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Part 58: EPILOGUE: Document from Another Dimension

XCOM Part 58: EPILOGUE: “Document from Another Dimension”

Well, it’s been days since the explosion. We’ve combed up what’s left of the debris and still not a sign of life… not even a sign that anything organic was ever on that ship.
A ghost ship, crewed by phantoms…
I’ll update the roster. Officially, Latisha Watkins was killed in action.

They’re renaming September 3rd to be “X Day” in celebration of our victory over the aliens. They were going to name it “Watkins Day” but Cam wouldn’t let them, and “Humans Day” had potentially racist implications, since we owe at least one alien our gratitude, as well as cyborgs and mutants.
Plus, we need to redefine what counts as human anyway. As a cyborg I have a vested interest in that, heh.
Bah. I once saved the earth from an invasion of giant mummy insects buried beneath Machu Picchu, I never got a “Van Doorn” day.
That’s because you lived!
Oh, shit, you’re right!
How’s Cam doing?
Hard to say. I don’t know if it’s hit her yet.

It doesn’t really feel like she’s gone, you know?
I’m sorry, Cam.
It’s fine… heh. Even if she’s in heaven, she’s probably finding a way to battle evil, though. That’s who she is. Hmm… Hard to believe we’ve only lost three people total this entire time.
I know about Allen, but who’s “Freida Wright?” Did she die before I joined?
Yeah. German lady who accidentally blew herself up on her second mission. Ugh, that sounds like such a horrible way to trivialize someone’s life, but that’s what happened! I was there. We couldn’t tell her kids that, though, so we sort of made it sound like she blew up the sectoids in a heroic suicide action.

The Commander’s gone, too.
I guess with no more aliens invading, his deal with the Council of Nations is over.

I think I’m going on a long vacation now. No more XCOM for a while.
Yeah. Sounds like a good idea. Let’s enjoy the world that’s been saved for us.

Hey, we got a bunch of alien salvage from the Temple Ship here. Most of it is burnt-up scrap… some knick-knacks here and there… and what looks like an old burnt-up computer. Don’t recognize the design.
Just put it over there. We’ll have Shen comb over the hardware later.

And buried in the computer’s files was found a document that made no sense…


At time index 0835 along the Coast of Submission, a soldier’s body washed ashore. Though initially believed to be dead, due to the large number of barnacles on the armor, she was actually alive, in a suspended state of animation.

Initial analysis indicated that she survived for a number of years underwater by a combination of the suit’s built-in respirators and several illegal genetic modifications of unknown origin. Her suit bore two forbidden markings upon it; a national flag from one of the Old Governments and an obsolete terrorist emblem.

Authorities were contacted immediately. The woman revived herself just as they arrived and attempted escape. After pursuit into the city, she stopped dead in her tracks when she saw the Statue of Uplifting.

As she was dragged away, she was quoted as saying this:

“ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! I go through all that shit, and I get the Planet of the Apes ending?! FUCK YOU AAAAAALLLLL!”

The world is a weird-ass place sometimes.


See you in 2035!