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Part 114: Episode CXI: G Elements Go!

Episode CXI: G Elements Go!

Music: Knight of Fire

Welp, that was ridiculous. After a two minute transformation sequence, it is time to take on the mighty G Elements.

Apparently said two minute long sequence wasn’t quite enough morphin’ time as G Elements takes another fifteen seconds to summon the Kishin Sword! to use in battle. Alright, this is getting silly. Time to get down to business.

G Elements, despite the impressive introduction, isn’t really too much of a problem to deal with in battle. The main mark against it is it is sloooooooow to attack. Like everyone in the party will get around three turns (like five for Crescens) for every one G Elements gets. On top of that, apparently there is only one control stick in the combined Gear and all four Elements keep bumping one another out of the pilot seat to attack (and waste a turn in the process.)

Depending on which of the lesser three Elements are manning the helm, Voltron will use an Ether spell of their hit the entire party. None of them are particularly strong (200-300 HP of damage tops) So we can just use this time to build up Attack Levels.

Well except for Fei, who should just be flipping on System Id right after the Boosters and pounding the Megazord for 5000 HP every round.

When G Elements is worn down to around one-third health (of a total 45,000 HP) Dominia will once more take over as leader and start attacking with the Kishin Sword. Unlike on-foot Dominia’s swordsmanship, the combined mecha Dominia’s sword packs a wallop doing 7500-8500 HP of damage every time.

But, there is an upside to this. If we leave our non System Id spamming Gears in Attack Level 3 for this phase and just stick to regular attacks for the time being, there’s a very good chance to make ‘em go into Hyper Mode the lower their HP falls. Given the massive lag time between turns for the Elements, there’s not a lot of risk in actually dying assuming we have Frame HPs equipped if our status falls too low.

In any case, having a second Gear at Attack Level Infinity will make very short work of the remainder of this fight and everyone gets a truck load of experience for their troubles.

In addition, Citan straight up steals Dominia’s Kishin Sword for use with his Fenrir after the battle. I think that’s another tally on the monument of Citan Uzuki’s dickery.

After the battle...

Music: Lost... Broken Shards

“But weakness does not make them servile. It's because they are weak, that they can develop kindness... and never look down on people. That is where real human interaction comes from. Everyone has weaknesses. Even you did at first. Your weakness drew you to each other... And made you grow strong. Never forget those feelings. When you all lived together side by side..."
”Snore! Hey. Nice Omnigear, Sammy.”
“You were a total help back there fighting Voltron. Big thanks.” *thumbs up*
“Well, excuse me! It took a few minutes to adjust to piloting a Gear with my MIND!”
*walks away* “Tch... Bart figured it out in like three minutes... And it’s Bart.”
*follows* “But that was... Argh...Dammit it...”

Weltall-2 and Billy’s new Omnigear wander off... Vierge begins to follow but...

"You've got us all wrong, Dominia. Our paths may be different, but our goals are the same. That's why I can't fight you anymore. There's no reason for me to... That's all."

Elly walks off, no doubt with an expression full of

*groan* “Why don’t you and Elhaym just fuck and get it over with?”
“Just sayin’...”

Having fled from the Elements, who tried to take the Relic to be used as a power to fulfill Ramsus' desires...we once again initiated our search for information...on the whereabouts of the last known Relic...
”Last known Relic...? But we’ve still got like over half the party without Omnigears. Me included...”

Meanwhile, on the other side of the monologue void...

“Yes. He dares to go against our objectives. Just like the other one...”
“We can still activate the key...”
“We must do something about the one who stands in our way... We must eliminate Cain...”
“But, we cannot stand up to his power.”
“Only 'Cain' can destroy 'Cain'...”
“So 'Mother', will you do it for us?”

“Something concerning the potential ability as a countervailing existence... With everything focusing towards a single point...”
"I see... But Kahr is still shaken up by... yesterday's defeat against Fei. We are almost ready. I need just a little bit more time..."
”Yesterday? Wasn’t his newest failure weeks ago...?”
“Was it? It is difficult to determine time elapsed with all this endless monologuing between events.”

“Then we'll wait. We'll wait till the time is ripe...”

Meanwhile, outside the Holodeck...

“That Miang... what's she up to...? I had better warn the Commander...!"

Dominia walks off back toward the bridge... Meanwhile, Ramsus is busy throwing another hissy fit...

“Let me through! That bastard! I'll hunt him out myself...!"
"Please calm down, Commander!"
"We'll take care of him and his friends!"
"What could you fools do? Imbeciles! Only I can beat him! Only I, who transcends all other humans, can possibly take him down!"

Dominia enters the bridge and is promptly shoved to the side as Ramsus storms off to go get his revenge against FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIII!!!!!

Tune in next time for a whole lot of Ramsus backstory and the lowest budget cutscene yet!

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