell's report was taken seriously, and an attempt to forcibly enter Dr. Takakumi's quarters commenced, over the strenuous objections of Sergeant Wren - It would turn out that his warnings were correct, for the three teams of three operatives each were respectively electrocuted, tranquilized, and nerve gassed upon attempted entry.

Although all soldiers recovered within a week, the order was cancelled, and several days later, Dr. Caldwell was found collapsed in a corridor, suffering convulsions apparently due to repeated attack by a taser-like weapon. It is our recommendation that whoever instigated Dr. Takakumi's breakdown be found as soon as possible, and turned over to her custody, for she is too valuable to be allowed to go insane - And furthermore, were she to snap without our awareness, the entire Xcom project itself would be placed under extreme danger from within, as her actions would be utterly unpredictable.

Xcom Investigatory Committee B-27-zR, Report number 36Q


Allen Wren posted:

Notes. Stuffed into the back of a copy of Time Magazine and locked in the bottom cabinet of Sgt. Wren's desk in his office, subsection twelve, Early Light.

Well, that's done it. Someone's gone and pushed the panic button. I've tried to warn Director Sirius, I've tried talking to Otto, I've tried just about everything that wouldn't get me murdered (like talking to Dr. Markus. That guy's a creep anyway.)

So, someone's posted porn of the Doctor and myself around the base---and if that weren't enough, they've gone and added graffiti to the things, indicating that I "love fat chicks." I'm not going to get into any argument with myself here over whether or not the Doc is fat. She's obviously pregnant. That is entirely different from fat. Nevertheless. She's...distraught. Doc Caldwell from the Section Eight staff (nice enough guy, I've played poker with him) took an interest after the Doc went on a rampage, about the time that the porn got posted up. I've made mention in these papers multiple times about having to be the mediating and mitigating factor, keeping Lily from getting too...weird. Well, I can't be everywhere at once. Those bastards have me flying missions. I'm not half bad, but I'm not that great at it, either. I don't particularly want to think about it. I imagine I'll find Catch-22 in there if I start looking. But that and holding down my position keeping this place clean...I haven't been able to keep as close an eye on the Labs as I'd like, and now we may all suffer for it.

I almost smacked Caldwell when he suggested that hormones played a role. I've known pregnant women. My older sister, for one. Sure, hormones do strange things, but goddamn, not like this. The stress is what got to her. Dealing with (I assume) being a single mother-to-be, working on the various above- and below-the-board projects going on in the labs. Then again, when it came down to it, Alex got what was coming to him---and quite a bit more. I suspect Ms. Cuddles (would it be Mrs. now? She seems to be taking to the local toms rather well, disregarding that first black-widow incident) was the one who pulled the trigger on that one.

I'll send him a card.

So, at this point, it's basically keeping a vigil over Lily and having "conversations" with my staff to see if any of them know anything. I was almost tempted to borrow a psiamp from the armory and start MAKING people tell me what the deal was, but that's just way too far out of line. That's a sign I'm hanging out with the Doc a little too much. Nevertheless, I've gotta stick with her. Not just for the stability of the facility and for her contributions to the war. But because I care.

To that end, I'm not going to have a sexual thought in her presence again. Ever. I'll be like those gay guys that fashionable women have who listen to their problems, make reasonable fashion suggestions, gossip over coffee, all that kind of thing. And I'll deal with the towering, Toronto-sized erections elsewhen.

I mean, I'm not AGAINST the idea of being the Doc's guy.

But it's safer staying on this side of that particular line. I'd prefer if my office didn't end up looking like a scene out of The Exorcist. There's also something about walking into a self-fulfilling prophecy that I'm less-than-comfortable with.


Torlon posted:

Audio Playback Beginning

You know when you say things like "How can things possibly get worse?" or "Ha, nothing can ruin this plan!" Yeah well I guess I shouldn't have said I was bored. It seems someone was messing with Doctor Takakumi's head and she cracked. I can't help but feel sorry for her but things need to be stable right now. People can't seem to understand the risk of setting off someone like her but now I think a lot of them do. That's mainly because some one decided Ms. Cuddles needed to go in a box while the good doctor wasn't feeling alright, that was a mistake. Animals tend to act like how their owners are acting and having had a cat before I know they don't like to be forcibly put into little boxes.

This was their second attempt to handle Ms. Cuddles. It was clear X-Com didn't have the fire power needed for the direct approach so I stepped in. I talked to the person who appeared in charge and told them "I can get Ms. Cuddles to stop this if you guys back off and leave her to me." They didn't accept that and continued their assault, but once the guy in the powersuit went down they agreed to my terms. They backed off and I step forward, at first she just looked at me. I was worried she didn't remember me but then she landed and walks up to me. She knocked me over rubbing up against my leg and left a nice bruise but she seemed more then happy to follow me.


Yes yes I'm getting to that part. We went back to the lab and it seems the lab defenses were active but they let us pass. I hope it's because she set them not target me but I think it's because Ms. Cuddles was with me. I got her out of the armor and now I'm just getting ready to take Ms. Cuddles to see Doctor Takakumi in hopes of cheering her up. If I don't come back alive I want my research files, to include the ones I have hidden in CD collection, to be copied and sent to the X-Com project, the US Military, and my sister Jessica Aldor. Everything in the fridge I want to go to the break room so the soldiers can have some snacks that weren't found on an UFO. Everything else, include my logs, I leave to my sister. And Sis, just remember to come up for fresh air every once in awhile.


Yes, we better get going. Come on Ms. Cuddles, let's go try to cheer up Lily.

Audio Playback halted