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Part 55: The Final Upgrades

XCOM Part 55: The Final Upgrades

Hey, my old hat and sunglasses! Eh? Eh? What do you think?
Eh… not really “you” anymore. I don’t think you pull it off as well with your current bone structure.
Hell, even back then it was more like you were trying too hard to look cool.
*sigh* Fine.

This is it… Vahlen, you’re running out of stuff to whip up for me. What’s left?

We’ve got a flying Archangel Armor… its abilities are limited by fuel, but it’s nearly as tough as Titan Armor!
Nice. Dunno how useful it’ll be inside a ship, though. Well, I’ve got a new project for you.

We have no chance of emulating an Ethereal’s mental abilities without special equipment to support it. Our psychics need all the help they can get.
I’m on it, sir!

Now… time to recognize our soldiers.

Alicia Gomez, you’re awarded the Braveheart medal for surviving crippling injuries and staying cool under pressure!
Thank you, sir!

Leroy, you’ve been with us since the beginning. I think granting you the Urban Combat medal is overdue.
Thank you, sir!

And Eva, you’ve grown so much since we first met. You’re getting an Urban Combat Medal too. You never let me down once.
Uh… Thank you, sir!

Wait a minute! You wore clothes to the Medal Ceremony!
Well, yes. I can wear clothes. I just don’t need to.
So, the rest of the time, you’re just going cyber-commando on us ‘cause you like to? You already said you feel everything through your metal skin. Hah! You’re a closet nudist!
It’s not like that! I, uh… well… well, who are you to judge!?
Hey, Hilda, you can turn invisible whenever you want! How do we know you’re not a closet nudist too?!
You don’t! Ahahahaahahhaha!

Now… Queen, Rhino, into the tanks and get brain spikes. And what the hell. Watkins, we haven’t mutated your eyes yet. Might as well kit you out completely. Any cosmetic alterations you want while we’re at it?
Nah. I’m set. Geez, when this is over, I’ll be totally mutated. The most transhuman person in the world, huh?
Pretty awesome!
I’ll probably gonna live for another 200 years like this… hah. Well, so be it.


This is the Gollop Chamber. If we combine a psychic soldier with the Psi Armor and have them interface with the Ethereal Device, it will probably recognize them as an Ethereal.
Question, why can’t the Commander possess someone to use it?
They know about me. The thing would probably explode if I tried it… anyway. I’m giving you all one more night’s rest before we use this thing. I’m not even going to ask any of you to step into it. I will accept only volunteers. Anyone?
Well, I—
I’ll do it.

You never changed your face back after all?
I don’t want to be the “old” me anymore… what I need to do is to take what I’ve got and go forward, as my own person. Destroying aliens didn’t get me my past back, and messing around with my DNA won’t either. If I’m going to be remembered for something, it’ll be for what I’ve done.

Welp, I’ve made my decision. I want to have Mimi’s baby. Not even gonna wait for marriage. If we end this war, the first thing I want to do is create life.
Damn. You’re braver than me.
Hah. We’ve had some good times, huh, Cam? Remember when we were a bunch of rookies scared to death by a single Thin Man?
Ahah! That was when we met Van Doorn. That was amazing. *sigh* Feels like two lifetimes ago. But you’ve been with me through all of it. Thanks, pal. *fistbump*
Any time, buddy. *fistbump*

Evie, you’ve been way better to me than I deserve. I’ll be proud as hell to see you take down that mothership.
You’re not going?
Nah. Ever since I almost died and was sent to the hospital for a week… I realized I’m not the giant badass I used to be. Think I blew my load when I wrecked an entire freeway to kill a dozen aliens. Hmm. So this is what getting old feels like…
Nah, don’t sweat it. I’ve got two amazing daughters and I know nothing on that ship can stop them, especially since they’re super mutants. Don’t worry about me, either. If any aliens invade the base, I’ve got an arcade machine here to kill them with.
How do you kill someone with an arcade machine?
Oh, well, see, it goes like this…

You’re a dad? You?
Yes. Her name is Dina Ivanova Zinchenko and she’s only five years old, but she’s a little firecracker, heh heh. Smarter than me!
Yeah, like that’s hard.
Latisha, you must be very proud of Cam. She’s going to save the earth!
Little hint, Zin. Everyone saves the earth. Some of us just get to do it in more visible ways. Even you already have. So I’m proud of you, too.
Aww! Thank you.

Colonel Cameron Watkins, thank you for volunteering. You’ve given up literally everything you were to become what you are. You’re not just the best technology has to offer… you’re the best humanity has to offer.
Sir, it’s been an honor and a pleasure serving with you and everyone! I’m ready to have my brains scrambled.
Okay. Put on the Psi Suit and let’s get ready…

This is the final journey! The world’s eyes are upon us as we prepare to transcend the limits of humanity!

(I’m recording this in slow motion so it’ll look really badass when we look back on today.) Hey, Cam, you alright?

All of Colonel Watkin’s vitals are green to go.

And her hair’s green to go, too!
Oh, come on, Monique!
Hey, that wasn’t a pun! We worked hard to make sure you looked great!

Soon, you’ll see and do things beyond human imagining!
I can imagine quite a lot!

*exhale* Well, let’s get this over with.

My skin’s getting tingly just getting near it.
That’s the effect of the Gollop Chamber. It’s enkindling your neurons. Don’t worry, your genetics have been boosted to give you enough stamina to survive.

Okay, no big deal… just like touching those glowy plasma balls they sell at the gift store…

Three… two… one… contact!



—AAAAAAAA!!! What’s happening!?! I’m seeing… everything!!!

What the fuck! The past… the future… they’re all the same! H-how… Is this how they see the world!?

At long last…

You have succeeded where WE have failed…

Cam! Are you okay?

… It’s time to go.

To Be Continued!